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    Re: Incel murders girl - very disturbing

    And so ends the life of a young girl who was never, not even once, told "don't treat people like shit". She didn't deserve to die, but "deserve" isn't the issue here.

    She was also never told...
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    Re: I may be in the minority here...

    Hollywood has run out of stories to tell. It's not just black men getting the leftovers and scraps - leftovers and scraps is all anyone is getting from Hollywood these days.

    Every age has its...
  3. Re: Woman Wins National Prize for Creating Chair That Forces Men to Sit With Their Legs Closed

    No, we sit that way because of how our hips work. Men and women are anatomically different, especially around the pelvis.

    Having said that, there is some justice to calling out assholes that...
  4. Re: Woman Wins National Prize for Creating Chair That Forces Men to Sit With Their Legs Closed

    If every you have doubted that feminism is simply hatred of men, look at those photos again.
  5. Re: "Sugar Daddy" Business Thrives As More Co-Eds Sign Up To Pay Off Student Debt

    I read an article by a british barrister specialising in criminal defence, who said: "The overwhelming majority of business before our overloaded criminal courts comes down to one simple fact: people...
  6. Re: Two Red Pill concepts at odds with each other?

    Women feel "hope" towards men. Love is reserved for their babies and their cats. This teenager's pain is the pain of disappointed hope.
  7. Re: The social war is real, and getting more real

    OK - cool it. Here is not the place, ok?
  8. Re: Numerous schools have installed menstrual products in menís restrooms

    It's about intruding on male space.

    Fun fact - prohibition was not really about alcohol. It was about saloon culture, it was about a place where men could congregate out from under the influence...
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    Re: Girl fusses at her Dad

    It's a hard thing for a parent, to admit that the time has come to disown their child. All those years, all that care, all that love just gone. Vanished into mist like it never was.

    For Fox and...
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    Re: Feminists hate men's sexist comments

    They are like this because they are weak. That's why all the 'you go girl'-ism and 'powerful woman' bullshit. They are weak, and they know it. They want to be protected.
  11. Re: The times they are a changing Ė not really.

    That was heartbreaking, especially since we all know that the sex ceased the second the ink was on the paper. Oh, and she was cheating on him, too, even before the marriage. With multiple guys. Your...
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    Re: Red Pill Definitions for Young Boys

    Alpha male ≠ manwhore (aka: fuckboy).
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    Re: Tactical Soap

    They probably are. But then again, that's what's in perfumes.
  14. Re: Woman who lied about Good Samaritan sex assault apologises (after guy was jailed 2 weeks)

    A fine example of a lawyer doing their real job.
  15. Re: Man wins $80 million but must split it with EX wife.

    Well, that's not what the article says.

    A "soon-to-be" ex is not the same thing as an ex, even if you have been separated two years.

    The lesson I suppose is to do the paperwork, folks. Bite...
  16. Re: Justice Department Sues California Landlord for Trading Sex for Rent Discounts

    Yup. Correct thing to do is to put it on a strictly monetary basis. Pay the bitches for sex, and if they use the money to pay their rent - cool, it's their choice.
  17. Re: An introduction from 'Excess within control'

    LOL. "I'd be a famous scientist now, but I was sick for a week back in high school."

    Oh dude, your mom is fooling herself. She couldn't cut it, she couldn't handle the math. People who can math...
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    Re: Dating for a free meal

    When I was a kid, we had old-fashioned mechanical payphones. They had a coin-return lever, and every time I passed a phone box I would nip in and jiggle that coin return lever. Because you never know...
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    Re: This feminism thing has something.

    All good. Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: The media wants us to be unhappy!

    Hey, J!

    I see that you are a new member who has not yet posted an intro post. Please go to the 'new member intros sub', and introduce yourself along the lines laid out in the 'How To Intro' sticky...
  21. Re: [Satire] Bolton Argues War With Iran Only Way To Avenge Americans Killed In Upcoming War With Iran

    It's funny. But what a pity that there's no recognition whatever that the thousands of Iranian civilians that John Bolton is planning to kill matter in the slightest.
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    Re: Red Pill vs Blue Pill in action

    The Red Pill is that big, sad, pretentious, not-very-bright, alcoholic bore Brian routinely fucks the hottest girls in the room.
  23. Re: Judge dismisses lawsuit of former campaign staffer who accused Trump of forcibly kissing her

    Fuck this person. Like the only thing that matters is how it maybe affects other wimminz - aside from that, it's perfectly fine if men go to jail off a false accusation.
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    Re: Neo dodged bullets. Keanu dodges lawsuits.

    The female comments are funny. "It's because he's a gentleman!" "It's because he understands that womens bodies are not common property!"

    No. No babes, that's not actually what is going on here.
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    Re: What was your father like?

    Dad was a violent retard. Low-functioning autistic, horribly strong. He couldn't cope with environmental stimulation, and two brothers in the house are a recipe for that, so he'd lash out.

    Not his...
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