• Actual Value (AV) not Sexual Market Value (SMV) is the new Standard

    One thing I enjoy about debating non-MGTOWs is it forces me to think more deeply about concepts. As such, I've developed a distinction which I think answers a fair number of questions I've had since becoming MGTOW. For background, the debate went like this:

    PUA:SMV (Sexual Market Value) is an important reality in life. Girls want the best guys.
    Jagr:Who defines SMV of a male?
    P:Well.....women do....
    J: Do you trust modern women, being the way they are, with their arbitrary criteria to be able to accurately define SMV in a way that measures a man's true worth?
    P:Well, women want to be with the best possible guy.
    J:They do? Then why does Leroy have 10 kids. He's never had a job and has a 6th grade education. Is he the best?

    In the past, SMV and AV overlapped; due to new Female Mate Selection criteria (thanks to feminism), Not so Much Anymore

    What struck me from this discussion is society's default use of SMV as a means of measuring men. Sexual Market Value. The background for all this is that feminism unchained the Hamster. The Hamster is a woman's outdated animal instincts that were chained by society for her benefit and society's. Social sanctions were put in place to ensure women used rational mate selection criteria. In those days, when family was often involved in approving the mate,men with what I will define as Actual Value (AV) were the only ones approved.I will define this in greater detail. But with feminism, women were told they needed no external guidance. So now the Hamster uses ridiculous mental shortcuts (created a LONG time ago when men co-existed with sabretooth tigers) that identify traits with no real value -- but they accept them unquestioningly and chase them to their own detriment. The problem with using SMV as often as we do is that50+ years ago, there was high intersection between SMV and AV. In fact, you might say the two were largely overlapping. Marrying a dirtbag would ruin your family's name for good. You just didn't"elope". The term elope doesn't truly exist anymore because there is no societal/family approval process for the most part. In other words, there is no one to determine if a suitor has any AV.

    The upshot is that SMV was a good predictor of AV in the past, because of these standards and checks. Today it is not. But we still mistakenly conflate the two. Today, by doing so, we put a man's worth in the hands of the delirious twat, infected by feminism. Someone who considers men who peacock with a feather boa as High Sexual MarketValue, as desirable, as "high status". Women drool over a"player" with a full-sleeve tattoo. Does that trait have any objective value or make a man a good partner?

    Alpha or Beta?
    The biggest confusion from these two very different standards are the use of the terms Alpha and Beta. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have contributed a great deal to the economy and are CEOS and geniuses.When we instinctively give value based on SMV, we could consider these men Betas. Same with Nobel Prize Winners. Using the warped measuring stick of Alpha and Beta, these men don't measure up. The waiter with a coke habit however is an Alpha. What concerns me is that, if Red Pill goes the wrong way, taking it could mean that all now live DOWN to the standards of the newly constituted SMV of the modern woman. "Winning" means choosing only fashionable interests/hobbies, taking vacations only to places that look good on Facebook, focusing time on wardrobe and peacocking rather than meaningful pursuits (or even things we enjoy). When someone asks Alpha and Beta, it is fine if only in the context of SMV and women. A fair response would be-"Those are terms that refer to a man's standing with women. The real question is- what is the person's Actual Value".

    Actual Value
    I propose that rather than obsessing about "high status" males as defined by women, we concern ourselves with "high value"people. What is ActualValue? Traits that objectively make for a good person leading a meaningful life; actual ability, actual traits of good character.Let's start with the most basic- character: a fundamentally decent human being. Honest. Trustworthy. Strong. Resilient. Resourceful.These are traits of someone who is a good friend, a good worker, a good person all around to know. Then there are abilities- someone whois intelligent, has practical skills, a sense of humor. Finally,there are what he does- activities, interests, his job. A guy could be tall, loud, and aggressively boss other people around and have high SMV- but he could be a total f*ck up at life as well. The difference could be as basic as a guy who can Talk a good Game versus a guy who actually Lives a Good Life.

    SMV and AV are becoming Inversely Proportional
    The interesting thing is that SMV is becoming inversely proportional toAV. A guy like Kevin Federline is preferred to a guy with ActualValue. In my view, if someone is a "player", given women's modern selection criteria, more likely the guy is a dirtbag. Now there are cases where men can have high SMV and AV, but that seems to be increasingly rare, especially because a woman's selection criteria prevents it. If you have a full-sleeve tattoo, you're not headed for the corner office.If you have a drug problem or criminal past, McDonald's may not even hire you. If you spent nights chasing tail, those are nights you can never have back to pursue a new business.In fact, not only are you less likely to be successful, you are less likely to be an interesting person. I've noticed that guys with highSMV just so happen to be doing things that they can boast about to women. Women love DJs. Most DJs just play music (sorry to all those who may DJ out there). But to women, it's the most special thing you can do. Now, lots of alphas and PUA wanna-be alphas DJ in their spare time. The problem is that as women rely on the Hamster more and more,you become a product of the Hamster- if you want to be in their world. And because their criteria is so f*cked up, it will shape your life in odd ways.

    To this end, I think it would be useful to discuss men in terms of High Value and not 'status' terms (alpha, beta). The true question is- are we talking about a High Value person or a Low Value person.Their success with women is besides the point. To me, one aim ofMGTOW is to get men to focus on Actual Value, not Sexual Market Value. That's what living your own life means. Players, PUAs, etc. may think they are "living their life on their own terms" but they are not; by making courting the modern twat a key objective in their lives, they consciously and unconsciously choose a life that emphasizes beliefs, attitudes, and activities built around courting the Hamster.

    A woman's assessment of a man's Sexual Market Value is based on a primitive assessment of his ability to assist in her SURVIVAL. I emphasized that because survival was a very different game 20,000years ago. The kind of guy today with a criminal record might well be the kind of guy who could help you survive 20K years ago.Today he will just give you a shiner, a pregnancy, and split.

    ActualValue is independent of twats. However, if women were to use a form of AV to assess men, it would not look for BC-era Survival traits. It would look for a guy who would be the best possible partner. If women were to ingest a red pill, it would be to distinguish between SMV traits and AV traits.

    PUA:Talk a Good Game
    MGTOW:Live a Good Life

    Let me give a quick example of what I mean by leading your life towards AV versus SMV

    AV: Develop your body evenly: biceps, triceps,forearms, chest, trapezius, deltoids, abs, lats, back, quads,hamstring, calves.

    SMV: Develop only your biceps so you can flex and most a photo on FB; hope women will see it

    With AV,your body is a machine; an asset. With it, you can lift heavy objects, never strain carrying bags, defend yourself and others, not get injured when you get hit accidentally, push a broken-down car off the road, be in great health, etc. With SMV, you can do none of this.Living your life for SMV shortchanges yourself in so many ways.AV+p4p to me means getting everything without abridging your life's work and activity.

    A few additional thoughts on AV:

    Dissonance amongst Blue Pillers at Lower Intersection between AV and SMV....ie:"Why isn't a guy like you married?"

    Because society keeps its traditions long after their usefulness has faded (ie: schools taking the summer off so the kids can help with the family farm), we have people using SMV as a false mental shortcut to a man's actual value.This is the dissonance a person gets when they meet you, size you up and go "You're not married?" or "You're single?".What they're observing is that you are a quality guy, you've got a good life - (in other words, you have high Actual Value), so they think you must have high SMV, and therefore should be coupled up. In the past, when SMV and AV overlapped, the men remaining on the market had low AV, because the ones with high AV were all snapped up. But many men and women today, oblivious to the effect feminism has had on mate selection criteria, haven't gotten the memo (and to be fair,many of us who were blue pill at one point fell into this camp as well). The truth today is that because SMV and AV are often inversely proportional, not only do women scrape the bottom of the barrel first; men with high AV are amongst the primary types who are avoiding the twat. They have the intellect to know that they are appreciating assets and twats are depreciating assets, that the State firmly backs the female in a divorce, and that twat behavior has changed so dramatically in 30 years, that no solid guy could be benefitted in any way by by being connected to a self-centered, overweight ballast.A woman has morphed from a complementary companion to an unnecessary burden in record time.But as it happens, only men with the ability to discern these dynamics, unsurprisingly are men with high AV and intelligence, are stepping out of the way of the incoming locomotive. Otherwise,societal pressure to stay put and take what's coming is massive.

    Behind Every Great Man....
    It was thought that you couldn't go anywhere without a woman. The expression was, "Behind every great man is a great woman".This thought was echoed by great men, by authors who studied great men like Napoleon Hill, and is even
    echoed today on blue pill sites. Sites like AskMen are living in the past. When women understood their role was to love and complement their man, they did have value. When that got replaced by "I want it all" and "I'm special even though I have no practical skills", by someone who no longer falls in love with a man for who he is but for his momentary advantage to her (the transactional mindset towards relationships),this is no longer the case. Which brings me another point. It's not just that the modern woman's SMV has fallen because she has become fat, wears ridiculous amounts of makeup and perfume, doesn't bother to dress well. Her AV has also fallen. If we look at her Character,Abilities, and Activity, we see marked declines. Her Character has become selfish and entitled. As far as Abilities, she has neither the will or ability to cook, put the family first, or make pleasant conversation. As far as Activity, perhaps her job prospects have improved a bit over they years (which matters not at all to men); but her interests have gone from wholesome activities to drinking/clubbing (which have accelerated her hitting the wall), and away from reading and spending time with family to spending all available time on Facebook and TV- immersed in a false world and incapable of providing any value in the real one.

    As always, there will continue to be great men. They will achieve greatness in spite of their women, not because of them. In fact,their success is likely because they managed to 'quarantine' their woman, preventing her pettiness and self-confident stupidity from altering his path in life. I suspect we will see, in the coming generations, that Behind Every Great Men is a powerful set of values,which he never deviated from. Not a hypergamous twat who complicates his life with needless quarrels, petty power struggles, and an endless list of demands.

    Snapshot of Someone with high AV and someone with high SMV
    High SMV

    * Tall (
    confers no real advantage in practical terms)
    *Aggressive (
    In 20K BC, aggressiveness was a must; in the 20K AD, it is more of a liability; instead, assertiveness or even an even-temperament is the more common disposition of high-achievers and people you want to be around)
    *Behaviorally opportunistic: dark triad, sociopathic (
    whereas these traits are more often held by CEOs, they are also more often held by prison inmates and low-achievers; they are more often had by abusers of women, cheaters, people who betray their friends, family,and anyone);btw, CH has a great post on how sociopathy is on the rise in the US, perhaps from warped mate selection criteria
    * Glib, quick comebacks, says things confidently whether they are true or not, or demeaning or not.
    * Visible, neck tattoo. Deep voice. Wears a
    leather jacket. Looks angry.

    As you examine these traits, it should be relatively clear that these aspects don't translate to a guy who necessarily will do well professionally or be a quality, compatible, reliable mate. That is because these are traits that either directly or indirectly served some purpose a long time ago.It's possible that these SMV traits were high AV traits pre-civilization. Today, they set of primitive triggers in women which they follow at their own expense. Chasing a man like this will set off 'gina tingles but not lead to a happy life as millions of women who are time-bombing at 30 are finding out.

    High AV
    (these are simply examples, not exhaustive or to be taken fully literally)
    (AV is always twat-independent; it doesn't matter what women think of someone like this, even though someone like this maybe the best possible partner for them. High AV is about being a solid human being; someone who has the makeup to be a resource to anyone he comes into contact with and someone with the skillset to make the most out of life.)

    *Fundamental Character
    -Actually means what he says
    -Respects himself; respects others
    -Has future orientation. Actually saves money.
    -Good Judgment.Generally right about things and decisions he makes.
    -Any of the following: Benevolent, Calm, Cheerful, Dignified, Disciplined,Dynamic, Enthusiastic, Focused, Genuine, Honorable, Friendly,Fun-loving, Kind, Principled, Purposeful, Secure, Warm,Humble.

    -Above-average Intelligence
    - A sense of quality and taste in things that matter, a sense of humor, depth
    - Any of the following: Active, Adaptable, Adventurous, Appreciative, Athletic,Clever, Confident, Conscientious, Creative, Daring, Decisive,Dedicated, Deep, Freethinking, Hardworking, Imaginative, Incisive,Organized, Original, Wise.

    *Activity (examples)
    -Actual knowledge and skill that is applied whether towards interests,hobbies, work. Has passions and pursues them.

    When you examine high AV, you realize that the skillset one needs to be effective in the world today is very different than the SMV list of pre-civilization. A final note: there are cases where people have both high SMV and AV; but as you can see with SMV, much of its composition is LMS (looks, money, status)- and for all of them but especially #1 and 3, most of those traits you are either born with or not. There is also some overlap of traits, where being tall, for example, can help occasionally when it comes to leadership (whether that's fair or not).

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    1. alcockell's Avatar
      alcockell -
      So- what we've seen in women is a reverse Pygmalion effect. Depressing.
    1. flailer's Avatar
      flailer -
      Thanks. I appreciate your point of view. Well written; Well said.

      So, Feminism & gender-specific Affirmative Action has forced women into the "Actual Value" AV marketplace, and they have, generally, performed VERY POORLY. (yes, by my personal observations.)
    1. gtrFreak's Avatar
      gtrFreak -
      What an excellent view. It seems High AV criteria applies to both men and women as well, which speaks of its validity as an objective measurement.