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  1. Re: ‘Luxury beliefs’ are the latest status symbol for rich Americans

    I remember someone in southern California that told me I was "lucky" that I had a job. I told him about the six years I'd done in the Navy to prepare for that job. It wasn't luck, I told him. It was...
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    Re: Los Angeles is a Sh*thole

    Seattle is no better. At their city services offices is all Somali women with the same attitude as the Mexican girls, but it's because their sons are n Somali gangs, I suppose.
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    Re: What does it mean to be an American?

    I was raised in Western New York (not upstate) and spent every summer in South Carolina for fourteen years, so I got both histories of the Civil War growing up. I spent my youth in the civil rights...
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    Re: Need a house ? dance !

    Showtime had a show about the life of strippers (go's Showtime). These girls would count how many dances they needed to sell to buy those shoes they want. They acted like high school...
  5. Another example of propaganda by omission

    This is an article I found about New York City's police suicide crisis. I've read reports also that the National Police Officers Association is complaining that suicide rates among officers are...
  6. Re: #Metoo campus allegation victims are now suing

    This is truly #METOO in action, only this time the allegations won't be forty years old with faded half true accounts, will they?
  7. Thread: The End of Men

    by Joetech

    Re: The End of Men

    Very true, and the article is written by a woman. However, she quotes enough male sources to give credibility to the article's main points. In the end she concludes that feminism is turning out to be...
  8. Thread: The End of Men

    by Joetech

    The End of Men
  9. Thread: Old New Member

    by Joetech

    Re: Old New Member

    Hello Sergio. Glad to meet you.
  10. Re: Radical Feminist Raves: "We Need To Kill All Men"

    This reminds me of a news article I read today. Guess what they're up to in the U.K. this week? Some gal in parliament is promoting a ten woman team to take control of Brexit for the country. Yeah, a...
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    She has your picture now. That would worry me, but she probably took pictures of every guy they talked to that night so she could brag the next day about all the guys she partied with. As for a...
  12. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    Some of us "can't" get laid because there's nothing out there worth sticking our dicks into. Would you suggest we should all have a Bill Cosby notch count? Behavior like that lands one in jail. How...
  13. Re: New Movie..."The Hunt" You're shitting me?

    I read that, too. Quite a fast turnaround, eh? As far as I'm concerned the damage has already been done. They made the movie AND made plans to release it. The rest of the country says WTF when we...
  14. New Movie..."The Hunt" You're shitting me?

    I just read an article about a new movie being released called "The Hunt". Now, this is what gets me. After the shootings in Dayton and El Paso Hollywood actually thinks it's a good idea to release a...
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    Re: I Get Confused...

    I get confused, too. That's why I warn people away from my foot steps. I've stepped in so much shit never knowing it was shit until I was scraping it off my shoes!
  16. Re: A common sense discussion of the recent shootings

    I just discovered this as well. He raises some interesting points...

    His name is Sebastian Gorka.
  17. Re: MGTOW mentioned and dismissed on the radio

    Lots of people give fake versions of MGTOW. Try showing me a fake version of VAWA.
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    Re: So my mother messaged me the other day....

    Jeezus She sounds like the kind of mom you should stay away from. Talk about too much information...if a woman gets her titties and pussy pierced her son is NOT the one to brag to about it. She must...
  19. Thread: My mom died

    by Joetech

    Re: Guys I really need you right now. My mom is knocking on heaven's door.

    My mother died of cancer in 1980. She was 64. I went to see her the last time she barely made it out of the hospital alive. I didn't have the heart to go to her funeral. My condolences, friend. It...
  20. Re: According to the leftist Dems I am a Racist

    I heard there was a mass shooting in Chicago over the weekend. The media said nothing about that one. Another one occurred in Toronto that the media didn't mention. Yeah, in a country where anti gun...
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    Re: TheDiscordantEdge

    Kike? LOL! I haven't heard that one for a while. If he doesn't like them he's sure not to like this WOP(Without papers)!
  22. Re: Woman withdraws consent months after the sex act, and wins case

    No wonder other countries warn their citizens to stay away from he U.S....especially if you're a guy!
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    Re: My word! I've not been here for years..

    Hey BAR I'm one of those refugees. Glad to meet you.
  24. A common sense discussion of the recent shootings

    You won't find that on TV, but there are others bringing up some valid points. I know you guys aren't into the MRA's since they accomplish so little, but who else is going to say stuff like...
  25. Thread: Female ally

    by Joetech

    Re: Female ally

    That fact alone gives credibility to the claim that this is a woman.
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