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    Written by jagrmeister

    Years ago, a movie called "They Live" was released in theaters. Rowdy Roddy Piper (the WWF wrestler) played the protagonist "Nada". Nada discovered a set of superglasses and finds the world is not what it seems. He sees beneath the surface to find out that advertising really masks totalitarian commands and that certain people are actually humanoid aliens (the ones in power). In short, he sees the truth behind the facade.

    So just as an average person would see a set of billboards like this:

    Nada with his super glasses sees:

    As I thought about it, MGTOW gives us the super glasses when it comes to gender. Most men, blind with hormones and primal impulses, see the makeup & lipstick, and charge right ahead. But the MGTOW glasses are like the opposite of beer goggles- here, we see women as they actually are. We are blinded on Day 1 onwards by two forces. First, social programming blinds us to a woman's true nature. Everywhere you go, people lie to you about what woman want and what they are like- from "Girls are made of Sugar and Spice" to being told to flatter women and "be nice" to them. The programming is 100% wrong and almost 100% pervasive- it's this near blanket coverage that makes the Red Pill oasis so refreshing. Second, makeup blinds up to a woman's true appearance. So what happens when you don the MGTOW super glasses?

    Here's a contrast with what the AFC would see and react to versus the reality we see. Our image is on top, there's is on bottom:

    (note: this is in fact, the same woman).

    While this example used seeing the physical reality, we also see the true inner nature of a woman, beyond the superficial behavior at the outset. We know what follows the courtship period.

    The AFC sees:

    We see:

    When they watch TV, they see the false image of women. Our (correct) view, and the AFC's view:

    The AFC is obsessed about experiencing the beginning of a relationship which usually goes something like:

    Whereas MGTOWs can see through to the midpoint and end-state which is (and this if you're lucky):

    When you go red pill, you see a woman's true appearance, her true nature, and her eventual conduct months/years down the road. (Are some woman exceptions to the rule? Possibly. But do you enjoy playing russian roulette?)

    As Nada begins to see politicians this way:

    , it is jarring. This is the usual cognitive dissonance people first feel when they take the red pill. It's also the dissonance that causes men who are about to break away to retreat to blue pill familiarity. Surface impressions and the vicious power of repetition from 1,000 sources of the wrong information has a way of dislodging the red pill. The dissonance continues day after day, with the mind trying to reconcile contradictory messages with what it knows to be the truth, with well-intentioned friends saying the opposite, hearing female singers portray the ideal notion of love (which their own lives contradict), but eventually the super glasses become the default view.

    A final point- there is a semi-comical scene in "They Live" which was parodied on South Park ("cripple fight"). It is a seemingly interminable fight between Nada and a friend of his; Nada trying to get his friend to wear the glasses (succeeding only after one of the longest fight scenes in cinematic history!).

    The length and drawn out nature of the fight scene is Intentional. It is difficult typically to get people to see the light. The fight may be metaphorical. It may be easier for a divorced man to go MGTOW but more challenging for a young man who would benefit for an even longer period. I continue to believe there are two components: spread the word and live a good life. Young people look at what we do, not what we say. To the extent we are truly going our own way and living meaningful lives, it will be a viable path for them.

    And a final image to check if your MGTOW glasses are working with the women folk:

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