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    Popcorn time

    AOC endorses Marie Newman over Dan Lipinski
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    60 million (Keven Hart)

    Woman caught on sex tape with Kevin Hart sues comedian for $60 million
    has been slapped with...
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    Re: MGTOW Music Challenge
  4. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    Good to see he is trying,........but the chance he is going to get anywhere vs the trial lawyers is close to 0 as you can get. The only way at all it goes anywhere is if some big name champions the...
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    Some Blue Collar

    Pointing out no male role model almost everywhere in society today.
  6. Re: 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

    Only 4? Every global warming and the newer climate change have been wrong.
  7. Re: There's an Instagram page for Miserable men

    Shit, damn you Tangent. Fucking nightmare. My 2nt wife use to go on these marathon shopping trips. I have been there done that. All the memories tucked away fresh front and center. Hell I need a...
  8. Re: KU student went to cops to report a rape. Now she’s the one charged with a crime.

    "According to a 2009 University of Massachusetts study, about two to eight percent of rapes reported are false."

    From the article. No way on this earth do I believe that only 2 to 8% are false. ...
  9. Re: I'm in my underwear eating Chinese food

    Right now almost 4 am local time. Figured I would see if anything interesting was going on here. Then log get a few hours sleep, get up and tend to the farm. Now that you have brought up asian food,...
  10. Re: Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    Lots of angry cat women. A few will figure it out they did it to themselves. Most will rage on in anger over men not doing what they wanted them to do. Look at the outrage and anger over bots,...
  11. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    I know this type. All kinds of Danny Devito's in the friend zone, but she wants the Jim Caviezel. All her girlfriends tell her don't settle girl get the man you want. At 30 that ship sailed at least...
  12. Re: It's 'Girls do Porn's' fault she got dumped

    Unlike other jobs, in the "adult" trade you get paid up front you know damned well what you are getting into and doing.
  13. vegan woman sued her neighbors for barbecuing in their backyard: 'It's deliberate'

    A vegan woman has filed a suit against her neighbors in the...
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    Re: An update on Dorian

    Over the years living across the south US, have been through many. Everything from running to high ground to ridding the storm out.
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    Re: Gamergate redux

    The only recourse at this time is for his family to take legal action against the woman and the gaming company.
  16. Re: An important message from Jordan Peterson

    I find JP all over the place on the topic,....that said he dose get some form of the topic out in the public and there it can be a help to some men.
  17. Re: Men now avoid women at work – another sign we're being punished for #MeToo

    Women have started to learn a little cause and effect. Even the women that have not played the accuse game are now not getting the easy jobs because pussy. Can't spread them legs open if the guy will...
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    Re: What a mess

    400 semi feral cats now with no food. One massive disaster in the making.

    Australia’s feral cats kill more than 800 million mammals every year ...
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    Re: Vantablack

    Wonder how it works on radar, It would work on the laser units used to detect speed.
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    If it dose not reflect light you can not see it,...
    and BMW jumps in and paints it on a suv.
  21. Re: My transition into becoming a shitlord

    With federal gov level people attempting to control meme, it is about to explode everywhere.
    I would encourage everyone to make then and share just to prove to the gov types how much control they...
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    Re: The death of feminism

    so you do not have to go to youtube.
    Been listening to blue collar for a while now. It is a progression for the two guys from...
  23. Re: What You are Is Where You See - 1986 Massey Tape

    so you do not have to go to youtube,..
  24. Re: Boyfriend charged in death of 22-year-old transgender woman found in Houston parking lot

    I am sure this was not the first and is no where near the last.
  25. Re: Wife files for divorce because husband was too nice. Is this even satire at this point?

    No woman is ever happy, so why try.
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