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  1. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    I do think that if you have a membership to a 24 Hour Fitness where you have swipe access, you have the potential to avoid the blue-pilled cucks.
  2. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    As long as you like it, that is all that matters. I must say that a nice sauna is great. I kind of have a sauna when I go out in the summer months at home to train. It is extremely humid.
  3. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    A good community of people who just want to get stronger via barbell work is great if you can find it. I fear that those types of "blood and guts" gyms are going the way of the dinosaur.
  4. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    These are all great responses guys. I can see that there are quite a few that enjoy their gyms and that is just fine. I think it just depends on the clientele that frequents these establishments. ...
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    Re: Where is society headed?

    I had to log in just to say I agree with this. I have been thinking a lot about that lately. Watching too much television is just what they want and what they use to keep you in a constant state of...
  6. Re: Another neighborhood wife just approached me!

    You could always pull a Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers" and act like you are in a catatonic state because of some "accident". When she approaches next time, just give her a glazed-over look and...
  7. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    I heard that every year on his birthday, Jack Lalane would come up with a physical feat to perform. One time I believe he swam a river while towing a boat behind him. That is very inspirational...
  8. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    Heck Yeah Zoidberg. I just went on a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head and get a nice, easy warm-up. It's great for meditative purposes. There is no form of exercise that is synonymous...
  9. Re: Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    Thanks for the thoughts Joetech.

    I think that the gym culture has turned into this social club. You need to have all the right compression clothing to look "fashionable" while you are...
  10. Ghosting the Gyms is Freedom (Choose Calisthenics)

    Good evening everyone. It has been a while since I've posted because I've just been lurking at the other posts. I like to read more than I post plus I haven't had any new ideas to bounce off anyone...
  11. Re: INTRO: Long time lurker, first time poster

    Welcome. I look forward to your posts.
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    Re: mmmmm Britney Spears

    She used to be attractive but the wall is merciless. To bad for Ms. Spears.
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    Women Being Seen and Not Heard

    Good afternoon brothers,

    I was just pondering after watching a video of some THOT wanting to be a victim on youtube this question. Do you guys think since going MGTOW that women should not be...
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    Re: want 50k each to go back home

    There are other, less expensive measures to get this caravan to leave. It's not really that hard if we actually wanted to solve this.
  15. Re: Life is Too Short to be Mad All the Time

    Yes! My sentiments exactly.

    There is no reason to worry about the things that you can't change. Any one of us could walk outside and get hit by a car. It is then over.

    Work a job if you have...
  16. Re: Life is Too Short to be Mad All the Time

    +743 Roadmaster...

    Thank you for your insight regarding this topic. I think both liberals and conservatives are guilty of the doom and gloom narrative.

    I am tired of living in fear and will...
  17. Life is Too Short to be Mad All the Time

    Good morning brothers,

    I was just thinking about how fleeting life truly is. There is no much stuff in this world that is negative. The media pumps all of this garbage out that anyone would...
  18. Re: My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy And it shouldn’t have to.

    Severe eye-bleach warning would of been appreciated.

    I somehow doubt this dude will be footing the bill for this "surgery".
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    Re: Fuck dolls

    I've tried no-fap before but all it did was make me want women more. For me, I need to get the poison out.
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    Re: Joke Time

    Women's rights.
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    Re: "too much" video games???

    You speak truth Isaiah. I may not be quite where you are yet because I still have the urge to have sex with women. Hopefully I'll get there eventually.

    I am trying to enjoy my life as well and...
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    Re: Red Dead Redemption 2 - NPCs

    I'm kind of interested in Steam but don't know a lot about it. Do you get to play the games on computer?
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    Re: Skiving at Work (Empty Labor)

    Yes. This is exactly how it is done. You are just trying to get by in the system that exists.
  24. Re: CNN does MGTOW

    I care not what the Communist News Network says about MGTOW. It doesn't matter because they are going to have their narrative already made up.
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    Re: Red Dead Redemption 2 - NPCs

    Me too.

    I also don't purchase new games. I have an xbox one but I never pay full price for a video game. I have been having a lot of fun with xbox 360 games and they are still fun to play. I...
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