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  1. Re: Resting Bitch Face and the fall of man.

    Resting bitch face is not a natural state as others have already pointed out many times.

    The stress that comes from it is obvious as well as the mindset which feeds it. If you are mentally...
  2. Re: E. Jean Carroll's Rape Fantasy re Trump

    She was hitting on a gay man on national tv. The optics of this shows that the mainstream have lost control of the "narrative" they want to ram down everyone's throats. And not surprising they are...
  3. Re: Has anyone sorted out the drama in the 21 studios thing?

    Ironically I am going to use game terminology to explain the "manosphere" infighting.

    It is basically a tug-of-war regarding social value and social currency. They fail to realize the men that...
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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    For men this type of vile speech directed at them since they were young boys has been the norm. This is why it requires great self discipline for a man to filter all of it out.

    Men are able to...
  5. Re: Suicide rates among very young women is increasing

    Increasing suicide in general is a failure to give youth a path to choose in life. With no role models in real life what people are they going to follow? The blind can't lead the blind.
  6. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.


    Last time I checked most people can walk, or drive to places to interact with people. So it is more accurate to say the lack of will power is a result of buying into finding...
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    Re: Where is society headed?

    Society is headed into its usually ups and downs in terms of social and economic cycles with the pendulum swinging left and right all the time so culture, social and economic systems are never...
  8. Re: Gillette isn't Done Messing with Men: Proclaims itself the Shaver of Transgenders

    I think they have gone to the well of outrage one many times to create buzz and free PR. At this point they are not helping their brand IMO.

    I have said this before many times but the care of any...
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    Re: Ultrasound before abortion

    My opinion hasn't really changed.

    Abortion beyond the 2nd trimester is clearly eugenics and I find eugenics to be very racist and morally and ethically wrong in the vast majority of instances with...
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    Re: The farewell from

    I am going to have to disagree with you on women running the MRA movement. I think the reason why the MRA have lost steam and redpill/pua/mgtow grow is because women have entered the MRA in...
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    Re: The farewell from

    In a time of relative "peace" it is clear that the cycle is repeating itself. Peace lasts as long as humans are preoccupied with achieving greatness. When the busy bodies outnumber those at work or...
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    Re: Where women call the shots

    Women complained about men gathering around coffee shops a generation earlier before they started complaining about saloon culture. History repeats itself every century or so. But we fail to...
  13. Re: Woman's False Rape Claim Led To Man's Death

    Nothing good comes from dating a single mother. Even widowed women look down on single mothers and feel resentment for what they have done to the dating market. Men in general are choosing to look...
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    Re: Claim of dehumanising

    Women rely on persuasion but of course how long does that last? An older and wiser man will covet freedom the older he is in my opinion. Such techniques don't work on older men as time becomes more...
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    Re: Women smiling in public.

    Women smile because that is the level of risk they are willing to take in social interactions. Don't take it personal but yeah it is annoying when sometimes you engage a conversation and they ignore...
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    Re: Remember that bridge collapse in Florida?

    Had they closed traffic off and done a stress test all of this would have been discovered rather quickly.

    And not only are the engineers on the hook but FDOT employees that signed off on this...
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    Re: Remember that bridge collapse in Florida?

    They went to do a stress test without even stopping traffic flow. Doesn't matter if it was a new design or old design..a stress test while not stopping traffic flow looks like murder to me.
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    Re: Wordpress deplatforms heartiste.

    They can't stop the spread of ideas. It doesn't matter what they do because there is too much momentum now.

    IF Mother's day is any indication then gynocentrism is turning onto itself.
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    Re: Is MGTOW too 'reductive'?

    Gynocentrism is ouroboros. It will consume itself.

    Generalizations are logical fallacies. But logical fallacies are only untrue when argued a certain way. That is why like slippery slope...
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    Re: Members exiting

    It seems to me activity on the forum has picked up. But then again I only post when I feel I have something to say of value. *Puts ghost cloaking device back on*


    Back to grinding for...
  21. Re: Politician Eric Swalwell Outraged The Word 'Woman' Is Not In The Constitution. There's Only One Problem.

    The founding fathers of the US constitution took extra time to think through how they would word the document. There is a reason why they did this because they wanted to create a document that was...
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    Re: I'm tired of red pill infighting


    To me competition is healthy for men. Iron sharpening iron.

    But having dark triad traits may help gain more resources while you stab men in the back and swim in pussy to climb the...
  23. Re: Elliott Hulse talks about what he didn't know about women

    Rollo and Peterson know the logical end point is mgtow. They don't admit it openly because they selfishly want to hold onto the pillars of western civilization. They don't want to abandon and walk...
  24. Re: Burnley singles night cancelled on most romantic day of the year after only four men sign up for it (2019)

    Lets flip the script.

    Tinder/socia media favors women looking for men whether they are doing it for hookups or as sugar babies looking for wallets.

    Men still do better by approaching women at...
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    Re: I'm tired of red pill infighting

    This is a result of men not having role models or goals for self improvement. I know older men don't like the idea of self improvement concept when they have already done the heavily lifting that...
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