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  1. Re: Video: Why "Islam IS RIGHT About Women" is Causing "Confusion & Anger"

    Not sure how many europeans are in this board but if you wanna see how a crazy hamster operates look no further than leftist women in Europe.

    They support mass migration of muslims from Africa and...
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    Re: A good article on women eating their own

    Bankers greed disappears compared to women desire for validation, approval and group hierarchy, anything else in life is an instrument for such purporse wheter we talk about husbands or kids.
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    Spinsters and dogs

    No kids? no problem just get a dog instead as long as its small, obnoxious and uselessly aggressive.

    The only exception I see are younger thick women into bigger dogs.

    It seems to me thet...
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    Re: E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    Investing requires learning and technical skills, research and knowledge of the tools and the field...hardly the average woman could put some work and dedication in it.

    Investing also requires...
  5. Re: Marry a virgin they said...she will be loyal and submissive they said...

    The cold way she is planning everything, the cold way she weights pros and cons.

    "She cheated cause she was unhappy" will say some cvnt of judge.
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    Re: A good article on women eating their own

    1) Those women should know that that world they now despise so much is actually the setting many of us guys (naive and unable to such maliceness) are forced to leave untill we have enough power and...
  7. Thread: It's everywhere

    by Jackal

    Re: It's everywhere

    1) big tough guy fighting an other big tough guy to prevent a missile launch targeting civilians = omg I wont let my son to be brainwashed from this senseless violence, I want him to be a sensitive...
  8. MGTOW are all immature, says the guy typing from his toilet seat

    Who knew the one room in the house primarily associated...
  9. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    Doesnt really matter the outcomes in the long run, if he succeeds its a good point for future battles while if he fails it will be even more obvious how unbalanced the system is.
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    Re: There's an Instagram page for Miserable men

    MGTOW or that, there are no other options awfully.

    A married middle aged guy has so few power in a modern relationship that if he only dares to hint to his wife to go have shopping alone, she...
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    Re: There's an Instagram page for Miserable men

    I saw the picture of all those men sitting on the stairs in something that looks like a modern museum.

    That reminded me of school times when dumb cvnts decided what we were going to visit and 100%...
  12. Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men
  13. Re: Female family pawning off ugly old furniture on me

    So many gems in this thread, agree with all the contents.
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    Re: I'm in my underwear eating Chinese food

    One of the things that pissed me off the most was being forced to interrupt something because it was time to eat I mean gather and do in an hour what I usually do in 10 minutes while alone....
  15. Re: Researchers Blame Marriage Rate Decline On A "Lack Of Economically-Attractive Men"

    Good, the less women are married the more fvck buddies I can get with zero investment and running away right after.

  16. Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    They are already mentally instable right now, what will happen to them once they hit their 50s, their 60s and later and so on since they rely on public welfare for basically anything?

    If you sum...
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    Re: 'Even a guy like me can get laid'

    Connecting the value of a man has been the major stepping stone for women to get power over men.

    Basically men have to control both their libido and their mental and emotional urges, that explains...
  18. Thread: MGTOW and NOFAP

    by Jackal

    Re: MGTOW and NOFAP

    Something no fap gives me is even less limitation on my aggressivity, its great for a mma fighter that properly channel that energy.

    Not so good for a confused blue pilled teenage guy.
  19. Re: Men now avoid women at work another sign we're being punished for #MeToo

    Most of men do not qualify as chads and have no accesso to women intimacy therefore have no reason to walk an extra step to deal with women.

    Married men are already in trouble, they definitely...
  20. Re: More false sexual assault accusations. This time, against a cop and his cam.

    Thats genius, they basically faced men opposing a police state so they found a way to have those same men asking to have cameras and recorders placed everywhere.

    Women as usual have no weight...
  21. Re: Top Pro Golfer Thorbjorn Oleson arrested for sexual assault

    Why does this famous people fail to understand that they should stay away from random women wheter they seems consensual or not?
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    Re: More on Gillette's Woes

    Would have been less expensive to hire a hitman if that was the case. :D
  23. Re: Wife files for divorce because husband was too nice. Is this even satire at this point?

    The only women never asking for a divorce apparently are the abused ones...almost seems like a belt works better than flowers to settle domestic disputes. /sarcasm off
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    Re: More on Gillette's Woes

    Honestly the more men and women are pushed apart, the better it is to us.

    At some point MGTOW will become mainstream and society will have to deal with that, less hassle and more power to us.
  25. Re: Boyfriend charged in death of 22-year-old transgender woman found in Houston parking lot

    I find much more dishonest and dangerous a real woman who hides her carousel past and STDs roster to her husband than a tranny who hides his d1ck...I mean you cant be fvcked without even noticing it...
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