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  1. Re: Plus sized model goes to beach [dear God, EYE BLEACH! EYE BLEACH!]

    Ouch, I cant unsee that
    I thought by the title, it was the Gillette plus size model. After those two, I will need therapy.

    With so many women looking like that, how can feminists try to shame a...
  2. New Jersey Judge steps down over feminist backlash

    The Judge refused to allow the prosecutor to bring...
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    Re: Getting hit on by chicks half my age.

    My first conclusion, is what Boar said. They sense resources to be aquired. In both my marriages, women came out of the blue and found me after I had acquired resources

    But I will offer a second...
  4. Re: Can the intrusiveness of google be a good thing?

    Our data is a profit center, it is being collected and sold. I do not even think using a proxy server will keep one anonymous because I think Microsoft is in on it as well. If anybody here doesn't...
  5. Re: A few years back - why women never get anywhere....

    I think the absurdity is that they believe that have the innovative pioneering qualities men have Look at their reaction, laughter at something they didn't understand. I can see a man examining...
  6. Re: A few years back - why women never get anywhere....

    Most women cant keep money long enough to plan and invest it. Even in the workplace , earning the same pay as their male counterpart, they cant seem to accumulate wealth on their own. They can barely...
  7. Re: Woman Wins National Prize for Creating Chair That Forces Men to Sit With Their Legs Closed

    It forces her to manspread? Either that, or it is where the vibrating dildo attaches
  8. Re: Jon Galt uses the principles of MGTOW and reflects on every female relationship

    I have introduced the sandwich shop barometer since being red pilled. I have 4 good sandwich shops near me, and I am a regular at all four. 3 are chains with mostly female employees, 80% post wall....
  9. Re: USA Women’s World Cup Win, now demand equal pay

    LOL Don, they must be very proud at the Stevie Wonder School of fine arts with their PT soccer program

    Unboxxed, the way I understand it, women now get 22% of the PROFITS to share among players...
  10. USA Women’s World Cup Win, now demand equal pay

    Mens Competition brought in 6 billion, Womens 131 million. These women are in Washington now demanding equal pay. Even after LOSING to an all 14 yr old boys team 5-2 back in April, the women still...
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    Re: Even the fat girls want Chad

    Borderline Chads might be stuck with with overweight 5 and 6s

    I just drove into downtown for a sandwich, and at the deli now. Do you know I didn't see one thin woman the whole way, 5 miles of road...
  12. Re: Friends Decry the Slut-Shaming of Mackenzie Lueck: ‘It’s Just Not Fair!’

    Thanks for the link Sam

    So I listened to the first half hour of the above Coach Greg youtube, left it on, ran errands, came back to another one of his videos is playing automatically. Coach was...
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    Re: Men Should Be Castrated to End Abortions

    Sounds like an intra femanazi fued to me, a cut off your nose to spite your face moment. The stupid ugly fat chick wants to cut off other women from Chad cock, and deprive women of controlling betas...
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    Re: Two Red Pill concepts at odds with each other?

    My two cents
    High N count women and low N count women are both incapable of love, but both love what they can get from a man. Low N count women might believe they are pair bonding, but in reality is...
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    Re: Even the fat girls want Chad

    I TOTALLY agree. They might be nicer in everyday situations like at work, because heavier women still need validation. But they have LITTLE respect for a man that would date her, because they don't...
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    Re: Nice Schopenhauer quote meme

    I just read the Wiki page on him, the man is a genius. Intellectual giants from Nietzsche to Einstein cited his work, in the Arts Tolstoy to Shaw, and it appears Darwin borrowed a lot from him...
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    Re: E. Jean Carroll's Rape Fantasy re Trump

    Just your average female manipulator, her act was to sell her new book while trying to avoid civil recourse for defamation. She never calls it a rape or even a sexual assault, never filed a false...
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    Re: Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to?

    Am I the only one that thinks this was on her webcam menu, and she enjoyed it? She wasnt a kidnapped Chinese slave forced into this line of work. She wasn't a starving Russian single Mother that had...
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    Re: Red Pill Definitions for Young Boys

    This will be helpful topic for new members and lurkers, great input. Men, young men in particular, have to adapt to an environment that is far different than our fathers. I feel that's why our...
  20. Re: Woman who lied about Good Samaritan sex assault apologises (after guy was jailed 2 weeks)

    On a plane flight recently, I was sat next to a Army Intel Officer about to make his 4th tour. He was livid that he was assigned to a squad with a woman yet again. His squad is responsible to...
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    Re: Redpill and MGTOW acceleration...

    DK, great statistics and insights, I especially want to focus on the 2008 crisis leading to a spiking divorce rate. While my marriage survived 2008, 2 friends of my Ex got divorced 2009-10 and...
  22. Thread: Nuclear family

    by FrankS

    Re: Nuclear family

    'Nuclear Family' was a propagada piece for feminism. Feminism needed to manipulate the traditional power structure extended families had on family relations and gender roles in the household. Women...
  23. Re: How much it will take for them to put mgotw on the bad guys list?

    I dont hear much about incels and MGTOW at all in the US media, but then again I dont play close attention. But I do have an idea what a possible next step is. DNA matching for children born without...
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    Re: Dating for a free meal

    Tale from the battlefield from about 35 years ago

    There was a white table cloth date worthy restaurant near my office, with an inexpensive lunch menu that included ice tea coffee or soda. My first...
  25. Re: MGTOW and the divine plan for Western Civilization

    Before I read the Scriptures in their entirety, I would have agreed. Because all I ever heard were sermons where the Pastor encourages marriage and is afraid to offend women. The Pastor thinks of the...
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