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  1. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    The only guy I know in real life who calls MGTOW incels recently admitted he hadn't got laid in eight months by his landwhale girlfriend. This was just after they had finally broken up. When...
  2. Re: Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Loses BILLIONS After Sexist and Lecturing #MeToo Razor Ads

    The latest bit of info is Gillette thinks the 8 billion hit was worth it for the cause. Woke all the way to bankruptcy.
  3. Re: Is it possible to be MGTOW and listen to Country Music?

    I love country music even if it's blue pill central. It's a positive and wholesome genre in a world of depravity and corruption. In addition to love and women it sings about good times, the simple...
  4. Re: Can the intrusiveness of google be a good thing?

    For anyone praising Apple, it's no better than Google. Personally I'd give my money to Microsoft but they're out of the smartphone business now.
  5. Re: A few years back - why women never get anywhere....

    While I think all crypto is a greater fool scheme, the women's behavior isn't surprising at all. Bog standard waiting at the finish line for the winners.
  6. Re: Woman Wins National Prize for Creating Chair That Forces Men to Sit With Their Legs Closed

    I love watching these masculine bull dykes trying to act like men. Sure hun, you're tough as nails... until you see a spider.
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    Re: Even the fat girls want Chad

    Yep, simps chasing women who clearly aren't into them and Chads going dumpster diving because they can't go a day without sex is what got us into this mess in the first place. Nobody has any goddamn...
  8. Re: The thirst is real...

    And of course the guy is the definition of a neckbeard loser.
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    Re: Blue pill holidays

    And in this powerful photo we can see blue pillers in their natural habitat: the family vacation.
  10. Re: Two Red Pill concepts at odds with each other?

    Yep. I recently attended a local midsummer festival and saw the new crop of teenagers prancing around. Nothing tells you the youth is corrupt like a hundred identical self-important 14 year olds with...
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    Re: Even the fat girls want Chad

    I wouldn't be jealous of the rich men getting all the gold digging harpies. Remember, women's sexual strategy is dualistic. You can't buy desire and it's called beta bucks for a reason.
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    Re: Check out the new guy.

    Yep, he's definitely the smiley beta smooth talker type. Doesn't have many high testosterone facial features either and tries to hide his narrow jaw with a beard. There's a reason they're so popular...
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    Re: tradcons in Iowa getting serious

    The butthurt hamstering in the comments is hilarious as usual. I'll be surprised if it goes through. No barbarians to take over the weakening culture so eventually it reverts back to tradcon?
  14. Re: Numerous schools have installed menstrual products in menís restrooms

    Good to see the methodical dismantling of all aspects of society isn't missing any deadlines.
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    Most women are just thrilled with spending all of the money, they get genuine joy out of going and staying broke. For people so obsessed with security, they sure as hell have no idea how to get...
  16. Re: The videos are good, but sometimes the comments are better.

    That's what gets me the most. With men, there's this underlying respect toward each other even among blue pillers. They know what life as a man entails and usually consider you their equal upon first...
  17. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    They suck at it and yet it's their number one pastime. All of my blue pill friends basically disappear for the summer because every free moment needs to be spent as far away as possible. Extra points...
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    Re: Where is society headed?

    Don't get your panties in a bunch, climate change is a hoax. The end of the world has been 12 years away for 50 years now and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. They can't get a single...
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    Re: It just keeps getting worse

    Was the friend dead? It's the only way I could maybe rationalize it.
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    Re: Starbucks a symp cuck enclave?

    Women don't buy coffee there, they buy status, and an unreasonably high price is part of that package. Same reason Apple products are all the rage with them.

    Personally, I don't drink coffee...
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    Re: The consequences of allowing gay marriage

    Anything "progressive" is actually a methodical dismantling of society in preparation for the barbarian hordes to take over. It's happened in exactly the same way numerous times throughout history....
  22. Re: Let's Face It: The Average 80%'er Non-MGTOW male is a Desperate Perv

    Agreed. Timing is everything because even the interest level of a single woman changes by the minute based on a hundred different variables. Even if she's generally attracted to you, she'll be...
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    Re: WHO-Gaming Disorder is a Mental Illness

    Speaking of female gamers, here is the revised history of the infiltration of this particular male space:
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    Re: WHO-Gaming Disorder is a Mental Illness

    Hopefully there'll be disability payments involved so we can be true NEETs, lol.
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    Re: Female friends are just as trash

    Women also don't think anything of ignoring you for a year or two when the "friendship" becomes boring or unprofitable for them. Like everything female, it's a matter of convenience and happenstance...
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