• The Female Psychosis

    Written by Kyojiro Kagenuma
    (Reviewed by Gabriel Knight)

    When I use the term Gynocracy, I am referring to the society that is governed on the principals of ‘
    for women’ and ‘women only;’ Gynocentrism and Feminism. Feminism is the belief system – the faith, the religion – while Gynocentrism represents the values upheld by that society. Gynocracy then is a type of monarchy where the state of affairs is effectively and unfortunately governed by psychotic or neurotic women who think they are royals.

    I want to share my study on the female mind from my unending crusade against the Gynocracy and 'the crazy.’ I hope you find it useful.

    The Female Psychosis part 1: Egocentrism
    The Female Psychosis part 2: Narcissism
    The Female Psychosis part 3: Solipsism
    The Female Psychosis part 4: The Rationalization Hamster

    The Female Psychosis part 1: Egocentrism

    Written by Kyojiro Kagenuma
    (Reviewed by Gabriel Knight)

    Nothing has moved me so deeply than that moment when I finally got it; why women think differently from men (or as the Hamster would define it, why men think differently from women). During those instances when I notice but could not explain this disparity, and it would often result in confusion and bewilderment. I was confused why women often contradict themselves and when caught in their own contradiction, they deflect, rationalize and falsely accuse. Their finger points to all but themselves and society accepts this as part and parcel of “values” that must be upheld.

    “Eating Grass” since a child, I always knew that something was utterly amiss and unlike other Blue Pill Men, I did not dismiss or ignore that something was vehemently wrong with women. In my research for this article I came across Louann Brizendine, a neuropsychiatrist from Harvard and a self-confessed feminist who wrote a book called The Female Brain which Robin Marantz Henig (2006) of the New York Times call a “women’s magazine article” and that “Brizendine did not do a good enough job presenting scientific evidence.” What Brizendine did was to sprinkle her writing with cutesy (read neotenous) language – estrogen as the Queen, testosterone the Forceful Seducer and oxytocin as the Fluffy, Purring Kitten.

    Fuck No.

    I had planned to write one article regarding one specific dementia but now I decided that I would write a series of pieces under a parent title which I am calling The Female Psychosis detailing the mental conditions in women specifically Egocentrism, Narcissism, Solipsism as well as my take on the mythical and immortal Rationalization Hamster. Two caveats before we begin

    • I am neither a Psychiatrist nor Psychologist.
    • Psychology is a crock.

    So what is all this apparent hypocrisy about psychology being balderdash when I am using psychology to ascertain the mental state of our beautiful retards? Believe it or don’t but I am quite versed in psychology and I am able to discern between psychobabble and the scientific study of mental functions and behavior. And while one half of psychology is credible, the other half is indeed a load of crock as Dr. Louann Brizendine exemplifies.

    Okay, let’s get it on.

    Hang On To Your Ego
    To understand the Female Psychosis, we need to begin from the very beginning. Evolutionists agree that humans are neotenic and women are highly neotenous. Females share many commonalities with children both physically and psychologically therefore, by observing the cognitive development of children; we can form a basis for a reasonable deduction for their behavioral traits.

    One naturally occurring trait that exists in all children is Egocentrism which means being self-absorbed or that they are preoccupied with their own internal world. But it can also be defined as ”a tendency of thoughts about the self and about self-relevant information to carry more weight in shaping comparative and likelihood judgments than do thoughts about others and other-relevant information” (Chambers & Windschitl, 2008: 253). For the self-absorbed, they can only see their point of view and hence are often unable to accost or acquiesce with the facts of reality.

    Simply put, Egocentrism is all about ‘Me’.

    Developmental Psychologist Jean Piaget (1923) observed that children were at a stage he calls Morality of Constraints in which right and wrong is viewed as absolutes with one exception. Children of this stage believe in this despotism of rules except when those rules hinder their individual benefit (Crosser 2014). This hypocritical selfishness is called Relativistic Hedonism and can be observed when a child monopolizes toys, citing “I can’t share them because I want them!”

    However, the same child would be furious when another child hoards the toys. Relativistic Hedonism allows the child to plunder without guilt or shame “because I want them!” Egocentrism prevents the child from empathizing with others emotionally and cognitively. Thus the child who is blinded with her own viewpoint has difficulty taking on other views.

    This can also manifest in a child’s faulty reasoning of cause and effect. The proverb ‘step on a crack and you break your mother’s back’ is a good analogy of how a child relates to her world (Crosser 2014). Often a child assumes that unrelated good and bad events occur because of her, for example she feels guilty for her parents’ divorce, or feels special when her birthday wish is granted after supplicating to whomever and whatever.

    Egocentrism is also apparent in adolescence. Professor David Elkind expanded Piaget’s theory and proposed that adolescents fail to differentiate the cognitive concerns of others and those of the self and this gave rise to two mental conditions known as the Imaginary Audience and Personal Fable (Lerner & Jovanovic 1999: 13).

    The Imaginary Audience is the teenagers’ belief of the constant feeling that they are being observed and judged (Oda 2007). They envision how friends would react to their every action and thought (Whitbourne 2012).

    Personal Fable is the belief adolescents hold that they are special and unique to the extent that none of the difficulties of life will affect them irrespective of their behavior. It is a sense of invulnerability and specialty commonly associated with risk-taking (Alberts, Elkind and Ginsberg 2006).

    An example of these 2 mental condition is the story of Dana Adiva, the 22 year old star of MTV’s ‘True Life: I’m Too Beautiful’ who thinks everyone either hates or lusts for her because she thinks she is too pretty (Murray 2013). She is quoted to say “people stare at me no matter what and it’s the most irritating thing in the world” (Imaginary Audience) as well as “I get anything I want basically. I get treated like a princess” (Personal Fable).

    InformOverload (2013)

    The third and almost unknown of Elkind’s teenage ego trifecta is called Apparent Hypocrisy, which is when the adolescent expresses an idea and believes that the expression of that idea is the same as acting on it and achieving it (Bowden & Greenburg 2010: 110).

    Thus if a teenager believes she is successful even when she is not, then all her endeavors are wins without her need to strive for it. To give you an example, Psychology professors Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell studied 37,000 college students in 2006 and found 30 per cent of them believed that they should get good grades just by showing up (Taylor 2009).

    Due to this, the teenagers who subscribe to a certain ideology can act directly contrary to that belief, such as Singaporean girls agreeing that the National Service -- which is mandatory for men -- is a must but only for men and they themselves would not participate in it.

    Mikeferdy (2013)

    Since we know that women are childish in their behavior because of their neoteny, and that children as well as adolescents are egocentric, we can presuppose that women remain egocentric well into their adulthood. And my good fellows, do not assume that Egocentrism is a modern day disease.

    The Women’s Petition Against Coffee of 1674 highlights this childish behavior. Coffee was introduced to Britain in the 1600 and had become a popular drink among the British Intelligentsia where men would gather in coffee-houses to discuss politics and philosophy (Price 2011). Even today’s women will find nothing wrong with this. But the wives of these men apparently did not agree, citing that their men were ‘Frenchified’ who had lost all interest in sex with them. They then describe how talkativeness is the prerogative of women and should only be reserved for women. If we read the petition we can observe the apparent egocentrism in them.

    For besides, we have reason to apprehend and grow Jealous, That Men by frequenting these Stygian Tap-houses will usurp on our Prerogative of Tattling, and soon learn to excel us in Talkativeness: a Quality wherein our Sex has ever Claimed pre-eminence.
    This paragraph is gold because it contains all of Elkind’s trinite adolescent egocentrism. The women thought that men were being talkative because the men were imitating them (Imaginary Audience). Garbage; even King Charles knew that the men were only concern about the affairs of the state.

    Next, the women were jealous and apprehensive that men would be better talkers than them (Personal Fable). More garbage; there are no credible evidence to support that women are better talkers than men and men do not care how or what women talk about.

    Then these women claim that talking is a female quality and that it is their dominion, hence men are not allowed to engage in it (Apparent Hypocrisy). This is idiocy beyond reason and can only be attributed to what can only be described as Paraphrenia or paranoid delusion. It was never about coffee; it has and always has been about women’s irrational and egotistical demands.

    Now we look at the positive attribute of egocentrism. In a 2011 study on gender and competition it has been found that in stereotypical-male task, there is consensus that men and women with the same ability do not share the same willingness to compete (Niederle & Vesterlund 2011: 625).

    The study has found that in the labor market outcomes men prefer to compensate under a tournament scheme but women prefer a noncompetitive piece-rate scheme. According to the study, the best explanation for this is that men have more confidence in their abilities compare to women and their attitudes towards competition are different; men thrive on competition while women shy away.

    And yet women have the gall to claim that there is a gender gap in pay when they do not want to compete with men and want to do less work (manwomanmyth 2010).

    In competition, egocentrism assumes that people tend to have more knowledge about them compared to others and that any assessments they make of themselves would tend to be more reliable than assessments they make of others (Windschitl et al., 2008: 254). This means that you know more about you than you do about the other guy and this is perfectly reasonable.

    Therefore when people need to make a comparison, they have some justification to believe what they think of themselves than what they think about others and these people then tend to arrive at a better and more accurate judgment in their comparisons and optimism (Chambers & Windschitl, 2004: 270).

    And therefore in competition, egocentrism is beneficial and crucial for men because it helps the man to make better decisions and to be more optimistic. But this has nothing to do with competition in relationships i.e. not victim against oppressor, not wife against husband, nor women against coffee.

    As men, we need to have confidence in ourselves if we are to compete with others for food and shelter. Egocentrism is good for competition and since men are naturally competitive, egocentrism is good for men. Women have no use for egocentrism and when they are egocentric, it is not for the purpose of getting food and shelter but for competing on looking attractive (Cashdan 1998).


    The Female Psychosis part 2: Narcissism

    There is a difference between Narcissism and Egocentrism. Egocentrism is a cognitive error while Narcissism is an emotional one. It is crucial that we recognize this distinction because both of them are similar but at the same time Narcissism is more complex because it is the natural progression of Egocentrism. We have learned from part one of this series that Egocentrism can manifests in adolescence in 3 ways; Imaginary Audience, Personal Fable and Apparent Hypocrisy.

    When a teenager feels that everyone is constantly observing and judging her (Imaginary Audience), and then believes that she is special because she thinks everyone is interested in her (Personal Fable) then she believes that she is indeed special and should be given preferential treatment (Apparent Hypocrisy).

    Using this example, we can see how adolescent egocentrism would evolve into Narcissism which can then be termed as self-aggrandizement.

    I Want It All (And I Want It Now)
    The core of the Narcissistic drive is the emotion of shame.

    Unlike guilt, shame is the most unbearable emotion to narcissists because it is pervasive personal flaw and not a misdeed. It is so unbearable to them that they create means to not experience it at all and in the process they are hypersensitive to shame; if they ever experience even the slightest humiliation they will go into a disproportional frenzied reaction.

    Narcissism develops from being unable to confront and cope with shame constructively (Nathanson 1987). To the Narcissist, it is never their fault because admitting fault means being ashamed and they cannot handle it.

    To avoid feeling defective and insignificant, the narcissist develops seven traits that are common among them which are Shamelessness, Magical Thinking, Entitlement, Envy, Arrogance, Bad Boundaries and Exploitation (Hotchkiss 2003: 3-27).

    Shamelessness is a typical trait and manifests as being unconscientious, amoral, in self-denial, constant blaming and furious outbursts. They appear cold but they have no self-control and erupt by the smallest of affronts. Below is an example in Malaysia where two girls went berserk just because they could not get the beer they wanted.

    FunnyMalaysia.net (2013)

    Magical Thinking is a way for the narcissist to distort reality and create the fantasy of grandiosity and omnipotence either within themselves or within others they control. Margot Medhurt founder of Yours Sincerely with 30 years’ experience in the dating industry noted the rise of women with a wide discrepancy between how they perceive themselves and how others see them (Taylor 2009). She stated that these women were often very plain but see themselves as fabulous and exceptional people. She commented that “these women, however, are unable to get their heads around the fact that the rest of the world might not share their distorted, inflated view they have of themselves.”

    Magical Thinking also manifests whereby the narcissists transfer the shameful feelings of themselves to others in what is termed as ‘projection’ or shame-dumping. Indeed, slut-shaming which is a primarily a girl-on-girl behavior is the projection of one’s own shameful feelings of inadequacies.

    Because they view themselves as special, Narcissists also have an unreasonable sense of Entitlement, believing they are always deserving of preferential treatment and automatic compliance. Noncompliance and defiance is seen as a threat on the narcissists’ perceived authority and is met with anger at the person who is viewed as being difficult and awkward. Medhurt elaborated about her clients, “they invariably reject every guy’s profile but if a guy rejects their profile, there is all hell to pay,” and then went on further to say, “they often become indignant and angry towards me, demanding to know why a guy dared to turn them down.”

    Below is a good commentary on the delusion of self-entitlement.

    The Critical G (hey, it’s a good video.)

    For those who did not notice, I clue you in to the 3 narcissistic traits of Shamelessness, Magical Thinking and Entitlement as the progression of Imaginary Audience (Magical Thinking), Personal Fable (Entitlement) and Apparent Hypocrisy (Shamelessness).

    Imaginary Audience --> Magical Thinking
    (Everyone is looking at me) --> (Of course they’d look at me!)

    Personal Fable --> Entitlement
    (I’m special) --> (I’m Worth It!)

    Apparent Hypocrisy --> Shamelessness

    (I’m a winner so I don’t need to try) --> (I’m a winner so I do whatever I want)

    We can see the transference from mental to emotional, how egocentrism evolves into narcissism. It is worth point out that the person does not lose her egocentrism even though it has mutated; she still retains her it because it is a cognitive feature whilst narcissism is an emotional feature. Hence a person can be both egocentric and narcissistic at the same time and they usually are.

    Moving on, the next narcissistic trait is Envy which I could write an entire article altogether, but I won’t. Envy is an emotion transformation experienced when the self-worth is compared against another and arriving at a conclusion motivated by the effects of shame (Lamia 2013).

    To put it another way, you’re not ‘all that’ compare to that person and it makes you feel insecure and worthless. Unlike jealousy, envy is directed towards others; either wanting their attributes, success and possessions, or wanting the other person to lose it all – ‘if I don’t have it, you can’t either’. This explains why women always claim the victim of supposed male privileges because they want the wealth and influence that powerful figures have.

    Next, Arrogance is the belief that the narcissist is always better than others or she is worthless. If she is feeling deflated, she will vitiate, denigrate and discredit others to inflate herself again. This is the reason narcissists are domineering, judgmental and despotic, which is to secure their status that will guard them from their dysfunctions and shame.

    Arrogant narcissist will only compete when the outcome is favorable, they fight in fields where they can shine without risk or effort and in areas where they are less skilled they resort to petty one-upmanship to sustain a sense of superiority. This could explain why women shy away from competition especially in the workplace and resort to gender discrimination when they get passed over for promotion.

    Narcissists are also bad at with Boundaries, in the sense that they do not recognize personal space and often intrude upon them. Anita Sarkeesian’s war against the male spaces of Gaming Industry is a good example of this. To the narcissist, you exist for them or you don’t at all. Now Shamelessness, Entitlement and Magical Thinking are traits that the narcissist feels about herself. Arrogance, Envy and Boundaries are traits that the narcissist feel and project onto others. Here is how it looks;

    Imaginary Audience -- Everyone is looking at me
    Magical Thinking -- Of course they’re looking at me!
    Envy -- They shouldn’t be looking at her! She’s such a slut!

    Personal Fable -- I’m special
    Entitlement -- I’m Worth It!
    Arrogance -- How dare you reject me!

    Apparent Hypocrisy -- I’m a winner so I don’t have to try
    ShamelessnessI’m a winner so I do whatever I want
    Bad Boundaries -- I can do whatever, to whomever I want

    So in essence, Narcissists believes that everything is ‘Mine.’

    Here is a video of a narcissistic girlfriend from Malaysia. Please ignore the emasculated boyfriend; he is after all a Blue pill beta male. Note that the girl exhibits Arrogance by speaking down to the boyfriend as if she’s superior, her envy of others with money by bringing-up her boyfriend’s financial inadequacies as well as her Bad Boundaries by having this argument in public without shame.

    Jazz Wei (2014)

    The culmination of all of this intricate details is the last and most dangerous of all Narcissistic traits; Exploitation which is the manipulation and utilization of others without concern for their interests or wellbeing. This is it folks, the coup de grace of Narcissism;

    Imaginary Audience -- Everyone is looking at me
    Magical Thinking -- Of course they’re looking at me!
    Envy -- They shouldn’t be looking at her! She’s such a slut!
    Exploit -- Slut-Shaming and “I’ll fuck her boyfriend!”

    Personal Fable -- I’m special
    Entitlement -- I’m Worth It!
    Arrogance -- How dare you reject me!
    Exploit -- I’ll fuck random men then cry rape in the morning.

    Apparent Hypocrisy -- I’m a winner so I don’t have to try
    ShamelessnessI’m a winner so I do whatever I want
    Bad Boundaries -- I can do whatever, to whomever I want
    Exploit I’ll marry you, have your kids then divorce you for alimony


    And we know women frequently do this because we always hear stories like how “I slept with my friend’s husband” (Hensley 2014). In this day and age of consent, no woman can blame the man for seducing her unless she wanted him to. It is simply women on a power-trip to prove that she can steal another woman’s lover.

    We can also observe the number of false-rape accusations; Rumney puts the number of false-rape accusations at 10-50% (Frost 2013) while Kanin estimated it at 40% (1994: 81). And of course the most damning statistics of all and the nail in coffin as it were, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) found that divorce rate in the United States is 50% in 2011 and we know that women initiated divorce 68.9% for all cases (Saad 2013). The common denominator in all three instances above is women, not men.

    You’re So Vain
    But how do we know that women have always been this Narcissistic? Consider the history of the Women’s Suffragette Movement of 1906. In England, voting rights were historically linked to land ownership established by King Henry VI in 1432; you could only vote if you owned enough property.

    In the late 19th century to early 20th century, women were only concern about the women’s rights to vote, citing that it is discrimination against women. But before the voting reform 1918, only 4 out of 10 men could vote and after the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 equal rights to vote was established. Voting rights were never about gender discrimination; it was about class discrimination.

    The suffragettes had made it all about women at a time when even men could not vote (manwomanmyth, 2010). These shameless, entitled and self-deluded women could only see their own wants, envied only those that had it and exploited men by claiming male privileges to get it.

    And this was also during the time of the First World War where men who could not vote were sent to die by the hundreds of thousands. If suffragettes were really concerned with equal rights, why did they not fight for the rights to vote for these men? Instead feminists such as Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter Christabel shamed men into going to war by giving them ‘white feathers’ (Donald, 1998). Feminists did not want equal voting rights for all men and women; feminists wanted voting rights for only women and for the men to just die.

    Feminism is Narcissism.

    As Karen Straughan (2013) would say, “the idea of male privilege is so fucking bogus. Privileges are entitlements; what men have had through history wasn’t entitlements because it was a necessary element of performing their obligations. A tool handed to them because it was needed by men in order to fulfill their legally, economically and socially forced obligation to women and children; Not Because Penis!

    If men were going to die for their country, then they should have at least the right to vote in their country because along with duty comes the rights to facilitate that duty. The British Women’s Suffragettes do not have obligations or duties to anyone; all they have done for England is being baby factories in the comfort of their husbands who provided and died for them. To think that women were oppressed only highlights their apparent grandiose narcissistic fantasy.

    Love Me Tender
    Right about now, the women will be screaming “but men are narcissist too.” Yes, obviously any gender can be narcissistic and there are degrees to how narcissistic a person can be. What I’m pointing out is the prevalence of female narcissism which is even more endemic due to one reason; Narcissistic Supply which is the narcissistic need for attention whether it be celebrity or notoriety (Vaknin n.d.).

    It explains why women are cam whores, loves to gossip and wanting to reveal and publicize their promiscuity. We can see numerous examples of this on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It is also the reason women have friend-zones with friends who functions as emotional tampons. These people serve as mere appliances that exist for the gratification of the narcissists (Kreger 2011). In fact, women have a vast abundance of Narcissistic Supply not only from men, but also their sisterhood where they supply each other that craving for attention.

    Men do not have a large pool of Narcissistic Supply and we need to work to get attention. Men compete for recognition and we often shoot down other men whether we realize it or not. And when we do come across narcissistic men; whether it is our employer, father, brother, politician, religious figures, celebrities or whatnot; we often criticize them, fight them and defy those in positions of power. Men do not simply give other men flagrant attention. We reward other men when they are deserving of it; that is the nature of competition and women do not understand this because they constantly get the Pussy Pass on their dysfunctions such as their inherent narcissism.

    Hence, we can say with good conscience that there are not many men who can be narcissists but there are sure a lot of women who are.

    Okay, now I have to address the issue of self-love and healthy narcissism. There are psychiatrists and psychologists who believe that moderate narcissism is healthy (Whitbourne 2012). They state that narcissism could be positive and that people with a healthy narcissism lead a healthier lifestyle.

    This is the kind of quote-mining that you find in women’s magazine articles that perpetuates a woman’s unreasonable sense of entitlement. Why? Because women would only read the headline and say to themselves “Oh, it’s okay to be narcissistic!” Completely taking things out of context and seeing only what they want to see. What psychiatrists and psychologists are referring to here is Self-Confidence and Self-Image and this leads back to how we deal with our naturally occurring egocentrism.

    It is how we deal with our perception of our surroundings in terms of Imaginary Audience, Personal Fable and Apparent Hypocrisy. A person with good Self-Confidence and Self-Image correctly gauges his own perception of himself against that of the public; in other words men do not give a shit what other people think of him as long as he enjoys doing his thing and doing it well.

    Men attach our confidence and image to the work that we do and not the perception people have of us. Women on the other hand, do care very much not what people think but that people are thinking of them. Women attach their confidence and image to their belief of how many people perceive them.

    And we know this is true because women use communication to enhance social connections and relationships (Merchant, K. 2012: 17). Women use communication to get to know more people with the purpose of adding them to their own pool of Narcissistic Supply.

    The woman does not care who these people are as long as they notice her; and this is why you see women having 1,000 friends, followers and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube; this is why women gossip and tell secrets about their BFF’s; this is why women can simply believe and spread lies about other people because it is not about others; it is always about their narcissistic need, it is always about them.

    So yes, most if not all women are narcissists whether if it is a little bit or full blown.

    The Female Psychosis part 3: Solipsism

    Written by Kyojiro Kagenuma
    (Reviewed by Gabriel Knight)

    Okay, here is where things get a little tricky. With Egocentrism and Narcissism, there are a lot of articles and literature that support my findings. Solipsism however is not science but a concept based on philosophy. There are literatures about it but much like philosophy, it really depends on how well the topic is presented and discussed.

    In this way, Solipsism is open to many interpretations which I wholeheartedly welcome. My aim for this article is to convince you of my definition of Solipsism, and attempt to prove that women are Solipsistic to varying degrees. Hopefully I am able to give you – the reader – something worthwhile to consider.

    Before I begin, I also need to make a few caveats. Solipsism is not a psychological concept; it started out as an idea. Blue Pillers contend that this means Solipsism is not a behavioral trait; yeah, well, sort of. But if we agree Solipsism as an idea, then we can also agree that it can be a state of mind hence it also has psychological implications and applications.

    And so in the process of making Solipsism relevant to us, I will borrow philosophical terms to explain approximately and accurately, to the best of my abilities, what Solipsism is; in the same spirit that we, throughout history, continue to invent and redefine terms to describe phenomena that we frequently encounter such as Gravity, Blackhole, Surfing, Selfie, Googling and etcetera.

    I am the One and Only (nobody I’d rather be)
    I have read a lot of definitions for Solipsism. Some say it is extreme egocentrism while some equate it to extreme Narcissism. I think philosophers tend to agree on the understanding of solipsism as Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum, - I think therefore I am.

    Descartes was in the view that the individual understands all psychological concepts -- such as thinking, willing, perceiving -- by analogy with his mental state. This led Descartes to doubt the existence of the world he perceived and he retreated to the only thing that he could not doubt; his own conscious self (Mastin, 2008). I find this to be the best definition of Solipsism and so I would like to use it.

    Solipsism is to doubt the existence of the world that the person perceives and retreating to the only thing the person does not doubt; her own conscious mind.

    In the context of the nature of existence and justified belief, Solipsism is the position that the mind is the only thing that can be known to be true and that knowledge of anything outside the mind is unjustified.

    That is just a fancy way of saying that solipsism means “I believe I’m the only one that is right base on what only I know; so you must be wrong even if you can prove you are right.” Unlike a narcissist who believes that your existence is only for her pleasure, or an egocentric who thinks you are her fan; to the Solipsistic, your arguments are relatively meaningless and only she can prove herself wrong but she cannot doubt her own self because she believes that only her own mind is meaningful.

    If you have ever argued with a woman, you will appreciate this axiom.

    This is why many people misconstrue Solipsism with Narcissism and Egocentrism; on the surface, it seems that the person is arrogant or self-absorbed but that is not the case. Arrogance implies that she sees everyone as a threat of shame to her and Self-absorbed implies she engages in her own deluded fantasy. The Solipsistic does not acknowledge you as a threat because you are meaningless to her. The Solipsistic also engages the real world but rejects anything that she does not agree with and any evidence contrary to her liking is dismissed.

    Oh yeah, it is total bullshit but you have to appreciate the utter fuckery of it all. And as case evidence, here is the video of Chelsea, explaining the meaning of miles per hour.

    Travis Chambers 2011

    Okay yes this is hilarious but do note the underlying salient point here. This woman is convinced – convinced – that she is right. Key phrases such as “you don’t make sense, I make sense,” and “you don’t know the answer! You’re guesstimating like I’m guesstimating,” shows that Chelsea from the video had no doubt in her mind that she was correct; this is not something that you get from mere egocentrism or narcissism. No, this sense of unconditional trust to one’s own mind in the face of overwhelming evidence is akin to religious fanatical blind faith and that is exactly what Solipsism is.

    There will be people out there who is going to say “Come on! She’s just dumb!” This is inaccurate; real stupidity implies learning disability. Chelsea understood the question before trying and failing beautifully to solve it because she could only conceptualize the problem by analogy to her own experiences, “If I run a mile in 9 minutes but if I’m in shape it’s 7 minutes.”

    No, what she has is a steadfast faith that the correct answer to the question lies within her own personal thoughts and experiences and not from scientific conclusions or deductive reasoning. This can be an argument why women are so underrepresented in STEM fields; solipsistic women are unable to conceptualize, and are sceptical of, abstractions that are bigger and far removed from their perspective such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    This type of baseless trust is the same as the belief in the paranormal and superstition but instead of a belief in a phenomenon in the absence of evidence, Solipsism doubts everything even when there is solid proof. This is why Solipsism is the worst of all possible bullshit philosophy and the reason people think philosophers are jackasses (Brown, 2007). Now, that is not to say that Solipsism, Narcissism and Egocentrism are not related; they definitely are. If Egocentrism is the thought process and Narcissism is the behavioral trait, Solipsism then is the principal tenet.

    If Narcissism mutated from a child’s Relativistic Hedonism, Solipsism is derived from a child’s egocentric Morality of Constraints (Crosser, 2014) -- where the child is rigid in morals and rules with the exception of herself -- transfigured into a dogmatic and zealous trust of one’s own mind even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

    There’s only right and wrong --> I only know that I’m right, so that means you’re always wrong
    (Morality of Constraints) --------> (Solipsism)

    I Don’t Want To See You
    Flanagan (1991:144-145) wrote that Piaget was of the opinion that an infant perceives the world as full of objects that go in and out of view which therefore from her perspective go in and out of existence.

    Flanagan went on to mention that a child under 8 years old behaves like a metaphysical idealist (Morality of Constraints) and an epistemological relativist (Relativistic Hedonism), where she frequently mistakes between what appears to be reality and her perspective as the perspective. A cat 5 feet away is bigger than the car 50 feet away so the cat is bigger. This is what is called Infant Solipsism and all children are somewhat solipsistic.

    To apply this to our context, I would like to introduce a similar concept called Infantile Solipsism which is when a woman perceives the world as full of appliances that go up and down in terms of its use to her which therefore from her perspective can go from meaningful to meaningless. Now please take a moment to consider the above statement; if from her perspective something is considered as meaningless, that means that thing does not exist at least in her mind.

    Infantile Solipsism is ‘you only see what you want to see,’ although that is only half of it because ‘you also won’t see what you don’t want to see.’ This can explain why some people – especially Narcissist – have difficulty empathizing with others; if you are meaningless to her then all your actions are meaningless.

    It also explain why women can easily dismiss obvious evidences so easily; if something is meaningless then it does not exist and conversely, if she perceives something as non-existent then every meaningful detail attached to that thing is null. How do we prove this?

    Two words; Male Privilege.

    In part 2 of my series I examine the Narcissism exhibited by the British Suffragette’s Movement of 1906. Remember, Narcissism is the behavior and not the belief; the suffragettes believed that they were oppressed by not being able to vote at a time when 6 out of 10 men could not vote either (manwomanmyth 2010). You see, to the feminists and suffragettes, they perceive these men were meaningless and worthless and so they did not exist.

    These women only saw the men who owned land, hence they believed that all men owned land and could vote and thus were oppressing women while not acknowledging the majority of men who could not vote too. But when the First World War started and they needed men to fight, Emmeline and her daughter Christabel Pankhurst saw a use for these men who could not vote and shamed them to die for the war.

    It was their deaths and not their lives that were meaningful to the feminists; these men were still worthless in their Infantile Solipsist view.

    And this is why there is such a thing as Male Disposability; because women view men as worthless, they are then disposable. This is why when the Titanic sank, only women and children and not men were put on lifeboats and were saved (Straughan 2011). That is why when men die in coal mines no one gives a damn. This is veterans of war are repeatedly abandoned by their country after they have served them honorably. It is due to this female solipsistic belief that the majority of men are meaningless and worthless.

    Infantile Solipsism is also the principal belief behind the sense of entitlement. A woman only sees those who are wealthier than her, she becomes envious and she wants that wealth for herself, not acknowledging that there are many people around her that are not as well off as she is. She only feels her wants and that is being entitled for a luxurious lifestyle; her belief in this sense of self-entitlement drives her to search for ways to achieve that goal which leads to Hypergamy.

    menrightsTV (2010)

    What? Not All Women Are Like That? Here’s a clip from the other side of the world.

    German MGTOW (2013)

    And we know that women all over the world are hypergamous because a study conducted worldwide across 37 cultures strongly support the position that women prefer marriage partners who either have or have the potential to obtain social status and control material resources (Buss 1989).

    This study included that women rated ‘good financial prospect’ higher than did men in all cultures. Hence most women are hypergamous and this belief that they deserve a luxury stems from their self-absorbed, envious, infantile perspective that they are entitled to such things. You’re not entitled to anything that you don’t work for.

    But it does not stop there.

    Among the most fundamental belief that the woman ascribe to is the belief that women are not actors in their own lives but are acted upon which is called Female Hypoagency (Ginkgo 2011). Women believe that they lack the ability act, to affect things and produce no effects (ThinkingApe-TV 2012).

    Women only want to see men do things and do not want to see themselves doing it;
    this is Infantile Solipsism.

    And because they only want believe to this, they demand others – specifically men – to do and act for them in what is termed as Male Hyperagency. Feminism then can be viewed as a belief system – a religion – based on feminine tenets such as Female Hypoagency where the feminazis cry victim to the Descartian-like Evil Demon fantasy that is the Patriarchy, or the traditionalist maidens feign damseling to the Gynocracy.

    Gynocentrism then is cultural Male Hyperagency which is one of the most blatantly Narcissistic Exploitation by women. Gynocentrism includes the idea that men should slave and sacrifice themselves for women and that women’s dysfunctional behavior should be forgiven and forgotten i.e. Narcissistic Supply and the Pussy Pass.

    Feminism is the organized religion of Female Solipsistic Psychosis that spawned and nurtured Gynocentrism which is cultural enslavement of men that includes sending men to their death during wartime. Gynocentrism is essentially, the systemic gender violence and discrimination of men; Gynocentrism is Misandry.

    And we can prove this Misandry by looking at Rape Shield Laws where men cannot even defend themselves against the woman’s accusations of rape which was proven to be false such as the Duke Lacrosse case (Appleborne 2007). We can also look at British Crime Survey that puts domestic violence against men by women in the U.K. are 40% and how the society at large ignore this (Hoyle 2013). We can also how British society is so blatantly biased against fathers that 60% of household in cities such as Cardiff, Liverpool and Sheffield is fatherless (Sawer, 2013). All of this proves that Gynocentrism and Feminism are both discriminatory and evil.

    Below is a graphical example of the relationship between Egocentrism, Narcissism and Solipsism:

    The Female Psychosis part 4: The Rationalization Hamster

    Written by Kyojiro Kagenuma
    (Reviewed by Gabriel Knight)

    Let me first begin by saying that hunting down and reading the online materials regarding the various explanations on the Realization Hamster has been painstaking. However, many of the literature and commentary that I have read were indeed helpful even when I do not agree with some of them. I am going to take the opportunity here to address some of the commentary that I find relevant as a starting point to the Hamster discussion.

    The Rationalization Hamster is a combination of Self-Discrepancy, Cognitive Dissonance and Rationalization theories: AGREED - Yes and my theories actually support these theories as much as these theories support mine. Read them to get a better perspective of the Hamster. Kudos to bsutansalt of TRP and vote this up if you’re a member.

    The Hamster implies women are stupid: NOT EXACTLY - This one is taken from KittyHamilton -- a Blue Pill woman -- in the PurplePillDebate Subreddit. If you read my article on Solipsism I explain the difference between stupidity and having a solipsistic view. My definition of the Rationalization Hamster implies that women are insane and infantile to varying degrees; and I have given evidence why I can sufficiently claim so.

    The Hamster is a Logic Wheel: FALSE - If you read my article on Solipsism, you know why this is false. The Hamster is not spurred on logic; it is driven by emotions and desires thus are often irrational. The Hamster appeals to your feelings, not your rationale.

    Men have the Hamster too: WRONG - This myth is prevalent among Blue Pill and Red Pill women. The argument is that men rationalize their behavior as much as women. This is fucking bogus and I’ll tell you why.

    First, rationalization means giving excuses; this is what a child does and we forgive children because they don’t know any better. Women give excuses far too often and they receive the Pussy Pass. But when men give excuses, we condemn him (as we should) for acting like a child.

    Men don’t forgive other men for their excuses; we punish him when he’s doing wrong. What men do is not rationalization but justification. We give evidence to attempt, prove and convince others that what we say, do or think is right. Rationalization is pleading to another person’s emotional sense while justification is convincing another’s intellectual sense; that’s the difference.

    And if you see any man and woman making excuses for his or her actions without just cause, reprimand them and don’t let them get away with it or you’ll just enabling their behavior.

    Spearhead’s Article ‘Why the Realization Hamster is Right:’ RECOMMENDED it is actually a good read but I disagree on one point the writer Ethic (2013) came to. He implied that the goal of arguing the Hamster is to win; understandable but no. The goal is not to win against an opponent who will never admit defeat; the goal is to make them feel defeated.

    You can use the Hamster to your advantage (in game): WHATEVER - This one is made by veggie_girl in TRP. Yeah, I don’t care.

    Now that we have covered that, I will move on to explain what I believe the Hamster really is. Now I admit that as far as the theories in this series go, this one is the hardest to pin down simply because there hasn’t been anyone to have really studied it.

    This is my attempt to investigate the Hamster but much like a Black Hole swimming in the ocean of the vast universe, you can only speculate – with some approximation and within a reasonable margin of errors – the nature of the Hamster in the subterranean and convoluted recesses of the female mind.

    I will admit, that I might be entirely wrong and making a fool of myself but I don’t think I am.

    Regardless, I think this article is a good starting point to really understand what the Hamster is, how it operates, why does it seem invincible and how does it sustain itself with the added bonus of some personal suggestions on how to fight it.

    The Number of the Beast

    The Relationship Between Female Egocentrism, Narcissism and Solipsism

    Let us recap.

    In parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series I explained with evidence of apparent Female Psychoses. From there, we know that most if not all women are Egocentric, Narcissistic and Solipsistic to varying degrees and these 3 mental conditions are related and support each other as shown in the diagram above.

    The relationship between these 3 separate but similar mental conditions is crucial because it highlights the psychology of the female mind and the Rationalization Hamster is born from that. So, if you have not read the previous parts of this series, I suggest you do or you will not be able to fully appreciate the nature of the Hamster.

    So what definitions do we have when people talk about the Hamster? One definition says that

    It is the tendency for women to use rationalization to resolve mental conflict and avoid cognitive dissonance. The core mechanism that allows women to say one thing and do different a thing.’
    The Red Pill

    This definition is too general and implies that men have the Hamster too which men do not. The problem with this definition is the ‘core mechanism’ part of it. I explained in previous articles that women say and do different things because of the naturally occurring egocentric nature of Relativistic Hedonism which is apparent in all children who have solipsistic view of the world.

    Also, this definition implies that the Hamster rationalizes first before the woman acts and this is contradictory. If we look at how children behave, they will act first before thinking and when they have committed a faux pas, they would then give excuses. Rationalizing only comes after a misdeed and not before hence the above definition is inaccurate.

    The Private Man (2011) probably offered the best explanation of the Hamster;

    The rationalization hamster is an analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decisions, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity. When the hamster rationalizes successfully, a woman can divorce herself from the consequences of her bad decision or behavior.
    My only criticism of this however, is that it is an explanation of what the Hamster does, not what it is. Despite that, Private Man has laid down some fine observations regarding the Hamster.

    For one, he observed that the excuses become more incoherent when women behave erratically, thus we can safely presuppose that the Hamster is a product of a larger and systemic female psychosis.

    Second, Private Man observed that after the Hamster successfully rationalizes a misdeed, the woman self-vindicates from the results of her actions; this statement here is key and I agree with this observation for it alludes to the core purpose of the Hamster.

    You see, we know women are crazy and that they rationalize their madness but we never asked why women act insane; we always assume that they were born that way (which is controversially true) but what need does a woman have to be mentally ill when we know they are capable of critical and rational thought. This is the contradiction and I believe all of this goes back to the female psyche of Egocentrism, Narcissism and Solipsism.

    Hence, I hypothesize that below is what the Hamster really is.

    Kyo’s Model of the Female Psychosis: The Rationalization Hamster

    Please note that even though I tried my best to make it sensible, this is still a working model. If anyone would like to enhance this, be my guest. Note, that I won’t covering the actual excuses the Hamster gives; we have all heard them and like what Private Man rightly observed, the end result is always “it’s not my fault.” What I would like to do is expand on The Private Man’s observation.

    In part 1 of my series, I stated that for the Egocentric, they can only see their point of view and hence are often unable to accost or acquiesce with the facts of reality. And again this is the key purpose of the Hamster; the egocentric is unable to reconcile her own wants and desires with the truth of reality and so she makes excuses for the purpose of escaping reality and retreat to the only place she knows to be safe for her which is her own mind.

    What the Rationalization Hamster is all about, is creating the illusion of a Safe Space for the woman.

    That is why women are solipsistic because they feel safe in their own minds where they do not ever doubt themselves. Women fear reality and they build defences and mechanisms to protect them from the harshness of the real world.

    Being unable to cope with real life, they would obviously feel ashamed of themselves but they cannot handle shame because that would imply being worthless which would cause them to doubt themselves and so, they rationalize their thoughts, speech and behavior in an attempt to convince themselves that what they had done is justified for them.

    And if you look at my model, you will notice that I painted the center black. This represents the woman’s Insecurities. The woman’s shame led to her Narcissism, her doubt for the world led to Solipsism and her fear for reality led to Egocentrism.

    Women subconsciously realize that they are wrong because in the real world dysfunctional behavior is unacceptable for adults but they refuse to accept their own weaknesses. So instead of dealing their insecurities like an adult should, they nurtured an extraordinary beast to protect them from those feelings of insecurities.

    The Hamster’s true purpose then is to protect the woman’s Insecurities; from her fear of reality, from her own shame of her self-worth and from the doubt that she has in her mind. The Rationalization Hamster is the sentinel of a woman’s Insecurities.

    And because the woman believes that only she is right and thus reality is wrong, and she cannot cope with her own insecurities, she makes effort to change reality to make it conform to her mental vision of a Safe Space in the real world. Feminism and Gynocentrism is that vehicle for her to realize that fantasy and to turn every place she inhabits into a safe space for her, even if it intrudes on others.

    Feminism here means "Women Only" or put it solipsistically "The Woman Only" or "I Only." Gynocentrism here means "For Women" or solipsistically "For the Woman" or "For Me." How feminists were able to fool all women into participating in this facade is by using the Hamster to appeal to other women’s insecurities against a make believe enemy that is vague but at the same time readily identifiable; the Patriarchy.

    The Patriarchy is a delusion made to represent the real world; a world full of Unsafe Spaces for the woman, a world that would humiliate her and make her doubt her own worth and image.

    And why do this fear, doubt and shame persists in the woman? It all goes back to part 2 of my series. I mentioned that men have good self-confidence and self-image because we evaluate our worth according to the work we do and not how people perceive us.

    Men don’t give a fuck about what people think of us as long as we enjoy what we do and are good at it. Women, because they are afraid of the real world, they fear being embarrassed and fearful to admit that they are not all what they assume to be, found comfort and attention in the company of others and translated this as self-image and self-worth hence, they escaped the need to improve themselves.

    This means that the dysfunction and malfunction of women will never be resolved; there is and always will be a disparity between the female Safe Space and the real world. That is why women continue to want for more stuff – resources, status, security etcetera -- because these things do not fix the real problem, which is for those very women to grow up.

    They need to fend for themselves, confront the hardships of the world, learn to be humble and foster a strong confident self-worth that is not tied with public perception. To do that, we men need to stop pandering women and start making them compete – really compete – with us in the real world.

    We need to treat women like they are true competitive rivals. They need to work hard to get food, shelter and the comforts of life that they all take for granted.

    Wake Up
    Now that we have identified the Hamster we can devise strategies to defeat it and no, there is no polite way of doing it. The good news is MGTOW and Herbivore Men have correctly guessed how to defeat the Hamster and have taken the necessary steps.

    These are merely my suggestions on how to defeat the Hamster and though I have found that it worked for me, this is anecdotal at best and at worst isolated and circumstantial. Please consider first if it applies to your situation and if it does not, abandon my suggestions, form your own and share with as many people as you can.

    In my previous 3 articles you might have noticed that I did not address how to deal with each mental condition; that is because the best time to deal with egocentrism, narcissism and solipsism is when you are young. Since we are very late to the party, there was no point in me telling you how to deal with children’s childish behavior. And since they had ample time to develop, all 3 mental conditions have consolidated into a tight mechanism.

    The Hamster is superbly proficient in deflecting, defending and retaliating against mental assaults, reason and criticism because all 3 of egocentrism, narcissism and solipsism are acting as a single unit and its rationalization is supported by society in the form of Feminism and Gynocentrism which include Misandry and the Pussy Pass. So you cannot use a single strategy to defeat the Hamster; it has to be a united and concerted siege campaign.

    If you look at the model, you can see that Feminism does not contribute directly to any of the mental conditions. This is because Feminism is simply a politicized manifestation of the Female Psychoses; it is a bigger version the Female Psychoses that only contributes to the expansion of the female Safe Space with the help of Gynocentrism. And Gynocentrism feeds the Hamster with Narcissistic Supply and the Pussy Pass.

    The female solipsism forms the basic tenets of Feminism that in turn, encourages society to be more gynocentric. Gynocentrism enables women’s maladaptive patterns of behavior and cognition thus allowing women’s narcissism to exploit men which is to serve Feminism. So, this reciprocity is analogous to the often irrational but highly effective female rationalization; you got to admit, this is some wicked ass genius system the Hamsters developed.

    I am sure you already guessed what our strategy to defeat the Hamster is but let me just spell it out. Our first priority, which has been reiterated by MGTOW and is practiced by Herbivore Men, is to stop feeding the Hamster and starve it i.e. No More Pussy Pass, no more attention, no more pandering and no more vagina for money.

    We need to stop being exploited by women either for slave labor or as an emotional tampon. We need to cut off the Narcissistic Supply just as the Herbivore Men did in Japan and women will be concern because they have just lost their meal ticket.

    The second strategy of our campaign which MGTOWs have correctly applied is the relentless assault on the beliefs held by Feminism. What we want to do is give more men the Red Pill because once they realize that they are being fooled, exploited and used; they will stop adhering to Gynocentrism and thus stop feeding the Hamster as well.

    Killing Me Softly
    How do we do this to the individual woman?

    Well, firstly no response is the best response. Do not pay them any more attention than they are due. Don’t give them gifts, don’t gossip with them and don’t flirt with them in life or in social media. Just Don’t. If you work with women then just focus on the work and not on the women.

    Then, make the women compete in the real world. Remember, you are designed as a Human Doing and are capable of fantastic feats that women find difficult to achieve. Don’t waste your efforts by pandering to women and doing what they want you to do; let them do it themselves and force them to work hard.

    Make them feel the pain of working the same amount of overtime that you are doing. I assure you that over a long period of time, she will wake up from that experience and if she does not, then that is the kind of woman you do not want to be associated with anyway.

    You also need to start reprimanding women when you see them indulging in their depraved feministic beliefs. Remember, feminism encourages gynocentrism and gynocentrism is the exploitation of you. So you do not want women to be spreading propaganda that would enslave you to them.

    Argue with them if they have a misandric idea and prove to them that they are wrong by using examples, logic and reasoning. They will disagree with you – they are solipsistic after all – but the point is not to win the argument; the point is to humble them.

    Their Hamster will start to spin the wheel violently to find the most absurd counter-argument that has nothing to do with the topic; ridicule and patronize them when they resort to this. You will know that you have gotten to them when they retreat from the argument and start resorting to cheap insults and sarcasm to try and shame you due to their Arrogance and Envy; respond by pointing out their childish behavior.

    Remember to engage the fight in a calm and rational manner; take the intellectual and rational high ground so that when they become irrational, you can display their melodramatic, erratic and disturbing psychosis to the public. Pick your fights wisely; do not engage in a fight without taking documented evidence or she can claim sexual harassment.

    It is best to engage battles in public and record them so that you can disseminate the evidence for everyone to see. Always let women escalate the fight but if it seems that the woman can actually engage in a meaningful discourse, respond in kind. Otherwise make sure you expose women’s debauchery.

    The reason we are doing this is because we want to penetrate the Hamster and target the woman’s Insecurities; that is the reason the Hamster is running. Force the woman to confront her insecurities, she needs to be taught humility, make her feel ashamed of herself, make her doubt her own abilities, make her truly assess herself objectively and make her grow up.

    Reward the woman if she succeeds in maturing and battle her again if she regresses. Again this is not a one-time event; it is a long continuous siege campaign so you really need to consider which fights you want to invest your time and effort in.

    Still, practice makes perfect and at least in the beginning especially in social media, you are going to need to engage in a lot of fights to learn what to say and how to say it.

    Lastly, I have to address on engaging the Feminazis; DON’T. Not unless you have an elaborate sure-winning strategy but even then, you need to consider the cost and the outcome. Feminazis are fanatic believers of Feminism; they have conviction in their beliefs and they won’t change.

    What’s worse, there are Feminazis who are mature, working, rational, sensible but are just discriminatory against men. Their Hamster is not normal, it’s a frankenhamster and I don’t have a strategy on how to deal with those unfortunately.

    I’ll be sure to let you know if I come up with anything. If anyone has anything more to add; such as other strategies and tactics that they have seen or tried, I implore you to share them with everyone.

    I thank you in advance to everyone for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this series.


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    Comments 7 Comments
    1. Chairborne's Avatar
      Chairborne -
      This is brilliant - I never put that much thought into just how the hamster works. To be honest, I don't understand women that well, nor psychology, but this seems within reach of me...

      I look back on 80% of the women I've met, and I see exactly what you're talking about here. Men have childlike characteristics in terms of our curiosity and enthusiasm... Once free from women anyways. But you have described female childishness so well!
    1. COSTPI's Avatar
      COSTPI -
      I heart concept maps in general. You're illustrations are giving me a firmer understanding on female psychology. It is such a shame that we can't test a politically incorrect hypothesis! From your article, there seems to be a strong relationship between solipsism and dogmatism. I guess in a way solipsism is a specific form of dogmatism where the core is self while in other forms of dogmatism it may be religion.

      As a science, I think you and I have the same opinion on psychology. I find that most of modern psychology isn't credible. Ever since more women infiltrated scientific academia, they've polluted these fields with more and more nonsense. Even before then, psychology was among the least credible sciences and now the damage seems to irreparable. *sigh*
    1. Phantom's Avatar
      Phantom -
      A very good article and well worth reading for men.
    1. TheCrimsonKing's Avatar
      TheCrimsonKing -
      I loved this man you should publish a book on this. You hit the nail on the head.
    1. Ace Francis's Avatar
      Ace Francis -
      I've gotta give this classic article a bump. It's a long one but it's worth the read. My favorite part is where the writer totally destroys the blue pill "men have a hamster too" bunch of nonsense at the end of it. He talks about the pussy pass. But not the one in the courts for criminal activity. Instead he's talking about how women get excused out of bad behavior.

      Thats why you have psychological mumbo like this so-called BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). I've seen some clueless men buy into this magic thinking that their princess's cure is JUST around the corner. Yay!

      As someone else classically once said, "BPD is just a line that shrinks use to pay off their mortgage." I mean, really, who would actually shell money out at someone who is willfully belligerent? It's just more false hope for parents too that their little Johnny or Jennie is curable instead of being a perpetual brat.
    1. Aintdealingwithyoshit's Avatar
      Aintdealingwithyoshit -
      Woah that article must have been a shitload of work.
      Gonna read it another time though, just too goddamn tired today
    1. Harleys&Beer's Avatar
      Harleys&Beer -
      I Think this should be stickied, page one.