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    Re: Who the Hell saw Nadal vs. Medvedev?

    So just me then lol
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    Who the Hell saw Nadal vs. Medvedev?

    Unreal grit.
  3. Re: I'm in my underwear eating Chinese food

    Living the dream?
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    Re: 'Even a guy like me can get laid'

    MGTOW is NOT an "incel" community.

    Many of us have gotten laid a lot, dated, some married. I've dated some cute girls; I would bet are quite a bit better looking than whoever your friend was...
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    More on Gillette's Woes
    "even as the world’s No.1 personal goods company took an $8 billion...
  6. Re: ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’...

    I'm glad so many men took action and it forced Gillette to change. Informal boycotts work. We cannot hide from the world and expect life to get better; we will feel the effects of a feminist world...
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    Re: Women have no respect

    It never ceases to amaze what excuse-makers they are. As much as they prattle on about "equality", not accepting responsibility and learning from your actions pretty much precludes real-life...
  8. Re: Buddy Fletcher and Ellen Pao’s marriage ending with mudslinging and acrimony

    Blah blah blah race this, race that. A lot of MGTOWs don't really support other men; they support men of the same race only- in which case, Stormfront is your site, or whatever the black power...
  9. Straight from the Horse's Mouth- Woman Explains why her decent "Good Guy" new Boyfriend (read: her equal in SMV) is no fun esp. compare to her Flings

    Worth reading. This is precisely why we didn't have a Carousel in the past. Today, maybe...
  10. Re: Is it possible to be MGTOW and listen to Country Music?

    You sure they were talking about a chick and not God?
  11. Re: A few years back - why women never get anywhere....

    That's cuz you're old!!!!!

    Seriously though, there is a generational divide on this subject. "We kids" noticed the US...
  12. A few years back - why women never get anywhere....

    Few years back, before the cryptocurrency craze of today, there was a conversation with me and 4 other people.

    Me: Few months ago, looked more into bitcoin- it has potential. Every week I'm...
  13. Re: Guide to Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century

    If you are curious at how it evolved, I strongly recommend this book. Very interesting take on how monogamy came about. Read it a few years ago and believe I talked about it on this forum. ...
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    Re: The anatomy of a douche bag.

    Excellent DNA for the Paleolithic Era. Today, how smart & hardworking you are determines whether you live in luxury or in poverty. In the Palolithic Era, how dominant you looked and acted led to...
  15. Guide to Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century

    Women are the gatekeepers of sex.
    Men are the gatekeepers of relationships/marriage.

    Today, hypergamous women largely shut the gate to sex for 80% of men ("an 80%'er") during their prime years in...
  16. Every Woman you see in Corporate America (except the Secretaries) has an Affirmative-Action Job

    White collar work requires critical thinking. Not merely memorization (which is what schools test for).

    You need to be a self-starter; to do work without your manager telling you what to do...
  17. Re: How do you handle this? I need all the guys input

    Commenting on the attractiveness of the opposite sex is usually done with same-sex friends.

    You could do it in a mixed crowd but it is just usually not done.
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    Re: Outage- Fixed

    We have a DNS service through a 3rd party service and I thought it would auto-renew but didn't. Should be fine going forward.
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    Outage- Fixed

    My bad about the outage. There was a DNS issue that's now corrected.
  20. Re: Double Standard BS: New York Times article, "This is a Chad"

    So long as we divide the world into Villains and Victims, this is the sort of heartless reporting we will get.

    I thought the surgeon summed it up well:

    The author states:
  21. Gillette isn't Done Messing with Men: Proclaims itself the Shaver of Transgenders

    You gotta love it. A brand with dominant market share drinking the Feminist Kool-Aid about gender fluidity...
  22. Let's Face It: The Average 80%'er Non-MGTOW male is a Desperate Perv

    One of the effects of all the thirst in the 80% male demographic (guys not considered in the top 20% in men as far as physical status/attractiveness) as a result of increased female hypergamy is that...
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    Re: Wordpress deplatforms heartiste.

    Glad to hear it. Fuck 'em.

    As you may know, I was a fan of Heartiste. Most of the threads in our Game subforum come from re-posts I made from Heartise (through an RSS feed). This was when he...
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    Re: Why are good men so hard to find?

    You can't find something you're not looking for.

    The average woman is compromising herself chasing a top 20%'er alpha she can't keep even if she puts out on the regular. She will be benched and...
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    Re: Fatty at fast food place

    You owe her nothing. It's okay to be friendly with someone without returning whatever might be flirtation.
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