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    Re: Outage- Fixed

    I panicked too when I saw the puppy. I know only (of) you from elsewhere on the web. I was going to message you on ADV for the 411 but alas you haven't visited since February, foiled! Luckily Mr....
  2. Re: 10 reasons thousands of stores are going out of business due to men not getting married

    Just so you know you could have had it worse!
    The trophy wife across the street from me has ($ in Canadian Dollars):
    $80000 Lincoln Navigator for the winter beater.
    $40000 Mustang Boss drop top...
  3. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    The top comments were ALL in support of the Corral & not her, that is surprising in 2019.
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    Re: My ex wife's best friend

    39 & holding!
  5. Re: The NASA Love Triangle: What Happens When You Allow Women To Become Astronauts, They Bring Irrational Drama To The Profession

    The way I heard it: Mission control, we're gonna let the woman drive.......
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    Re: NFL Team CEO 'abuses' wife

    That's soccer, not MLB.
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    Re: Big fat lady sits on the commode

    No fan in the bathroom? I have a gross workplace bathroom story involving an entitled cow if anyone has an iron stomach/mind!?
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    Re: My Review of Ghostbusters

    Quoting myself, more good news, at least for the Canadian film industry:
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    Re: My Review of Ghostbusters

    I am surprised no one posted this yet. Might be too little too late though, especially without Mr Ramis.....
  10. Re: Girl throws chair off balcony of 45th floor for attention

    It's a " thing" in Toronna, center of the Canadian universe. I just read this article the other day before the bimbette got in on the action:...
  11. Re: Everyone is getting married or pregnant, and I'm just like braaap!

    Welcome Jessup! Others are going to want a longer/more detailed intro but as a fellow moto head I'm going to need a better pic/description of your moto!
  12. Re: Bezos' Net Worth Cut In Half: Amazon CEO Announces He Is Getting A Divorce

    So how much child & spousal support is he going to have to pay her in his state? She will ONLY have $62 billion, she can't possibly survive on that pittance!
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    Re: Marriage and divorce with Joe Rogan

    Ordinarily I don't bother w/Mr Rogan but that snippet was awesomely depressing. Didn't Slash (GNR) just walk away w/his truck & guitars & his wife kept the rest including $80000 a month forever? That...
  14. Re: Fat homeless women spend $900 per month on food

    I wondered how long it would take for this to show up here. They definitely need more fruits & veggies. She was justifying the restaurant food for the free wifi.
    Can she not scoop it in the parking...
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    Re: New Adventure Cruise: Hunt Pirates!

    A couple of random thoughts:

    Late nineties I read an interesting issue of FHM magazine. Yes, I did read it for the articles. The alleged non fiction article was about a former Vietnam vet who...
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    Re: Transgender flips after being called SIR

    That's Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter to you, Mr Object Identity Oppressor! :D
  17. Re: This just in: Incels reporting pretty social media girls to the IRS

    Don't know why the women are mad, I am sure they are reporting every dollar they make online to the IRS. Right? Right?...
  18. Re: Crazy Comments Section of the day (Sex Doll Hysteria)

    My (home)town! Here is the original story from my local paper w/some predictable/hilarious comments.

    Because it is...
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    Re: Victoria's Secret: Sex Isn’t Selling

    @Yumbo: You win for depressing post of the day! Hence why I didn't quote your post. I am off to scorch my retinas w/a laser pointer now.
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    Re: I won't marry you unless...

    On a two wheel forum of which I am a member there are a surprising number of members that bought their now ex wives implants.Their marriages didn't last long after the investment was made. One guy...
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    Re: May as well just accept it

    But it will feel like an eternity!
  22. Re: Men are now afraid to give women CPR in case they’re accused of sexual assault

    I am actually amazed that didn't happen 20 plus years ago when child abuse/molestation accusations started being common place. No good deed goes unpunished....
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    Re: Marriage proposal with red pills

    Fixerated more betterer. Game, set, match.
  24. Re: Kamaal R Khan aka KRK follows wife's 'order', fires all women employees

    For us old farts, that's what that stupid hash tag says......
  25. Re: Optional, But Soon Mandatory? "Men may soon be able to breastfeed their newborn babies with first ever 'chestfeeding kit'"

    I have been waiting a long time to post this:
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