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  1. Re: Conservative, Trump voting women are worse than liberal feminiѕts

    I won't talk politics with women. It's hard enough with men. I like a good political debate once in a while. The last presidential debates were downright embarrassing to me. My political commentary...
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    Re: What was your father like?

    Unfortunately for me my parents should have never had kids. I hardly spoke to my dad there at the end. He passed in 1997.
  3. Re: How do you handle this? I need all the guys input

    I'll never forget my high school reunion I took my #2 to attend with me. I was talking with some old chums while #2 was chatting with someone else about her and I (remember, this was the ugly...
  4. Re: Conservative, Trump voting women are worse than liberal feminiѕts

    I think we should have two separate rooms labeled 'Religion' and 'politics' just for people who do talk about politics and religion occasionally. The moderators could just stay out of that room if...
  5. Re: The videos are good, but sometimes the comments are better.

    They're asking an empty chair that question and they hate the sound of the crickets while waiting for a response.
  6. Re: How do you handle this? I need all the guys input

    It cracks me up when women are at a table with an eligible bachelor in their presence. They're sweet as pie until you talk to or about the wrong girl. That woman that was so "pretty" was probably the...
  7. Thread: Hello

    by Joetech

    Re: Hello

    Welcome Zasta. Nice to have you with us.
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    Re: Is Keanu as red pilled as Neo?

    After doing the movie Knock Knock, I'll bet he's red pilled as hell.
  9. Thread: A day of JOY!

    by Joetech

    Re: A day of JOY!

    Happy birthday H9! 60 is a great age to be!
  10. Thread: Madonna.

    by Joetech

    Re: Madonna.

    Madonna? Oh please! At least now she can say that at one time she was so famous that her name even appeared on MGTOW forums.
  11. Re: "Axios on HBO" poll: 55% of women prefer socialism (AKA, Men Pay, Women Play)

    Of course women nowadays prefer socialism. Look at what they've been given to get used to! Who wouldn't? And it was obvious in the last presidential election who their grand puba is...and her...
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    Re: The farewell from

    Diana Davison is one of my favorites, but what it must do to her to keep helping these victims that get railroaded is obvious. She's really turning gray.
  13. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    You guys are giving me flashbacks! I'm going to need to get stoned now to forget how 'wonderful' married life was for me. All I really remember about being married is the bills...constant car...
  14. Re: Women, career and wall, in a hypothetical perfect society

    I wrote a fiction novel once based on a "what would have happened if" scenario in a TV mini-series. But, for this piece of fiction I have no reference point. You're suggesting women might be capable...
  15. Re: Suicide rates among very young women is increasing

    They're killing themselves in droves because they're finding out that everything their mothers taught them is a lie. She can't find a man, a job, or a house she can afford. Why go on?
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    Re: Free Speech [Porkncheese]

    Good luck on your quest, Porkncheese.
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    Re: Complete control of thier bodies....

    Their bodies, their that why so many of them are so fat? They must be choosing Krispy Kreme over the gym.
  18. Re: Let's Face It: The Average 80%'er Non-MGTOW male is a Desperate Perv

    This post reminds me of a video I tripped over recently. It's a funny music video, but it illustrates your point, Jager. Go to youtube and check out "Jizz in my pants", then there's the female...
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    Re: The consequences of allowing gay marriage

    I's a sign of the times, and a bad one at that. Can someone explain to me what sexual orientation makes a woman marry a train station? I read an article a while back about some woman who did that.
  20. Re: Slutty girls have lots of emotional baggage

    My 2nd wife once told me that sexually satisfied women tend to gain weight. They left that statistic out of the article. But, does that mean fat women are getting more sex? From whom? I shudder to...
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    Re: Where women call the shots
    Kissin' ain't what I had in mind...said Barnacle Bill, the Sailor!
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    Re: Thanks for cleaning house!

    This is just like a chat room. And I always equate chat rooms with hanging out in a crowded bar. You can read what anyone posts in a chat room, just like you can hear most conversations in a bar. You...
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    Re: Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole

    Another story from the book of bad stories. I'm certain this sort of thing goes on all the time and is hushed up. I keep thinking of Tyler Kost when I read stories like this. And the distraught...
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    Re: You are not young and hot

    They got those tats when they were young and hot. Now they're not.
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    Re: Always believed it was somehow my fault.

    After reading your story (I live in the same state as you now) I'm brought down a few notches. I got hit in the head with a wine glass in Washington (not with a fire extinguisher, thank God), but...
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