• Principles

    Going Your Own Way – Principles

    Going Your Own Way is a community, first and foremost. The site and us moderators exist to create the right environment for the community to thrive. Going Your Own Way is YOU. Because of that, we want to be selective and attract the right people.

    Going your way is understanding the actual nature of women, seeing the truth about gender interactions and relationships. This can be jarring, unsettling. It's the very reason 99% of people around you prefer to live in a world of pretty lies than accept the ugly truth; it's the reason most of the men stayed put in Plato's Cave. GYOW is a supportive group of people who have traveled a similar road to you -- from the false blue-pill world to truth. Being around like minds eases the deprogramming fallout and prevents return to the old world. On one hand, it's natural to feel some anger. Momentary anger can be liberating because it steels you to break from the pack from the billions who are on the assembly line to “man up”, get married, pop out more corporate work slaves, and serve the role of a thankless, harried husband till the end. But ultimately, GYOW is about going your own way, transitioning to a Red Pill lifestyle, giving thanks that you woke up before it was too late, thriving, living and enjoying life.

    So without further ado, what defines our GYOW community? Our community is:

    The reason we deconstruct women, feminism, and female behavior is because we seek truth. The television, the newspapers, the radio, our education system, the 99% of people around us including well-intentioned friends and family give us a sugar-coated. Disney-esque and false representation of women as angelic and faultless. By standing outside the system, we can be objective about women and relationship dynamics in ways that others cannot. This is essential because we are the modern-day guerrilla radio on this topic: broadcasting reality against an avalanche of misinformation. Being true is about being inquisitive, thoughtful, curious, and insightful. The more you look at something, the more interesting wrinkles you find. Even well-understood MGTOW concepts like AWALT and Hypergamy can be understood in more nuanced ways with further examination. The opposite of truth is: absolutist, cynical, defeatist, a kind of “know-it-all”'ism with a shallow bumper-sticker logic behind it. We observe, learn, and share – and hopefully never stop.

    Red-Pill MGTOWs don't live life in a defensive crouch. After the initial disorientation of taking the red pill, one can't help but be grateful at the time and money you've saved....so why not put that time and money to good use?? There are always things that perturb us about twats and the site is great for that – but oftentimes a sense of humor about the whole thing keeps it light. Which is what we want. Without that light-hearted tone, it's too easy to trigger those same old feelings of resentment or anger. Let's poke fun by all means at the ridiculous 42 year old obese woman on a dating site who is looking for a tall, young, fit millionaire to sweep her off her feet. Once you're through the looking glass, increasingly the truth about the opposite sex becomes a source of belly laughs. What's the opposite of this? Paranoia & never-ending bitterness. Let's be real, but keep it upbeat.

    The Forum
    Let's talk about the forum itself. Before I get into a list of things not to do, here are things you should do:

    • Do make interesting posts. Do start threads that make people laugh or think. Do ask questions. Do share your observations, insights from real life. Even if you're not sure others will agree, or it's just a theory. Do use interesting language, add pictures, reference quotes, post humorous animated gifs. We very much value users who consistently create great content, are conversation-starters, or just generally add value.


    • Post anything referencing violence towards women (even if the woman provoked it; we don't want to go into that territory). No “playful” or subtle references along these lines.
    • Post anything referencing rape or accusations of rape (even if accusations are suspect). If interested in discussing subjects such as false rape accusations and feminism's dishonest "rape culture" meme, we recommend pursuing these topics in the context of men's rights; an MRA example of this is AVFM.
    • Go on about sexual frustrations or engage in incel rage.
    • Post: racism, threats, promotion of products/sites.
    • Post anything negative about the Admin of MGTOWForums (the forum that gave rise to this one).

    Appreciate if you wouldn't:

    • Post random articles about some woman committing some random crime – articles/posts that dwell on negativity or an exaggerated profile of women
    • Knock the other red-pillers out there such as PUAs, MRAs. A little mockery never hurt anyone, but let's define ourselves by what we are, not by what we're not.
    • Post racially provocative articles even if explained with some evo-psych justification. There are other forums for that. We don't need to create needless division on a subject unrelated to MGTOW.

    The key sub-forums are:

    • Lounge: Main forum. Anything goes. Posts/articles about women/society/feminism. Post about your life, experiences, insights, observations.
    • Living the Best Life: A big emphasis for us. Talk about: poker nights, video games, travel, lifting, books you're reading, that great anime you watched, sports you're doing, hobbies, philosophy, and on and on. It could be practical things like: working on cars, welding, or carpentry. Or it could be something mundane like a movie review or about getting organized through a system like 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen. This is all time that we're not lugging cupcake's shopping bags around the mall or getting kicked in the shins by a toddler – this is real living. There's no need for machismo (“a real man knows how to...”), showboating, or playing up our own lifestyles – just sharing the best life has to offer with fellow brothers on the forum.
    • Game: This one sets us apart. Our view is that being MGTOW means downing the 'red pill' and understanding the nature of women. Once you do so, the rest is up to you. It's a perfectly valid option to sit it out, to “ghost” when it comes to women. And it's just as valid to "scratch that itch" with escorts, either at home or abroad. But for guys who, knowing what they know, want to use game to set up plates, date, establish/manage FWBs (friends with benefits), this sub-forum is for that. So if you're a regular at RooshV or read Chateau Heartiste, it's all good. Some slight differences with MGTOW Game. We're not obsessed with notch-count, we don't define our worth as men in terms of “success” or “approval” by women. Plenty of great men with actual value (AV) don't necessarily have sexual market value (SMV) and don't care. Being a better man happens in “Living the Best Life”.
    • Action: Many of us were fumbling around in the blue-pill wilderness for decades. Why let another poor soul languish in the Matrix to go around getting rejected, orbit around a land whale for years, getting talked into a marriage he doesn't want or need, be brainwashed by feminism to think his purpose in life is to serve a woman or serve society by being a beta-male slave, having his surplus labor siphoned off by women, rugrats and Uncle Sam? Action is about steps we can take at a micro-level to spread the red pill. It could be as simple as creating a humorous image and posting it on 9gag. Or 4chan. Or bringing your red pill to the other online communities you're a part of. Action could mean letting people know about the GYOW site. Posting a red-pill quote on Twitter. When the opposition (feminism) controls the mainstream apparatus, why not conduct rebellious guerrilla operations at the grassroots and have some fun doing it?
    • Specialized Subtopics: This serves a few areas. Subgroups of MGTOW like “ghosts” should post about things like ghosting here. While we use Lounge for insights/anecdotals/major articles, post less significant News Articles here (about women/society; but also unrelated topics). This is also a good place to vent/rant. Venting is part of the red pill experience, and Other can provide a release valve without negativity seeping into the rest of the site. If you like to Philosophize, we have a sub-forum for you.
    • Off-Topic: Shooting the sh*t. Chat. One sentence posts are perfectly fine here. Comedy. YouTube videos. Stupid polls Anything unrelated to MGTOW.

    That's it.

    Welcome and enjoy,