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  1. Re: Exploring Japan's 'genderless' subculture - Soyboys with lipstick?

    And if they all were blind, the entire interdependency of this would come crashing down.

    This stuff all depends on posing and being seen. Getting others to buy off on your schtick. A visual form...
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    Re: How’s it going chaps?

    I remember you! All good! LOL.

    We did not know each other, as I was new in early 2014, so I was coming in as you were going out.

    This is great. Welcome here!
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    Re: Stallone has been #metoo'd

    From the article:

    I'd like that!
  4. Re: New Crisis: India Willoughby: Is it discriminatory to refuse to date a trans woman?

    Wow, I've grown up around women who expected dating to exactly lead to marriage, which implies procreation. In fact, I had always believed that to date a woman implies to them that you agree to be on...
  5. Re: Does anyone know when MGTOWHQ will open up registrations?

    Back in 2014, I found myself having to check back from time to time to see if I could register. For me, it was a 3-month wait.
  6. Thread: Joke Time

    by Unboxxed

    Re: Joke Time
  7. Re: SJW Liberal Activist Is Brutally Raped in Haiti – Blames Patriarchy

    I just posted a comment there. It just got removed.
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    Re: Happy Bachelor

    Well, hello there.

    You have found the correct subforum to present your Intro, but we seek more information. Please read the sticky in this subforum called How to Intro and either edit your post or...
  9. Re: Is Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Who Spoke Power to Truth with James Damore, “The Most Powerful Woman on the Internet?”

    A comment from someone names Rosamond:
  10. Re: Woman claims divorce laws are "unfair"....

    I like it, except the crazy bitches would hire hit men.
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    Re: Gotta get more females into crypto ....

    Did you read the very brief source article? It's pathetic in that the author Duncan Stewart gives an opinion and then... the article ends. Huh?

    Then, Anna misleads in her article when she...
  12. Re: "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

    I've imagined myself responding, "So, you're bipolar? Thanks for warning me. See ya"

    They imagine themselves a prize by these words, not realizing how uncomplimentary about themselves it is to...
  13. Re: Woman claims divorce laws are "unfair"....

    It appears it was she who activated the divorce process that she now complains about.

    Did she explore other options to save the marriage? We'll never know.

    Or did she assume the divorce would...
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    Re: Fed's are up to it again

    Washington State has multiple standards about many things and they are unabashed about it. For the last decades, our state has campaigned against cigarette smoking, shaming the tobacco companies for,...
  15. Article: How an Influential Campus Rape Study Skewed the Debate

    Excerpts from, July 28, 2015:
  16. Article: Why the #MeToo Moment Should Be Ready for a Backlash

    From, December 10, 2017:
  17. Thread: Funny Stuff

    by Unboxxed

    Re: Funny Stuff

    Re: Kate McKinnon

    John Belushi once said that women are just not funny. He made an exception for Gilda Radner.

    From the beginning, I noticed Kate McKinnon doesn't rest on the fact that she is...
  18. Re: 15 Manipulation Tricks that men fall for.

    Seems like I've read several of her bullet points on men's lists of how to treat women.
  19. Re: [Can't fix stupid] Post-wall hag was euphoric she may get preggers at 40 (!) and after 4 abortions

    Atone? To make amends? She still hasn't gotten over her God complex. Now she's decided that choosing not to abort makes amends for the times that she did.

    I don't think it works that way, toots....
  20. Re: So It Begins! Man Kidnapped and Forced to Marry at Gunpoint Even as He Cried During Ceremony

    Here's the specific link:

    which references another link and probably was its source:

    Watch: Man cries at wedding...
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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    If this is what you have to say after all that has been discussed on either major POV, boy are you lonely to make friction. What's the problem? You can't find anyone left around you who responds to...
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    Re: reasoin for lack of postings

    Mikediver, I too am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I am not the greatest for stuff to say at these times but I do enjoy reading your posts here in this forum.
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    Re: Pretending to be gay at work.

    That comment doesn't sail around here, Four-Question-Marks.

    Ten posts from you across several forum threads, all dated today, and no Intro from you. You had better make an Intro, a valid one, in...
  24. Re: MGTOW only exists, 'cause you, guys, don't understand the benefits of marriage.

    Yeah, this one is designated as Number One on the list:

    Then, there's this:

    And just how is this a benefit that it needs to be pointed out in this way? The author is clearly talking to...
  25. Re: 11 Reasons Single Moms Make Amazing Partners

    Look at the accompanying picture. Why is it so often the single mommy has just one child in tow when she is making a case for herself? One child. Not two. Or three. Or more.

    Is it like a career...
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