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  1. Re: Video: Why "Islam IS RIGHT About Women" is Causing "Confusion & Anger"

    It strikes me that not one woman looked at that sign and asked, "So, what DOES Islam say about women?" Ask an intelligent question? Never! A know it all never asks anything. And, someone took this to...
  2. Re: Megan Fox sends her six-year-old son to school in a dress

    That poor kid. At least he'll have a good excuse for being fucked up in high school. His mother! Ha! Of course, at Hollywood High they'll all be wearing dresses and borrowing each others' makeup.
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    Re: The Prisoner here

    When I drive cross country I always like to travel at night. Mostly it's just truckers on the road at that hour. The rest of the crazies are off the road and asleep. That's when I feel safest on the...
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    Re: The importance of humour.

    I think your post is spot on. Some will say only stupid people use humor to make a point. Yeah, I've heard that one. So, Isaac Azumimov's "Treasury of Humor" was written by an idiot? I doubt it, but...
  5. Re: Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer

    This broad will probably sue the male stripper at her bachelorette party for exposing about 20 years. And she'll probably win.
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    Re: The Caves Of Gloom ... and Finding Your Way Out

    Good post. Most men I meet on the street are blue pilled. The red pill men I only meet here. I too was married for 30 years. 3 to wife number 1, 13 to wife number 2, and 13 to wife/girlfriend number...
  7. Re: Marry a virgin they said...she will be loyal and submissive they said...

    Are you at the goat brothel again?
  8. Re: Marry a virgin they said...she will be loyal and submissive they said...

    Marry a virgin? First you have to find one. In America that would be the ugliest girl in 9th grade.
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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    Jack! A woman's perogotive is to change her mind. You're right. We'll never get it right until we quit letting them tell us what right is.
  10. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    You think that's bad? When I was falsley accused I endured 6 1/2 weeks in a shithole called a mental facility. They were only supposed to be able to keep me there for 4 weeks. One man there my age...
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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    As men our problem is simple. We are men, and as such we are prone to be independent thinkers and doers. We don't have time for a men's march or political activism. We're simply too busy. As a result...
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    Re: 60 million (Keven Hart)

    I'd like to see her shit in one hand and want in the other.
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    Re: It's everywhere

    I couldn't get through more than two minutes of this. How lame. Most parents don't want to know what their kids are doing.
  14. Re: Wake-Up to Makeup: How women use 'false advertising' to trick men

    For most women I've known or met it's like taking a 1979 Yugo to Maaco. No matter how shiny and new it looks after the new paint job, it's still a 1979 Yugo.
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    Re: The Rough Guide to Single Moms

    Chef, you left out the part where the single mom's kid moves back in with mommy, gets knocked up by another Chad, and then, well, you know the rest...
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    Re: SJW #metoo Millennial Rock Band (Cringe!)

    If her band and crew are all men she's probably banging at least three of them. Ten years from now she'll sue her entire crew for "sexual misappropriation".
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    Re: Hi everyone, here's my intro

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow Italian (American)!
  18. Re: MGTOW are all immature, says the guy typing from his toilet seat

    I can still remember my father spending hours in the bathroom reading the news paper. God, did it stink when he was finally finished, and I mean both the paper AND the bathroom! And he wondered why I...
  19. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    Yeah! And let's not forget the crystals and "channeling". My ex-sister-in-law was wicken.
  20. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    I just read a story about some female protesters in California that threw "what appeared to be" menstrual blood at a bunch of legislators in Sacramento. The legislature was trying to pass some sort...
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    Re: MGTOW Music Challenge

    My songs are "Time for me to Fly" by REO. It's the story of my first wife.

    "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger IS my life. "Janey was lovely. She was the queen of my life."
    After my...
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    Re: I'm in my underwear eating Chinese food

    I had a pizza and watched the Clemson game. Then, a trip to the lake with my fishing pole. Damn! They weren't biting today. At least I enjoyed my nap while fishing.
  23. Stories the media DIDN'T cover this week

    Liz Wheeler does it again...these stories are about #METOO, Facefuck, and good ol' Bernie...
  24. Re: Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    I see and hear these women all the time. They brag to their friends about their annual trip to the Bahamas, and then you find out all they do when they're down there is sit around the pool, drink,...
  25. Re: Researchers Blame Marriage Rate Decline On A "Lack Of Economically-Attractive Men"

    First the women wanted traditionally male jobs. Then, they wanted equal pay. Then they ALL told us that what we earn isn't why they love us. It should be alright for her to make more than you. Now,...
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