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  1. Re: The Swine Princess: Part One - Greed and Glutton

    Intriguing read. I forget the name of who said this particular quote but I have the saying set in stone. "If it weren't for our sex drives, we would find women repulsive." Sometimes I curse my...
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    There's only so many of them. All it takes is one semi-triggering post for some butthurt mod to ban you. My favorite one was when I was barred from the Occupy Democrats facebook page when I posted...
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    Re: Is Keanu as red pilled as Neo?

    My consensus, he's not 100% red pilled but he is extremely smart enough not to get touchy feely with these women, which is a mistake commonly made by many people in Hollywood. He's still a socialite...
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    Re: Outage- Fixed

    Right, I forgot that happened last week. Not gonna lie, I feared the worst when I saw that the site was down and immediately thought "Dear God, the purge has expanded past social media" I don't wanna...
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    Re: What is going on in the DR

    Being part Dominican myself, the DR part of the island is far more pleasing to the eyes than the neighbors over at Haiti but even the Dominican Republic has it's faults. It has it's share of rough...
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    I couldn't help but to chuckle at this. My mom and a former good lady friend of mine have that same habit and it would annoy the shit out of me. Makes me glad I have my own personal place. I do have...
  7. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    I will never think this is a falsehood. I've seen 3 close acquaintances of mine that I've known since high school go through the same shit, one of them attempting suicide because of it. That above...
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    Re: Reddit MGTOW Sub Censorship

    Reddit is such cancer, it's slowly devolving into 4chan but instead of constant trolling, it's persistent policing of conduct and PC virtue signaling up the ass. Not really surprised that moderation...
  9. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    Yeah dude, that pissed me the fuck off. imdb boards were a great place for discussion of movies and shows and it just felt like it belonged. This was before the days of reddit so it was just normal...
  10. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    Typical of simped out society to give too much power to loneliness. For one, loneliness isn't a condition of physical self, it's a state of mind. A person can be alone but not lonely if that person...
  11. Re: Suicide rates among very young women is increasing

    Pretty much a result of the impact of society today. We live in a world where "words do hurt" and it leads people, especially more so young girls to take their own lives because a couple of pricks...
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    Re: The farewell from

    Tough break that she was forced to shut down her site for her children's safety. Shit like this is why I abandoned the left in 2016, somewhere along the line they got lost in relentlessly defending...
  13. Re: Gillette isn't Done Messing with Men: Proclaims itself the Shaver of Transgenders

    So... *takes a sip of Green Tea* after the mass fuckery that was the commercial meant to be a Super Bowl spot about "Toxic Masculinity"...instead of learning from that mistake which may have cost...
  14. Double Standard BS: New York Times article, "This is a Chad"

    In summary, this is a...
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    Re: Starbucks a symp cuck enclave?

    Two simple choices. 1. If there's a Tim Horton's nearby, go there. It's less expensive than Starbucks and has better quality coffee than Dunkin Donuts. 2. I dunno if you live in a big city, there are...
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    Re: Female friends are just as trash

    Out of the...I'd say 9 female friendships/acquaintanceships I've had, one was legit and I'm still in talking terms with her today. Then again to add into that, she is bi and more into girls so it was...
  17. Re: Let's Face It: The Average 80%'er Non-MGTOW male is a Desperate Perv

    I definitely agree with the notion since I'm in that mindset now but I'd feel like a hypocrite if I were to lay judgment on your hormonally driven male friend because I was once that person too in my...
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    Re: WHO-Gaming Disorder is a Mental Illness

    Depends on what degree, because we all know how society reacts to the pettiest of shit. Whenever I have a day off, like today, I'd like to unwind and play a couple of modern and old school games to...
  19. Re: Always believed it was somehow my fault.

    I feel your pain my dude. I would be wrought with vengeance if a woman had done to me what she done to you but a road of revenge is a dark path and the woman would still win either way so it's best...
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    Re: Where women call the shots

    There's not enough booze in the world to make those century old looking harlots remotely attractive. Plus when that much power is given to women so damn soon, of course something is bound to go awry.
  21. Re: The only thing that women have given me is suffering

    my brother from another mother, welcome to the club! Our paths are pretty damn similar. I too fell for the falsehood that was having a woman as a soulmate for they are unworthy, mainly because they...
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    Re: Fatty at fast food place

    Both femcels AND incels don't deserve my serious energy as they are both pretty damn mental. With all of that instability in common, you'd think they'd get together but it's way more complex for...
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    Re: Your favourite old school video games

    I can tally a list based on the decade.

    1980's - Pac-Man
    1990's - Street Fighter II (All Versions)
    2000's - Time Crisis 5

    Honorable mention: Outrun, I was super addicted to that and played...
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    Re: Daisy Cousins reacts to the angry MGTOWs

    I forgot what video it was but in summary, she was saying that staying in the MGTOW path was unrealistic and that there are women that understand our plight. Eventually we have to rescind our grudge...
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    Re: Womens weight widens pay gap

    Wow this broad goes above and beyond to defend a woman being heavy. Chances are she's pretty heavy herself. For her to say that An obese person who is active and ate a healthy diet can live just as...
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