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    Re: The economics of shit testing

    There's only one hitch, masculinity is becoming as rare as moon rocks here on earth! What's one moon rock gonna do against a planet of earth rocks? We're

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    Re: Are incels red pill?

    Not if they piss gasoline! Then you can count on it!

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    The economics of shit testing

    Imagine that you will never be able to compete equally with half the population, but someone from that half of the population will take care of you and

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    Death of Marriage, Slow at First Then All at Once

    The following graph shows net support for toughening (easing) the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce in the US. Annual values are calculated by

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    Re: Nurse makes man crawl out of hospital

    Dominatrix dŏm″ə-nā′trĭks: A woman who acts out the role of the dominating partner in a sadomasochistic relationship.

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