• Only Quality Men Have GFs/Wives!

    Written by jagrmeister

    This is the presupposition of every comment such as:

    "Why is a good guy like you still single?"

    "You have to EARN a woman's interest; you have to get yourself in the top 20% of men" (a PUA comment)

    As well as the implicit assumptions people make every day about a man's value or a single guy doing his own thing.

    Let's look at this more closely. It's saying a man has value if he meets a woman's standards. But it doesn't ask "What ARE a woman's standards". If women prized capable men, decent human beings, men with the ability to provide, men with actual skills - then winning a woman's validation would actually be an indicator of value.

    Let me use an analogy. Let's say we were all locked in a room. In the front of a room was a retard with a sheet of gold stars. People in the room fought for the attention of the retard, making funny noises, yelling out loud. "Please!" they would yell. They talked amongst one another about how best to capture the retard's attention, and how to put him with his nonsense (the retard would yell low-grade insults like "buttface" at them), and ulitmately how to win his trust so they would get the star. The people would even elbow each other (they called these elbows "AMOG manuevers"). The retard in the front of the room would laugh (when he wasn't picking his nose and getting confused about where he was). Everyone was vying for that gold star. NOONE in the room was asking WHY they were fighting for the gold star. One iconoclast pointed out that there was a vending machine with higher quality gold stars that cost 25 cents. The people turned at him and laughed! "That's a shortcut!" and they resumed jostling with each other. When the proud won their gold star, they put it on their forehead as a sign of status. Meanwhile the one iconoclast had gotten many gold stars during the same time, and actually had time to eat lunch.

    How exactly can a woman's approval (in her being a GF/wife) stand for anything when women prefer an ex-convict with a history of beating women over a man with a good job and a fundamentally decent human being. Having a GF means having the qualities women look for- but because a woman's subconscious overrides her conscious mind and social rules (in the age of feminism), this actually is saying very little. We ASSUME today that a woman's validation is the same as it was 50 years ago. 50 years ago, when women adhered to social rules in mate selection, having a GF/wife did mean that you were worth a damn. You were an upstanding man with a future; whereas the others were trouble or slow. But we have mindlessly accepted a past standard (& its conferred value) even though its composition has totally changed. Getting the 'retard gold star' from a woman means a few things- it means you have verbal facility with the hamster (which 'natural' alphas are born with, and PUAs spend a good portion of their free time reading books about), it means you dedicate a decent portion of your time doing approaches (indifferent to getting rejected routinely), and/or are willing to put up with one headache after another from your SO/GF.

    The Game tactics PUAs will learn rarely work on other men because men are thinkers. So the skill is only useful on the "gold star retard". My two friends who are PUAs have basically dead-ended their careers; and I swear have a shallower, narrower, more superficial view on life than before they started. Yeah, lifting weights appeals to the 'tard; I lift, but it's not merely to impress, it's something I've used to stay healthy, keep my weight under control, and generally because it makes me feel good. Increasingly, the "value" you need to present to a woman is not objective value and has fewer applications outside of that limited context. Knowing how to peacock well demonstrates what value outside of getting that gold star?

    The goal in life isn't surrendering to the first **** that permits your surrender. Most of my friends who have SO's- there is no way I can envy their situation. If there is a woman out there worthwhile, by all means; but that's the conditional. It's not the Blue-Pill notion of "it's the right time" or the PUA notion of "gotta learn inane sh*t to trap the hamster then have my way with 3's, 4's and 5's".

    Instead of going out with yet another insufferable turd of a woman who thinks she's God's gift, I spent the last few evenings finding buyers for a patent I invented several years back. Instead of winning the retard gold star, I actually did something that may just improve the world (in a small way, granted) and also financially benefit from it. In a PUA/Blue-pill worldview, I am wasting my time because the first thing a modern woman would think of this is "Nerd! Why would you work when you don't have to? I bet he cant' dance!!". This is the retard at the front of the stage objecting to my doing something with my time as opposed to learning how to make funny noises for her benefit. Men shouldn't live a life of low standards and crowd out meaningful work and passions; we shouldn't replace our priorities with a woman's worldview which is inherently limited and superficial -- all to get a meaningless gold star.

    We will keep getting flack because 99% of the world is Blue-Pill. All women. Most married men. Even most divorced men. In my mind, now when I see a guy mention his GF, I think "Wow, you won the retard gold star?" And I laugh- well at least to myself.
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    1. Free and Clear's Avatar
      Free and Clear -
      The pua comment beginning of the article could just have easily been called....build yourself up to have value either perceived or real to women and be exploited. By all means I advocate building yourself up to live a quality life, but please do so on your terms.
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      dramewaiver -
      Do you really think so?