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    Re: Tik Tok Has An Incel Problem

    I read the article. They sure went out of their way with examples. I enjoyed it.

    And after a long article about how men can be in the gray

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    Re: What is your solution ?

    Feminism is my solution. I'm a huge supporter, but feminists won't like why. Feminism has unwittingly changed my life for the better in many beneficial

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    Knowledge of Self

    Re: Tik Tok Has An Incel Problem

    There's extremists in every widespread movement and organization. If the KKK espouses Christian values, that doesn't make their views part of mainstream

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    Re: Tik Tok Has An Incel Problem

    I would burst out laughing if someone called me that. Everyone fucks. Everybody knows this.

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    Re: Arsonist Beyatch

    From the Office of the State Fire Marshall:

    I didn't find any update on her case.

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    Actual Value (AV) not Sexual Market Value (SMV) is the new Standard

    What an excellent view. It seems High AV criteria applies to both men and women as well, which... Go to last post

    gtrFreak November 25, 2021 7:28 PM