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  1. yes it is :)

    yes it is :)
  2. Re: Sandman's coming project- Street videos

    I've watched that video and he has a lot ideas that I am toying with too. Especially about Art (comics and manga comes to mind).
  3. Sticky: Re: Brothers....I think I gave birth a 155 lb male MGTOW

    You are awesome Ike!
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    Re: Scumbag Stephanie Memes

    I like it!
  5. Re: Article: Where is this relationship going?

    Men should read this.
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    Sticky: Re: Where is this relationship going?

    I'm looking forward to read more.
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    Re: Divorce and the Consumption of Men

    Yeah, Demosthenes, this is awesome.
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    Gold Octavian, gold.

    Gold Octavian, gold.
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    Re: My Father and I

    I want to thank you Demosthenes for that excellent reply. He gave a good perspective that needs to be read and when I read it, it gave me an example of my father's perspective which I might lack....
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    My Father and I

    Cats in the Cradle

    As you know, our friend flailer is a father who wants to reconcile and reconnect with his son. He elaborated to me in private about his son and I got a good enough picture to...
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    Re: The idea of "men only clubs"

    Technically we could do it.

    We wont call it a men's club, instead we'll term it as a Fraternity and there are a lot of Fraternities including Freemasonry. I'm not saying we should be Freemasons...
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    Sticky: Re: Sandman AMA Thread

    My question;

    What advice would you give for MGTOWs who want to contribute and fight for the cause?
  13. Re: Tools to help you master-debate on the internet

    Jagr has something there, we can expand this and create a strategy when arguing online and then disseminate this information. A pincer attack and a vanguard...

    CB, I sent you pm :)
  14. Re: Sandman Visiting (not Stardusk) - Jagrmeister

    I am a Sandman fan.

    That video was gold. In fact, his recent videos are a string of gold and I use them to share on google plus. Canadian Beaver, MGTOW vs Feminism are excellent viewings.
  15. Re: Article: Women are not Caring, they are Strategic

    This one is really good.
  16. Re: RoK article: 10 Reasons You Should Become a Survivalist

    Another awesome find chair. I'm going to need a bit more time to read through it and digest but it is worth commenting on.
  17. Re: "He had it comin / he had it comin'/ He only had himself to blame..."

    That article is awesome alcockell. thank you
  18. Re: Humans: The Result of Successful Self Domestication

    I get COSTPI's point,

    He's saying that even though society promotes expectations, it is the government that enforces society's expectations on us, and COSTPI is right on this.

    I remember...
  19. Re: The Red Pill Isn't About "What We’ve Lost"


    this is beautifully written. It's genuine and gives a MGTOW perspective. And this is worthy of it's own thread.
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    Re: Anybody else get depressed?

    you got an idea there JSO; Sandman did a video on something like this too.
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    Re: God I love massages

    Reading this I'm thinking of Thai massages. Oh yeah.
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    Re: On making money

    I have a Business Degree but after 10 years I went into Culinary because I know the value of a skilled trade. A lot of people thought I was crazy but now I get to say "who's the crazy one now?"
  23. Re: I have applied MGTOW to all wedding events.

    My brother still goes to weddings and he has been the best man for a lot of his friends. Now, my brother is a cool guy, but even he says he can't stand going to these knowing that many of his friends...
  24. Re: Anyone besides me ever watch the epic show "Mind of the Married Man"?

    I'm interested, thanks sirreaper :)
  25. Re: Have you ever directly called a woman out their bullshit?

    I did when I was younger and it does draw trouble to yourself but I learned that if you do it in a humorous way (non-antagonistic but still insulting), the people around you won't go white knighting...
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