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    Re: Redpill and MGTOW acceleration...

    DK, great statistics and insights, I especially want to focus on the 2008 crisis leading to a spiking divorce rate. While my marriage survived 2008, 2 friends of my Ex got divorced 2009-10 and...
  2. Thread: Nuclear family

    by FrankS

    Re: Nuclear family

    'Nuclear Family' was a propagada piece for feminism. Feminism needed to manipulate the traditional power structure extended families had on family relations and gender roles in the household. Women...
  3. Re: How much it will take for them to put mgotw on the bad guys list?

    I dont hear much about incels and MGTOW at all in the US media, but then again I dont play close attention. But I do have an idea what a possible next step is. DNA matching for children born without...
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    Re: Dating for a free meal

    Tale from the battlefield from about 35 years ago

    There was a white table cloth date worthy restaurant near my office, with an inexpensive lunch menu that included ice tea coffee or soda. My first...
  5. Re: MGTOW and the divine plan for Western Civilization

    Before I read the Scriptures in their entirety, I would have agreed. Because all I ever heard were sermons where the Pastor encourages marriage and is afraid to offend women. The Pastor thinks of the...
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    Re: A few good MGTOW videos.

    While I felt Aaron had some good real time observations, he seems to be lamenting the fact so many of his friends and listeners will never marry. So he isn't MGTOW yet. For those that didn't watch...
  7. Re: MGTOW and the divine plan for Western Civilization

    In my initial post, I wanted to say something for all the lurkers, something the regulars here all understand too well. The marriage vow is taken seriously by men, and its means absolutely nothing to...
  8. MGTOW and the divine plan for Western Civilization

    Mgtower said something very interesting on another thread, and I thought it was worthy of being a topic in and of itself. He drew an analogy to the Garden of Eden and the fall of man at the...
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    Re: It just keeps getting worse

    MGTOW men seem to share some background, we know what really hard work is, as I too had 24 credit semesters. I moved out at 17, put myself through college in the glory days of college in the early...
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    Re: What was your father like?

    Dad was old school, ruled w/an iron fist. My brother said he got PTSD from growing up, even went to counseling recently. Mom and Dad had separate beds by the time I was 6, separate bedrooms by the...
  11. Re: Do not marry her: Girlfriends are better than wives

    Been down the aisle twice, one a short marriage to psycho, the other to a unicorn for 20 plus years. Both took me for everything they could get with absolutely ZERO empathy. The psycho took all the...
  12. Re: How do you handle this? I need all the guys input

    Im new to MGTOW, and I am trying to avoid social events with women present. When I do go, I find men to talk to. I got suck at a neighborhood BBQ with just a few men on the plantation working to make...
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    Re: Go on... Ya know ya wanna.... It's worth it...

    Lets remember those women with babies spent the first months of their pregnancy shopping for someone to beguile or accept into the daddy role. I say beguile because gestation is 10 months, not the 9...
  14. Re: Female Judge orders man to pay 179k for housework

    That woman is convinced she should be compensated by tax payers to the tune of 100k/yr to be a stay at home Mom?? LOL!! And that will be on top of the divorce rape payout a woman like her expects!? I...
  15. Female Judge orders man to pay 179k for housework

    So years AFTER a divorce a woman can still sue for more money and win
  16. Re: More tales from the trenches, life as an AWM (Awaked While Married)

    Bingo, remodel costs on an already nice home is money down the drain. I think the only money I ever recovered was for a bathroom remodel. And even when she likes the house before you move, she will...
  17. Re: 10 reasons thousands of stores are going out of business due to men not getting married

    You reminded me of a fellow I knew when I was blue pilled. Nice looking guy, good job, two kids but a stay at home wife that wanted everything. She wanted a fancy house, he obliged. She wanted a SUV,...
  18. Re: 10 reasons thousands of stores are going out of business due to men not getting married

    Its good, he is up tp 11k views
    Some really good info, and valuable experience. For the young guys out there who aren't fully red pilled, what he said about women and money is spot on. Women will...
  19. Re: Woman kicked out of restaurant because of her crop top [eyebleach]

    lol, Kru Kut, that would be one nasty PTSD moment for children (or adults)if something ever showed

    I have never been to a GC, but she seems to be in the target demographic
  20. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    I think of all the times I was that fool, a slave to my in laws while on vacation. I arranged, drove, shopped, picked up meals and picked up the bill.
    Its so nice to finally have freedom
  21. Re: The Cat Lady Holocaust: Prepare your funny-bone.

    I don't miss it. I was waiting in line at the deli yesterday, and there were two women in front of me. A land whale 2 and a pudgy 6 with a cute face but with a whiny high pitch voice. They both...
  22. Re: ĎOne in ten Britons donít know who their real father isí

    I am just sitting here stunned at the deception. The number is so high, it tells me any woman would do the same thing. If it is 1 in 10 in the UK, it must be 1 in 7 in the USA. And those are the...
  23. Re: Let's Face It: The Average 80%'er Non-MGTOW male is a Desperate Perv

    I think if one goes option 4, structure your finances in a way you are more valuable alive than dead, more valuable with her than without. I know of a Swedish guy that met a Thai lady, married, and...
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    Re: It just keeps getting worse

    Next wave of female domination, multiple co parent symps to help raise Chads kids. She is going to suck the blood out of as many guys as she can till she hits the wall. But then it will be too late,...
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    Re: Where is society headed?

    Here is an article showing the economic frustration of

    ""Millennials are doing...
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