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    Re: Nerdlesque - sign 'o the times

    Michael Jackson was a pioneer in utilizing in his videos what soon was nicknamed morphing (changing smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps using computer animation techniques). He...
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    Re: Miss Italy burned in Acid attack

    I condemn this. There is no way I can excuse it. This is horrific.
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    Re: Most touching rant ever

    That park bench is cold, buddy. Can't you drain your bank accounts prior to bill-pay time, and then flee? You'll be huddled under that blanket thinking, "Shit, why didn't I do that?"

    Seems to me,...
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    Re: women are spoiled rotten

    We are only reminded of the word 'equality' when it is used by women as a salve for men's complaints.

    Women suck at equality because they suck at STEM, and equality is a cerebral assessment.
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    Re: Every time it gets me..

    One thing to ponder:

    Is it the question itself that gives you pause, or is it the respect you have for the person who asks it?

    If a woman asks it, do you feel the same?
  6. Re: Hello from a christian late-blooming MGHOW

    Hello aminth,

    You have found the correct sub-forum to introduce yourself. This site does require a valid Intro be furnished by each new member. Please visit the stickie in this sub-forum called...
  7. Re: Web Craft Tutorial; More secure password protocol

    Well, this was interesting. At first read, I thought to myself, why bother with dice? Why not throw darts at an eye chart on the wall, or close your eyes and poke your keyboard five times with your...
  8. SJW vs LOGIC - Dinesh D'Souza DESTROYS A Male Feminist Social Justice Warrior

    Despite the cliche'd title of this video, there is no screaming and crying going on here, just calm intellectualism going back and forth, and that fact itself might give you pause as to who was...
  9. Re: University trying to turn men more sensitive.

    Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.
  10. Re: There was an interesting comment about this video ...

    Just to talk, not to argue, but have any of you straight guys spent your bar and cabaret time exclusively in gay male bars?

    Go hang out in them. It's pretty much all guys, all the time.

  11. Re: There was an interesting comment about this video ...

    Is this evidence of Sharia law in practice?

    I do not have facebook and I was able to find the referenced video on youtube:

    French women cannot go out - France24

    One of the most disturbing...
  12. Re: MGTOW prospective member, thru PAIN Intro::

    Wait a minute! Come back, SteelEye! Don't leave!

    If there is any subtext going on in this thread that you have detected as unwelcoming, well I don't see it and I'm pretty observant at times. But,...
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    Re: Why Do Some People Hate MGTOW

    I think it's easier for others to hate MGTOW than it is for them to concede their mistakes.
  14. Re: Women are a distraction - How to focus away from women and make money?

    Hi, SteelEye. I see this is your first post and a good one. I should tell you, though, that, as a new poster that you are, you will need to run, not walk, to the New Member Intros subforum and post a...
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    Re: She Fell Out Of Hell...My New Friend...

    "A disturbing tale, well told."
    - Journal of Hitchhike Survivors

    "A harrowing story of one man's descent into a toothless hell."
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    Re: Bitch wants free money for free

    FWIW, I googled her name and someone is claiming that this is a hoax, that this woman writes for HuffPo, and that she is seeking to collect negative statements again SJW's for an upcoming article or...
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    Re: How I became MGTOW.

    It seems that most women only know how to raise kids to be pussies, although women would not view it as that. When they raise their daughters to be pussies, nobody notices because these daughters fit...
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    Re: Challenge Refused

    You're bipolar. Get the fuck away from me.
  19. Re: Women Today Are A Mess. What are we going to do about it.

    Outside of stopping physical abuse of children if I saw it on the street, that's it.

    Your question assumes I have power over the many processes that have negatively affected a man's lifestyle....
  20. Re: Women Today Are A Mess. What are we going to do about it.

    Not my problem. Not my responsibility to fix. I am not in charge of them. I just mitigate their presence.

    MGTOW means Men Going Their Own Way. I'm curious why you ask your question here, in this...
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    Re: Lurker's intro

    Oh, Lurker, one more thing....

    You should know that many times we address the lurkers on this site by their proper name, which is..... Lurker.

    So, if you see one of these many comments where we...
  22. Thread: Hello

    by Unboxxed

    Re: Hello

    I've kinda thought that, if a man does get engaged, the engagement should last at least a year, at least a year, allowing him to process all of the holidays with her, to discover where the tensions...
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    Re: Lurker's intro


    Your Intro is too brief. :)

    In this same " New Members Intro" sub-forum, please read the sticky named "How To Intro" and re-write your Intro to fit what it asks for. A valid Intro helps...
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    Re: Classic Norm MacDonald

    At time point 06:09:
  25. Re: Toxic Feminism at it again - "Hail the rise of cat men, an antidote to toxic masculinity"

    Must be an online thing. I've always known people who had cats. Families, mostly. Cats and dogs. Or just cats. Or just dogs. So, yeah, must be feminism who wants to invent that cats are now for men,...
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