• Women are not Caring, they are Strategic

    Written by jagrmeister

    Before I make my point, let me begin with a parallel: the office ass-kisser. He is full of smiles for the boss and laughs at everything he says. He simultaneously is an aggressive ******* to everyone else in the office. The modus operandi is: kiss up, kick down. The man is an opportunist but he is also transparent; people grow wise to his ways. But this is an example of being "kind" in a cynically strategic way. It is not genuine.

    Now, let's turn to ****s. The conventional wisdom is that women care; romanticized in poetry and summarized by quotes such as:

    "Be not ashamed women, Ö You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul." - Walt Whitman

    Do women care?

    First, I'll address the cases where it seems they do:

    *Children: Women care for children because it's a biological imperative, just like a man's biological imperative is to defend the children, to kill if he has to. The choice to care for a child is hardly a choice just like a man's need to protect them is also instinctual. (We often mistakenly think women should care because our mothers cared for us. This is a leap of logic that I would say most men make)

    *The Needy: When women support social causes, what they are arguing for is a safety net for everyone, including themselves. Since women see themselves as vulnerable, they take the social and political position to construct a society that protects the similarly vulnerable as a means of creating a society that would take care of her if something should go wrong. This is bound up in the personalization of one's politics- externalizing one's internal needs into a grander philosophy and teaming up with other 'disadvantaged' against the supposedly advantaged (men).

    As we can see, in these two cases, a woman's "caring" nature is either biological or strategic. The case where it's most strategic is with men. As forum members have pointed out, women have contempt for men with disabilities - http://www.mgtowforums.com/forums/me...mens-rage.html . If you want to see the true nature of women, hear their opinion on short men - Heightism [or how most women despise short men] . Would a caring person arbitrarily lash out at people who have done no harm to them or anyone else?

    Where women "shine" is in their obsequious "caring" for alphas. I remember a situation where two friends had a situation with their fathers. Person A, a beta, his father had recently passed away. Person B, an alpha, his father was ill. A caring person would comfort Person A. What did women do? They ignored Person A altogether and showered their affection on Person B. Is this caring? The women were consciously or unconsciously trying to curry favor with someone they thought of as dominant (traced to history where if they said the wrong thing to Person A, they would have been thrown out of the village). That's not caring, that's self-interested survivalism. And as you can see, that's far from meeting any objective standard of compassion, from a rational point of view.

    As it happens, many of the powerful people in society happen to be alphas. Even if they weren't originally, with their newfound power, they win the fawning approval of women. The people in a position to call women on their shit find it hard to do so because they are the ultimate beneficiaries of their behavior.

    The 90% (men below the top 10% where women shower their attention) have an obligation to contradict the CW that women are caring. An obligation to restore the meritocracy in hiring practices for jobs; thereby throwing 2/3rds of the women out of the workplace. An obligation to press our advantage with them in social and professional settings so that through individual actions and behavior, pre-feminist roles are rediscovered. The experience that 90% of men have of women is NOT the woman that is sold to us by the press. That woman is the woman experienced by the top 10%. The rest of us get a woman who is strictly interested in a cynical arrangement around money & kids, absent love and absent any true sexual interest.

    The red-pill is getting around. Have a look at this post on Muttr- Muttr Ľ I now realize my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for the past fi ...

    Yesterday, I had to pick up a package at my apartment. This other guy was there first. Typical nice guy, inoffensive, soft spoken. The woman at the front desk was teasing him a bit, as women do to 'soft targets'. She said something like "We have to throw a party for you since you're leaving. You're abandoning me, that's what you're doing!". He laughed, walked away, and said, "Yeah, cause it's always about you, isn't it?". The look on the woman's face was priceless. Even the lightweights are punching back.

    Women care for men as much as the office ass-kisser cares for people. They're willing to play nice to the boss. Everyone else gets the opposite treatment. As always, the office brown noser has a first mover advantage because he can execute his approach before people figure out what's going on. But it's up to the rest once they get wise to ensure the jig is up. With ****s, now it's our turn. Understanding the true nature of women requires we reconsider how we view them and treat them. Each MGTOW can make a difference, not through collective action, but simply living his life according to red-pill reality.
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