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    Re: Why female don't approach.

    In this day and age of social media and thirsty simps validating all female presence online, I find females are carrying themselves entitled to male attention. I avoid eye contact with females and...
  2. Re: ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’...

    The customer's cock in multinational gigantic corporations must resemble MGTOW's dick in feminism's asshole. What's not to like here :)
  3. Re: The Yin and the Yang of It By James Howard Kunstler

    Men are enslaved to their sex drive. Ironically, females are merely a distraction or objects of transient meaning stemming from an inner frustration boys feel and firmly establish as cornerstone of...
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    Re: A new kind of war bride.

    When you see the social trends through MSM using covert means to emasculate men, they do so using the arm of 'do the right thing'.
    The scooter boy is as ethical as the soldiers of WWII, he is acting...
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    Re: The End of Men

    The first step for a man is to understand powerful dynamics that are invested in gynocuntric societies to create his own subservience to women through blue pill conditioning.
    The biology of a man...
  6. Re: #Metoo campus allegation victims are now suing

    A man's world, a woman's kitchen.

    A globalist's nightmare.
  7. Re: Horseface Arica Angelo dating coach figures out MGTOW!

    Sour grapes, said the fox.
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    I ignore women. I have no problems.
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    Re: A tampon and a hard hat

    Here in Ontario, Canada construction pays very well. Depending on one's certification etc, but any aspect of construction work that requires a worker exposed to the elements (say -30C) pays more than...
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    A tampon and a hard hat

    Lately, I have noticed presence of a token female construction worker at almost any construction zone I happen to drive by. The thot-ful female construction worker dons reflective vest, hard hat, and...
  11. Re: Woman withdraws consent months after the sex act, and wins case

    And we laughed at the butch feminists of gone-eras when they stated exactly the same.
    The high table is being occupied by evil forces. Hate wearing a tin foil hat but as I grow older and 'wiser' I...
  12. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    I do not fully comprehend the 'incel' terminology. Its (to my limited perceptions) a dig on male autonomy similar to how nerdy gamer types were sterotyped by women in the 80s. Now women can't be...
  13. Re: Straight from the Horse's Mouth- Woman Explains why her decent "Good Guy" new Boyfriend (read: her equal in SMV) is no fun esp. compare to her Flings

    The schism between blue pill and red pill is big enough; but when MGTOW enters the picture it dwarfs the red pill man who for the first time sees his reflection in a mirror - and doesn't like the...
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    I believe beyond the use of her womb, anything external a woman does is to fill an inner void to a point of self-depricating narrative where she is good for nothing more than sex.
    Average women are...
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    Re: A day of JOY!

    Birthdays come and go, but a cunt to go and leaving a man happy & content always brings a smile to my face. Enjoy the freedom and keep the deadlifts going strong. Don't knockup some young gym thot...
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    Re: Reddit MGTOW Sub Censorship

    Thanks. Will get in touch with the mods .... I rather be outright banned than have this cunt-like move pulled on me. Of all places a MGTOW sub. Wouldn't surprise me given its reddit though....
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    Reddit MGTOW Sub Censorship

    It appears that MGTOW reddit sub mods have a female mod.
    Past 2 days all my post comments simply get deleted/hidden .... All the while the mods don't have the common decency to inform me of such or...
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    Re: Mount Everest. May 2019.

    Folks find funnier ways to cope with troubles in life and mostly insufficient love from childhood trauma. In some ways its good riddance. No one gets charged or sent to prison.
    More people should...
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    Re: Wanna get married?

    Sadly, by the time a man has come to the realization that a specific snowflake deserve a ring, its too late.

    Even if half of US population new births are single motherhood womb turds, it stills...
  20. Re: NBA - Adam Silver- 50% of refs and coaches must be women

    I'd love to see a menstruating bitchy woman running back and forth the court trying to catch with 6'5'' Mega Chads. For shits and giggles. If she doesn't start crying, a testosterone-laden athlete...
  21. Re: New Crisis: Men Responsible for Ex Girlfriend's Debts? Leonardo DiCaprio, Please Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Out of Debt

    Spoiler Alert: Mad Men

    It always bothered me why Don Draper gave Megan $1M because 'she gave him the best years of her life'.

    Women's vagina can be sought as propeller ignition starting...
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    Re: Gamma Males (nice guys)

    Every boy is born an alpha. Conditioning plays a big part.

    I am overall a nice guy who doesn't feel the need to 'fuck being nice' approach. The problem lies in one's inability to set boundaries.
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    Re: The Hypergamy Files: Ayesha Curry

    Bruh sports are a massive energy leak. You can utilize that attention elsewhere. No one gives a flying fuck about sports fan, least of which are athletes people get worked up on radio stations. Not...
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    Re: MGTOW = Bad for Daughters (NOT!)

    The sad part about the programming is its proficient ability to ride on 'feel good, passive, lovey-dovey linguistics'.
    Hell they have managed to spun to not only legalize but celebrate murdering...
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    Re: Cunt Laughter is not Real Laughter

    Evolutionary women are recepients of humor and puss puss tingles work magically when the joke-teller is an attractive man.

    Similar to most domains that are and should remain male-only are violated...
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