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    Re: Red Pill vs Blue Pill in action

    I kind of saw Quagmire as the Red Pill.
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    Red Pill vs Blue Pill in action
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    Re: Your Perfect Woman?

    I am currently in a Jessica Lucas(actress on Gotham) crush phase. Currently trying to get her out my head by chugging down Red Pills like no tomorrow. My ideal woman is a sweet, stable and kinky....
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    Re: Should Criminal Women Be Spayed?

    So true. I am sad to say I started back sliding from the path of MGTOW(I haven't been on in a while) this thread is just what I needed. Honestly I'm amazed we don't here more about this. I mean 71%...
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    Re: Miss Italy burned in Acid attack

    I certainly don't.
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    Re: I Guess It Was Only A Matter Of Time

    You hit the nail on the head. Honestly I know I need to play my cards carefully and play a long game. I figure I should have everything together within a year maybe half that.
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    Re: I Guess It Was Only A Matter Of Time

    So I thought I had everything planned out. I find it interesting that no less than a week after I start planning to move out she decides I should start paying rent.
  8. Re: I present to you... Dating in 2017. No, it is not satire.

    I should do that next time I am on one lol.
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    Re: What are Traits you dislike in other Men

    I dislike guys who have a pack/hive mentality. I've learned the hard way that when people are really tight nit they tend to exclude and torment newcomers/outsiders.
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    I Guess It Was Only A Matter Of Time

    So my mom and I got into a fight and are not speaking to one another. It started before I went to work and she got mad at me for leaving out the toothpaste and said she wasn't my maid (honestly where...
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    Re: Donald Trump

    I'm going to be honest I voted Trump I watched Chuck Todd and the others witness their Liberal dreams come crashing down it was glorious! I can honestly say I had never been happier in my life then...
  12. Re: The Double Standard Is Almost Laughable

    Agreed I sometimes feel like Captain Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation. Minus a crew of course I can make all the speeches I want but it wont matter for shit.
  13. Re: The Double Standard Is Almost Laughable

    More likely she'll tie some poor bastard down and entrap him with a baby. She will then mostly become a "stay at home" mom. Though I doubt she'll do any real work and women can say it's hard work all...
  14. The Double Standard Is Almost Laughable

    So my job is at a local store where I unload a truck I get a lot of crap from this one guy(and a few others but mostly just this one) for not keeping track of every little item in my department. Now...
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    Re: Ex wife is after her dead husband

    Don't you mean a blue pill dystopia? I hardly find anything in modern society a utopia.
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    Re: It begins!...Femvertising

    I just realized the store I work at has these sections women, girls, lingerie, and Men. Holy shit I can't beleive I just realized that :( what the fuck is happening to this world?
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    Re: Feminization of western "leaders"

    It's because for wymyn to admit their matriarchy is a failure would be the same as surrender they will drive us into the dust before ever conceding the truth.
  18. Re: I have found the root of all SJW and feminist thought

    I think what human beings perceive as intelligence is really a evolved form genetic retardation.
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    Re: Miss Gordita Pageant

    The world is going to hell and nobody is even trying to stop. No scratch that the world is going to hell and nobody cares enough to stop it.
  20. Re: just went to Wal Mart (slutty young girls)

    Once I was door greeting and saw what was either two trannies or gay men in short
    shorts and a bikini and tube top. Just disturbing.
  21. Re: It's Unfair Women's Bodies are Exaggerated in Video Games

    I bought that book literally full of good rules for a man to live by.
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    Re: Bwahahaahaaahahaahaaa!

    Yeah here's the problem.
    1. Not everything works the same for everyone.

    2. If this guy even really exits where is his picture?

    3. We are expected to beleive that a wife and couple of kids are...
  23. Re: I wish my Husband were the Love of my Life

    Dude that's pretty much what marriage is. Now I had this roomate in college and granted I wasn't the best roomate but he and his girlfriend were inseparable. They were always together it was weird...
  24. The Terrifying Truth About Where Society Is Heading

    So I watched this porno on online a while back before I was on the red pill and it's been in the back of my mind for a while (the story concept) the plot is basically a man in the Psych Ward being...
  25. Re: Johnny Depp doesn't want to pay for his one-year marriage to Amber Heard.

    This is why we need sex bots and artificial wombs asap.
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