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    Re: Identifying MGTOW Insurgents

    That is an underhanded technique which only works when there is some protection available from the surroundings. We are not allowed to insult other members

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    Re: Identifying MGTOW Insurgents

    I watched Water World last night, the parables between that world and ours is substantial!

    We become acclimated to our vicious reality and

    mgtower Today, 8:37 AM Go to last post

    Identifying MGTOW Insurgents

    We MGTOW have a bad rep. This should come as no surprise to anyone on this site and because of this we will come under attack. These attacks may be overt,

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    Re: Fascism in action:

    It's a wonder how the smirk and the sarcastic comments went undetected. This video goes to show how stupid most people are and how the majority of people

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    Re: Rebellion strategy, for the common folk

    Someone once told me that in any battle, silent or otherwise, "he who has something to lose will act first." I think the second part to that

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