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  1. re: An interesting comment on Reddit - Women are NOT emotional

    Men have better and faster CPU up in their skull, if its not encumbered from the emotions the OP speaks of. If I needed help figuring out a solution to an intricate problem, I have found men to be...
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    Re: Need a house ? dance !


    Yeah !! I have heard so many tales about experiments done in this regard. Some homeless won lottery, or given money, etc.. and after some time they ended up exactly where they began with......
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    Need a house ? dance !

    We all talk about how mgtow helps save money. Well today I learnt why women dont need to put up with all that crap, they can just dance and never bother about money anymore....

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    Re: Culpable vs Responsible

    This is what I think too. His skill in using clever academic jargon often ends up hiding that quite well, unless he faces his equal. I once saw him debating David Benatar on antinatalism, his tricks...
  5. Re: Straight men won't date tranny's because of HATRED!!!!!!!

    So judging by that trans rights emblem, its now their "right" that straight men date them ?! Such world, much clown ? ;)
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    Re: A common error in red pill tropes.

    There is one problem with the above logic, which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to explain that to a purple pilled man. I say purple pilled because I am assuming that the guy is willing...
  7. Re: A common sense discussion of the recent shootings

    And problematic people can get their hands on them regardless of gun laws or not. I have heard several cases here where one party in an otherwise minor road accident pulled out the gun shot the other...
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    Which game is it ? Just curious :)
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    Re: A tampon and a hard hat

    In my country, there are often females involved in construction. But the situation is very different. In this country, most jobs are associated with a social status, so if you decide to work at a job...
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    Re: I Get Confused...

    This is why I like the philosophy of antinatalism. Its better to not exist if it can be done without death, or in other words, not bringing new lives into this sad crazy world.

    It will make...
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    Re: Techlead becomes MGTOW

    Exactly what I thought... I mean seriously... looking at shopping mall ?!?! ;)

    There is a lot of blue pill still in him, he was so rushing to finish the mgtow topic and jump to caring for children...
  12. Re: Modifying name of sub-forum "Opposing Views"

    Ok just noticed this. The link on the main forum points towards :

    Whereas, the link from the navigation bar of any thread on that forum is :

    The second link works ! You can try it right...
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    Re: Standby for the 2nd attacks again

    I always find this funny. If someone is mentally ill and wants to kill a bunch of people, he/she can do that without gun. There are so many ways, easiest and most used probably is to run over via...
  14. Re: Modifying name of sub-forum "Opposing Views"

    Did that as first thing, didnt work. And furthermore, inspecting the response status in developer console, on clicking that subforum, the status always returns as 301 if done from main forum page,...
  15. Re: Modifying name of sub-forum "Opposing Views"

    Yeah, before renaming, it was working fine.
  16. Re: Modifying name of sub-forum "Opposing Views"

    I am using firefox on arch linux. And I too cannot view that subforum, but only if I am logged in. If I logout, then I can visit it. If I log back in, then I cant.

    But, if I open a thread within...
  17. Re: "Never give a woman your real name": John McAfee Presents His 4 Rules For Life

    I'd like to add, that the need for the amount and level of deception will vary based on where you lie on this spectrum. On one end you got a regular blue pilled joe the white knight, and on other...
  18. Thread: Ex-Members

    by rkspsm

    Re: Ex-Members

    I was actually thinking about it for a while, after realizing I am not posting much, despite being a new member here. And I have something to add on that. IMHO, MGTOW has two aspects. One is a...
  19. Re: Natalie Portman is Thor, Mahershala Ali is Blade and more

    Propaganda-wood at its job ... :rolleyes:
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    Waxing services in clown world
  21. Thread: A death analogy

    by rkspsm

    Re: A death analogy

    This reminded me of a little thing, experiment you can say, I did on myself sometime ago. My room has several lights, but there is a very dim bulb at a corner. Its a tradition here that when a person...
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    Re: I may be in the minority here...

    As someone who is a lot into computer games, I can say Anita isnt even required there. This industry is already so woke, its absolutely nuts. Pick ANY modern role playing computer game and go through...
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    Re: The social war is real, and getting more real

    Exactly, these crazy females are merely pawns in their game. They are mind controlled by relentless propaganda and consumerism, researched and developed by countless psychological studies and...
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    Re: The social war is real, and getting more real

    Yeah, I guess the time for milkshakes is over. In the words of Tim pool : "Where does it go from here ?".

    The situation is NOT de-escalating, showing...
  25. Re: Friends Decry the Slut-Shaming of Mackenzie Lueck: Its Just Not Fair!

    And when they realize that a fraction of black people are realizing their bs, they start talking espanol in political debates !! ;)
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