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    Re: E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    E Trade.

    As if a feminist womyn would be able to save surplus funds to invest long term. Ha!

    They're dragging around six figure student loan debt.

    They subsidize a lifestyle their income...
  2. Re: Female family pawning off ugly old furniture on me

    Accept the gifts with a smile and a thank you.

    Drive the old trash direct to a Goodwill donation center and leave the heap by their dumpster.

    Go online and select the modern furniture that...
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    Re: First space crime

    Those female astronauts are nut jobs.

    I remember years back, one of them drove non stop cross country to go kidnap a fellow whimyn astronaut that was fucking her husband. She wore a diaper so she...
  4. Re: This might have been the closest I've ever come to socking a woman across the jaw

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    Re: Need a house ? dance !

    Just as a wretched ex wife who divorce rapes a sizable fortune from her ex husbank and subsequently squanders ALL the money in a short matter of time, this tiny dancer will soon be impoverished as...
  6. Re: Rode the CC to 33, no takers, bought herself a diamond ring

    Now she needs to find a man to marry transferring the debt of her frivolous purchases to, then divorce-rape.

    Single men with disposable income buying themselves whatever they desire without...
  7. Re: Woman withdraws consent months after the sex act, and wins case

    Off with his head!!!!

    Castration is the only reasonable punishment!!!!

    Whimyn never lie, believe her!!!!!

    All men capable of an erection need to be locked in cages!!!!!

    Whimyn are the...
  8. Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Today, I label myself a "ghost". In my youth, I would have been labeled a "loner". The traits of a loner are advantageous to the ghosting lifestyle. I've built a life and reputation for myself brick...
  9. Re: New Jersey Judge steps down over feminist backlash

    "charged as an adult"

    I'm not a lawyer. But doesn't being charged as an adult include the expectation that you are mature beyond your juvenile years and will not be excused for dumbshit foolish...
  10. Re: Feminists hate men's sexist comments

    I work in a male-dominated trade. I progressed from labor to management.

    One night me and my blue haired love were out to dinner at a nice restaurant. She proudly proclaims that she could do my...
  11. Thread: Madonna.

    by Manuallaborer

    Re: Madonna.

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. For the world to believe that Madonna can remember a random dick that was inside her when she was 19, wanted or unwanted, fondly remembered or regretted, is the same as...
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    Re: swisshighclassescort

    ​"Swiss Escort" Sounds good looking. LOL.
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    Re: I have found my bride

    Nothing to see here. Just an everyday normal modern feminist viewpoint. We already knew it reeked of rotting fish and horseshit.
  14. Re: Demographic Doom? The Number Of Children Per Household Is Collapsing

    It'll truly be the matrix. The only ones breeding are the peoples living off government assistance. They, as a group, loathe the notion of intellectual thought or self improvement. All take and no...
  15. Re: Awakened While Married: Notes from the front lines

    Thank you for sharing pbisque. It is important for men that have never been married, but have seen enough evidence to make an informed choice to go their own way, to hear true stories from the front...
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    Re: Stop doing it to yourself !

    My life experience had me veer off course for about a decade in my adolescence/youth. I experimented with all things wrong and illegal, fancying myself some type of outlaw or criminal. In truth, I...
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    Re: M.G.T.O.W. Ė Men Get To Outcast Women

    I love it when I make a whimyn cuss.

    Cunt must have been raised in a trailer park talking like that.

    They're not ALL gold diggers? Then why won't they fuck guys with little or no money?

  18. Re: Iím Panicking Because Iím Getting Older And Thereís No One Left To Date

    From the comments section below the article. A huge red pill bashing upon her. Not one supporter that I saw. Who would support her, really? One of the hookers that she is in competition with? One of...
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    Re: Can a MGTOW have a gf ?

    The only time I've identified myself as mgtow in writing or speech outside of these forums:

    The last time I fucked the shit out of my fwb she sends me a text the next day. I don't respond. She...
  20. Re: Discipline - Why Men make better people than women do.

    This. I'm a mechanically inclined guy that likes to be useful everywhere I go. In my truck, I have a complete mechanics tool set, air compressor, hydraulic jack, jump starter. Naturally, this would...
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    Re: Well look at that...

    I remember researching male oral contraception when I first heard of the idea a few years back. I was very interested then. At that time I was trying to stick my dick in anything with two legs, a...
  22. Re: Feminist running scared about sex robots

  23. Re: Tyrrany of the Majority and the future of dating and marriage

    A man brought up on serious legal charges for touching the outside of a whimyn's clothing. WTF. Can anyone recall the "hard to get" dating rituals of heterosexual youth? Where does this leave a young...
  24. Re: Woman Awarded Child Support 50 Years After Divorce

    Another example of the unlimited power whimyn wield in the legal protections category. Just as marriage was established to prevent strong men from pumping and dumping twenty year old sluts ad...
  25. Re: How NOT to interact with the police.....

    A gathering of wild hyenas would have been better mannered and more responsive to the authority of the responding officer.

    He should have deployed any and all of the non lethal control devices on...
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