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  1. Re: Incel murders girl - very disturbing

    Xanax is an uncouth bitch. However, what she said about orbiters and him being easily replaced is 100% truth. She was using him as Plan B until some 9" thug with a thicker wallet arrived.

  2. Re: Every Woman you see in Corporate America (except the Secretaries) has an Affirmative-Action Job

    True. I recently fired some entitled cunts as a client. I can use a good new client, but these bints wasted my time. I hope they enjoy being set to "no contact".

    This, gentlemen, is why I...
  3. Re: Woman Wins National Prize for Creating Chair That Forces Men to Sit With Their Legs Closed

    What if one has to readjust one's package? It looks next to impossible.

    I'll manspread on a bus. I manspread on a plane. I'll manspread on a train. I'll manspread any damn time or place I need...
  4. Re: Guide to Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century

    It's working very well for box wined and kitty litter salesmen.

    Once these Chad chasers lose it, they're ready for a "good man" so one will say. Be fooled, not!

    I've witnessed, live, a Chad...
  5. Re: Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to?

    Even Big Bubba needs some fresh meat every now and then. He becomes very horny after a few years in solitary.
  6. Re: Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to?

    So is mine and a damn good one at that. There really is nothing worth watching.

    As for her, stupid is as stupid does. I put my money on Big Bubba. That is justice served.
  7. Re: 1984-Google Whistleblower Tells All on Google's Shady Practices

    I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.
  8. Re: The ills of social media (Sometimes it's best to disconnect)

    I'm sorry for your loss, man. I lost a friend that way too. I still miss him.

    So many people are addicted to it, by design.
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    Re: Resting Bitch Face and the fall of man.

    I know yet another self-answering question.

    One argued to the mat me with me last week over the point that women prefer nice guys. I had some fun with her calling her out for her bullshit. She...
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    Re: Dating for a free meal

    I'd maybe toss $12 maximum on one, a local seafood place, Mexican, or Asian can always be enjoyed at very fair prices.

    Chad always gets everything for free so all men should be leery. My...
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    Blue Pill Elephant

    "Angry elephant denied sex by female decides to 'let off steam' by...
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    Re: It just keeps getting worse

    Damn good piece Xanthine, very damn good indeed

    Yes, I remember those 18 to 22 hour semesters. The "fun" of taking Linear Algebra and Advanced Organic Chemistry at the same time arising at 4am to...
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    Re: What was your father like?

    Like Tangent, I lost my old man at a young age. I played that "nice guy" bullshit too with the usual predictable results. Luckily, he implanted enough toxic masculinity in me that I always had half...
  14. Re: How do you handle this? I need all the guys input

    I've written this having read only the OP's first post.

    The bints were uppity, because she was hotter than they. You refused to buckle to the peanut gallery's will and found yet another AWALT.
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    When I was eating at the bar last night, I became engaged in conversation with this bint. She just could not comprehend why I am getting rid of everything that is not needed. The look on her face...
  16. Re: More tales from the trenches, life as an AWM (Awaked While Married)

    Seconded. There are no do overs. Do not waste finite time on anything that harms you.
  17. Re: 10 reasons thousands of stores are going out of business due to men not getting married

    They still have not reached the point of critical mass. The day that one special future simp goes red the whole thing will cave in on them.

    Whenever that happens ladies, watch out below. Until...
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    Re: Reddit MGTOW Sub Censorship

    We've viewed Reddit shadow banning live in action during a group video conference. It ain't a rumor. It's a fact. The member and I are tight. It was freaky. Had we not been conferencing, he...
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    Re: Is Keanu as red pilled as Neo?

    No one is more Red Pill than Neo ;)

    An acquaintance was tasked with teaching Keanu certain things for his role during a movie shoot many years ago. They went to this, now closed, dive from Hell...
  20. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    With all of the rinsing activity going on these days turbocharged by online, I'd take one to the garbage dumpster behind the Golden Corral. Chad would.
  21. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    Bleach won't cut it. I'm going for either concentrated Sulfuric acid or maybe a glowing hot knife blade held a half inch from my eyes.
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    Re: It just keeps getting worse

    You know it!

    Mr. Simp makes average guy me look like Chad Thundercock.
  23. Thread: Madonna.

    by ChauvinistPig

    Re: Madonna.

    I felt raped when I first heard "Holiday" back in 1983.
  24. Re: Ultimate Badboy Chad Website for Women? New website helps women get real tingles with convicts

    Prison man is strong man. He keep me safe.

  25. Re: Double Standard BS: New York Times article, "This is a Chad"

    I'm not going to pillory incels. There is nothing involuntary involved. They only volunteer to not pay a professional.

    I've had four certified Chads as friends so I've been able to observe for...
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