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    Re: Hi all, one more joining MGTOW

    I would say it is a combination of unhealthy capitalism but also of stupid regulation by government which is making people poor. So you need a balance.

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    Re: Devine: Liberals enabled powerful sex abusers - Bill Clinton Metooed?

    About right.
    If some Cenk Uygur types were to show up on this site - I would tell them to fuck off. I consider such much the biggest enemies to

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    Re: Could Incels have any common ground with MGTOW?

    I'll agree with you that some MGTOW try to 'hold frame' when in fact they feel powerless and sad. But letting go of said ''frame'' doesn't always bring

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    Azure Nomad

    Re: Expat Ideas

    Eastern Europe/Asia I think makes the most sense but it depends on what weather and climate you are comfortable with and what expenses you anticipate.

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    Azure Nomad

    Re: Tampons Are Coming

    Let the wahmen have fun dealing with their new found "sisters" that invade their "safe spaces"

    This is why sometimes

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