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  1. Re: Woman who lied about Good Samaritan sex assault apologises (after guy was jailed 2 weeks)

    I really wonder why the fvck some men still stop and interrupt their business to help some random woman they dont even know.

    Is that cause they feel a "bad boy" if they dont or cause they feel a...
  2. Re: US Air Force views incels a potential security threat, get punked by 4Chan

    I'm sure they already deployed intelligence officers to gather info and sign the sensitive targets.

    -trekkies meet-up and star trek vs star wars fanbase discussion conference
    -world of warcraft...
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    Re: Dating for a free meal

    in 2015 I met a girl from tinder, she was probably a 6 or a 7 or something in the middle, I would have banged her willingly and with pleasure.

    The problem is that during our date she tried to...
  4. Thread: Nuclear family

    by Jackal

    Re: Nuclear family

    The nuclear family with natural gender roles is the best option for a sane society and for a wealthy stable country.

    Men with nowhere to go and nothing to lose hardly respect the rules and hardly...
  5. Re: How much it will take for them to put mgotw on the bad guys list?

    Its getting common in western europe to treat incels as potential terrorists, it takes the heat away from certain immigrants that mainstream media love so much.

    Regarding the dna test, its not...
  6. How much it will take for them to put mgotw on the bad guys list?

    In the last months I see everywhere talking about a incel uprising on main stream media as if not getting laid automatically gives you delta force military training skills and the will to use them...
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    Reminded me of this article.
    Captain Capitalism: The "Minimalism" Threat

    Women want stuff. Men hate stuff. This is no better highlighted by comparing a bachelor pad to a bachelorette pad. A...
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    Re: What was your father like?

    Same here, a pain in the ass to deal with for countless reasons, when he died I felt relieved.

    I felt like a further problem was no longer there and that it solved itself forever.
  9. Re: Happy Father's Day! The Sperminatorís 50th baby mama is a homeless 18-year-old from Harlem

    There is so much disfunctionalty in this story that a chariot with squared wheels would make more sense.
  10. Re: The videos are good, but sometimes the comments are better.

    Totally agree, they dont even bother to pretend to consider you a worth human being unless you are obviously superior to them in terms of LMS, I wouldnt say necessarily SMV, being an old fat...
  11. Re: The videos are good, but sometimes the comments are better.

    Oh come on, didnt u get the memo that women didnt create anything because the patriarchy has been excluding them from studying and working?

    Nevermind apparently they had enough power to poison...
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    Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    Men unless old, rich and bored usually buy goods according to their real world use and utility, hardly a useless ineffective object is bought for the pleasure of owning it especially if its supposed...
  13. Re: 10 reasons thousands of stores are going out of business due to men not getting married

    Great news, the more useless stores bankrupt the better. Wish all those useless shoes shops, stylish furnitures with no particular purpose and crappy but fashion related expensive bars would follow...
  14. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    Great point, I dont usually do that since most women are not reliable even when well instructed on what to do but I often use their support to influence other men, guess thats the lesson we learn...
  15. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    Hell yeah, I miss those times of social networks being an option and not a necessity while people still could "suffer without passing out crying " the presence of someone disagreeing with them.

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    Re: #MeToo Comes For Martin Luther King

    Too bad cristians came up already with the original sin for both men and women otherwise it could have been the next power move for those cvnts.
  17. Re: You Wanted it; You Got It! Hillary And Chelsea Clinton To Launch Feminist Production Company! LOL

    Nothing against american people but american elitŤs are damaging this world way beyond what muslim fanatics can ever dream of...
  18. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    Do you remember board when it was allowed to discuss movies? well yeah then someone got "offended" therefore they shut it all the name of fighting "racism and sexism".
  19. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    They disabled the comments, it usually means too much politically uncorrect truth arised.
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    Re: I have found my bride

    So she basically want a bell built manly chad in the ripped area rather than the buff one just like all the other women plus he also has not to smoke, have a good command of the language and being...
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    Re: The consequences of allowing gay marriage

    Giving the vote to women was the final nail in the coffin but the first mistake was to give voting rights to everyone, the right way is to grant voting rights only to working adults with no criminal...
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    Re: Somehow Joe Rogan made a MGTOW video

    Its like the guy that agrees that eating junk food will make him fat and should be avoided then he orders are second slice of cake.
  23. "In case of emergency reach for this person at this number"

    Disclaimer: I fully embrace an MGTOW view, not because I think its cool but because its the most intelligent thing to do give the state of things in terms of culture, law and nature.

    Today I saw a...
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    Re: Why are good men so hard to find?

    Amanda Chatel Amanda is a writer who divides her time between NYC and Paris. She's a regular contributor to Bustle, Glamour, Mic, and Livingly. Other bylines include: Harper's Bazaar, YourTango,...
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    Re: Womens weight widens pay gap

    I read somewhere that tall men get paid more than short men, this is even more obvious in wall street where they calculated the extra amount of money you get inch by inch once you pass average...
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