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  1. Re: Gubernatorial candidate refuses female reporter solo presence on tour

    "She wanted hours and hours and hours of time, instead of a half hour interview, because she could leave the recording device on, hope that he would let his guard down, and then find the "Gotcha!"...
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    Re: The anatomy of a douche bag.

    Yes, and no. Or maybe it just depends on financial status or your definition of "play". When I had more money, I just had fun with women, with my guard up. When I had less money, the available...
  3. Re: Jon Galt uses the principles of MGTOW and reflects on every female relationship

    My HS girlfriend hated her parents so much that she secretly quit taking the pill in hopes she could move in with me/parents. Her Sunday school teaching parents immediately forced her into getting...
  4. Jon Galt uses the principles of MGTOW and reflects on every female relationship

    Fairly new member here, you can go look at my intro from a month or so back. It seems I have been blue pill betabux, and yet over time was the Chad, too. Life changes, new info is gained, but as I...
  5. Re: Kate+8 is looking to date: Hypergamy personified

    She is the poster child for MGTOW. In every single way.
  6. Re: Friends Decry the Slut-Shaming of Mackenzie Lueck: Its Just Not Fair!

    Twitter abounds with rage over the Daily Mail article.
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    Re: Redpill and MGTOW acceleration...

    That was fucking beautiful.......
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    Re: John Galt's Intro

    Thank you, Sir!
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    Habitat is extremely expensive for what it is. Take it from a dad who had to furnish kid's rooms at the divorced daddy condo. You can do much better on CL or FB pages.

    Still go and check it out,...
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    Re: John Galt's Intro

    I hear you!..

    Part of the high volume online dating I did in Cali (it is a LOT of work, considering the percentages) is that very discernible patterns emerged over the female species.

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    Re: John Galt's Intro

    She did, and she very well might be a cat lady. The twist in the story is that she was a spoiled rich kid, so actually the man she moved on to was her FATHER, not a Chad.

    She hasn't worked...
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    John Galt's Intro

    Mods, please let me know if I am missing something.

    1) Relationship History: I was single until 32 years of age, with a brief prior engagement to a single mom of 2 that I could not follow...
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