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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    I believe it's : "It's a woman's perogotive to change her mind "….. Means: Their word is isn't worth spit.
    The guys I know, their word is their bond.
  2. Re: MGTOW are all immature, says the guy typing from his toilet seat

    Up here in Minnesota, they build a small shack, put it on the middle of a frozen lake, and hide out there. Some times, they even catch a few fish!!
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    Some thoughts for today...

    No, MGTOW is not about hate. It IS about realization. Now, some men hate women, some women hate men, that is a given.

    It has been said that "It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never...
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    Re: I did my girlfriend reeeeal dirty...

    I missed it, darn!!!
    Welcome to my life.
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    Re: MGTOW Music Challenge

    I would suggest, but don't know how to post them...
    Time for me to fly: REO Speedwgon
    Free Bird: Lynard Skinnerd
    I'm not your stepping stone. Monkeys
  6. Re: There's an Instagram page for Miserable men

    Page? Hell, there should be a whole book!!
  7. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    My question would be,
    1.How much does it cost to take cupe cake out? Then go home by your self.
    2. How much is a Pro gonna cost ya.
    Do the math.... Or is there a difference?
  8. Re: Researchers Blame Marriage Rate Decline On A "Lack Of Economically-Attractive Men"

    Of course marriage is based on love. Love of what, is the question.
    A man loves his woman. His woman loves HIS money. Quite simple, really.....
  9. Re: Female family pawning off ugly old furniture on me

    Salvation Army!!!
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    Re: Demi Lovato............PUKE!!

    To be honest, I've seen worse...
    None of us are perfect, and we shouldn't expect others to be. Doesn't passing judgement on others imperfections make us as bad as them?
    Sometimes "Live and let...
  11. Re: It's 'Girls do Porn's' fault she got dumped

    I think is's kinda ironic, people giving her a hard time for doing porn. Wonder how many would know about it, if , they weren't watching it.
    Just a thought.
  12. Re: It's 'Girls do Porn's' fault she got dumped

    Well, the article stated, that AFTER the shoot, she asked for a copy of the contract. She never recieved one......
    That would be a problem. $20.00 says IF there WAS a contract, she never read it but...
  13. Re: It's 'Girls do Porn's' fault she got dumped

    Her body...her choice.
    Most women gag on the truth, but lie to them???
    Try telling a woman NOT to do something, watch what happens.
    What did she think would happen with those videos? Be kept in a...
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    Re: Outstanding IBMOR content

    Body count mattered in the Viet Nam war too.....
  15. Re: Would you stay with a wife that has gotten old, fat and bitter?

    We are all docrinated to get married, yaddy, yadda. I fell into the trap too. But once the light goes on, life does get better.
  16. Re: Would you stay with a wife that has gotten old, fat and bitter?

    I am glad that I am too old and invisable to be in the dance of death with the women of today. I haven't seen a "Babe" in quite some time. All the younger ones are over weight, have some odd dayglow...
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    Re: Why MGTOW? [youtube]

    GEE WHIZ.....Where have all the good men gone?
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    Re: MGTOW and NOFAP

    Good luck swearing off masturbation. It's a natural thing to do.
    I would imagine that religion is against it, is back in the day, they needed all the pro-creation they could get. Can you imagine...
  19. Re: Men now avoid women at work another sign we're being punished for #MeToo

    One must remember, men, in general, it's our fault anyway....
    It doesn't bother me, I'm used to it (Snicker, snicker)
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    Re: The Feminist Prosperity Gospel

    I think it's called"re-packaging"
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    Re: The death of feminism

    Women win by attrition. The end of the argument? (Snicker, snicker)
    It ain't over until she wins, period.
    A lull in the scheme time.
  22. Re: Wife files for divorce because husband was too nice. Is this even satire at this point?

    Time for the leather harness and whip......"Come here, little girl".....
  23. Re: Boyfriend charged in death of 22-year-old transgender woman found in Houston parking lot

    Thank you sir!!!!!
  24. Re: Boyfriend charged in death of 22-year-old transgender woman found in Houston parking lot

    If it's got a ain't a chick.
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    Re: More on Gillette's Woes

    Gillete should start a campaing on "Who likes a hairy woman?"
    Wonder how far that would get them?
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