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    Re: Past Rejections

    I agree with the work stance. Work is work and play is play, never the twain should meet.

    As for "lower quality" and "higher

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    Re: Sad

    Women? Pretend? In order to control and manipulate to get what they want? Surely not!

    Sam's only reason for coming here is to mock. She just

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    Re: There is no spoon!

    And they realised this some time ago. This is why in many jurisdictions just co-habiting is now legally considered marriage.

    The man makes

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    Re: Aloha !

    Hmm. I'm not a big vid watcher so can't really advise there.

    The thing about ghosting is it means different things to different people. One

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    Re: Aloha !

    /sarc - from my understanding the previous comment is meant sarcastically - short for sarcasm. Not to be taken literally. Inferring that the poster holds

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