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  1. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    During an argument for a woman to call a man an incel is like dropping the A-bomb for them, they go for it without even trying to descalate with other lesser insults.

    Personally I have no...
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    Re: Sexual harassment cartoon

    Compliments are currency, they are cents of validation.

    Nowdays its riskful and pointless to give them to a woman that didnt do anything to earn them.
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    Re: A new kind of war bride.

    Women always side with the strongest, the way they select men is not any different from the way cavewomen selected caveman.

    That explains why abused women rarely report to the police their partner...
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    Re: A common error in red pill tropes.

    First of this thread is a gem, hardly a thread is so clear when it comes of learning how things work...actually I believe it should be a sticky.

    I never been married so unlike many of you I cant...
  5. Re: #Metoo campus allegation victims are now suing

    The only way to fix this is to make sure that any fake accuser gets the same punishment given to those who commit the crime they are accusing an innocent of.

    No other way, pointless to fine...
  6. Re: Horseface Arica Angelo dating coach figures out MGTOW!

    One legged retards that want to explain how to play soccer to people looking for a tennis court.
  7. Thread: The End of Men

    by Jackal

    Re: The End of Men

    Women set themselves free from gender roles and obligations, too bad they didnt realize that by doing to in few years men would have get the same privilege.

    The difference is that women obligation...
  8. Re: Radical Feminist Raves: "We Need To Kill All Men"

    Thats what parasytes do, long tems ones not like mosquitos that just take a sip.
  9. Re: Radical Feminist Raves: "We Need To Kill All Men"

    Somebody please suggest them to storm NRA members houses at night possibily making a lot of noise while getting inside.
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    That happened because she was a cunt but also because you shown a typical rapport seeking behaviour, dont get me wrong you didnt do anything wrong its just the way cunts register certain nice...
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    Re: So my mother messaged me the other day....

    Looks to me a manual case of projection, she basically tells you the things she would have liked to say to your father.

    Her new life involves pets, airplanes, tatoos and piercing while her...
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    Re: MGTOW mentioned and dismissed on the radio

    MGTOW cant be fully understand from men who spent their best years in a sane environment, people above 45 mostly get to mgtow due to a divorce.

    There is a divorce driven mgtow and a socialization...
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    Re: Techlead becomes MGTOW

    No sympathy from me, those are the guys that signs pro women declarations and support feminism and globalism...he got a taste of what he and his company have been preeching on us for years.

    Im not...
  14. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    I believe most MGTOW are that because they make a cost-benefits calculation and decide to drop the total package.

    Sure many are MGTOW cause they cant get the hottie they want and would rather stay...
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    Re: Standby for the 2nd attacks again

    Its no coincidence that the least productive groups of a population all happen to vote the same way.
  16. Thread: Makeup is.....

    by Jackal

    Re: Makeup is.....

    But dont you dare put any toppik on that hair thinning spot...thats cheating or rape if the finds out the following morning.
  17. Re: Straight from the Horse's Mouth- Woman Explains why her decent "Good Guy" new Boyfriend (read: her equal in SMV) is no fun esp. compare to her Flings

    Hypergamy should be made known to all men as much as the alpha widow process but most of all it should be made clear what happens when the two coexist.

    Its no simply that a woman seek the best...
  18. Re: Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Loses BILLIONS After Sexist and Lecturing #MeToo Razor Ads

    Would be great to take the wallet war to their products not related to gillette just to remind them that they dont live on popularity but on currency and that while women can pretend to master moral,...
  19. This is what happens when the average men gets pissed off at society and gather with all his peers.

    I guess we all know what behing it from being forced to live by rules against man nature, to be sex starved and constantly under personal and economical...
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    Re: Were 1950s men simps?

    The collapse of the "polite society", the welfare state while in a world morphing into islam environment will wake up plenty of people in western Europe...and it will all be happening cause they...
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    Re: Were 1950s men simps?

    If they were so great how comes that within few decades hippies took over the world?

    Its easy to keep your wife in check if there is no law against everyday average joe would be doing it...
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    Re: Notes about how female society works

    Women are used to pick the most dominant man also to obtain a dominant role themselves, the wife of the ceo has a higher status and position of the wife of the employee.

    Women all complain how bad...
  23. Different stages of beauty the wall...the case of henny mc charthy
  24. Re: Natalie Portman is Thor, Mahershala Ali is Blade and more

    Good, some more mainstream movie I wont bother to see just like captain marvel.
  25. Re: Plus sized model goes to beach [dear God, EYE BLEACH! EYE BLEACH!]
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