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  1. Re: Man wins $80 million but must split it with EX wife.

    Well, that's not what the article says.

    A "soon-to-be" ex is not the same thing as an ex, even if you have been separated two years.

    The lesson I suppose is to do the paperwork, folks. Bite...
  2. Re: Justice Department Sues California Landlord for Trading Sex for Rent Discounts

    Yup. Correct thing to do is to put it on a strictly monetary basis. Pay the bitches for sex, and if they use the money to pay their rent - cool, it's their choice.
  3. Re: An introduction from 'Excess within control'

    LOL. "I'd be a famous scientist now, but I was sick for a week back in high school."

    Oh dude, your mom is fooling herself. She couldn't cut it, she couldn't handle the math. People who can math...
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    Re: Dating for a free meal

    When I was a kid, we had old-fashioned mechanical payphones. They had a coin-return lever, and every time I passed a phone box I would nip in and jiggle that coin return lever. Because you never know...
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    Re: This feminism thing has something.

    All good. Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: The media wants us to be unhappy!

    Hey, J!

    I see that you are a new member who has not yet posted an intro post. Please go to the 'new member intros sub', and introduce yourself along the lines laid out in the 'How To Intro' sticky...
  7. Re: [Satire] Bolton Argues War With Iran Only Way To Avenge Americans Killed In Upcoming War With Iran

    It's funny. But what a pity that there's no recognition whatever that the thousands of Iranian civilians that John Bolton is planning to kill matter in the slightest.
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    Re: Red Pill vs Blue Pill in action

    The Red Pill is that big, sad, pretentious, not-very-bright, alcoholic bore Brian routinely fucks the hottest girls in the room.
  9. Re: Judge dismisses lawsuit of former campaign staffer who accused Trump of forcibly kissing her

    Fuck this person. Like the only thing that matters is how it maybe affects other wimminz - aside from that, it's perfectly fine if men go to jail off a false accusation.
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    Re: Neo dodged bullets. Keanu dodges lawsuits.

    The female comments are funny. "It's because he's a gentleman!" "It's because he understands that womens bodies are not common property!"

    No. No babes, that's not actually what is going on here.
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    Re: What was your father like?

    Dad was a violent retard. Low-functioning autistic, horribly strong. He couldn't cope with environmental stimulation, and two brothers in the house are a recipe for that, so he'd lash out.

    Not his...
  12. Re: Conservative, Trump voting women are worse than liberal feminiѕts

    Meh - lawyer women are well-known to be bitches. Lawyer training in and of itself alters the way you see the world and deal with people. The other one? Genetic celebrity.
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    Re: Generic "Red Flags" in the matrix

    When a woman who is not my boss asks me to do anything at all.

    One of the favourite tricks that women like to pull is to get you to agree to open-ended commitments. "Oh, could you just mind this...
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    Re: Womens obsession for useless furnitures

    Men have hobbies and do collect things.

    But, it's uncommon for men to make a hobby of their home decoration. They might spend money on the home, but it will be a new deck, or garage, or roof, or...
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    Re: What is going on in the DR

    If those figures are right - two million people per year, six people dying, all of them middle aged - I'm just about prepared to write this off as a meh. A half dozen fifty year olds dying of heart...
  16. Re: "Axios on HBO" poll: 55% of women prefer socialism (AKA, Men Pay, Women Play)

    The difficulty is that socialism removes any incentive to work. Oh, they try to replace it with beatings and medals, but that doesn't really do the job. This is why every russian man, back during...
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    Re: Reddit MGTOW Sub Censorship

    This happens on any site where admins are selected by an automated voting process. Our enemies are *organised*. They are better at this than we are.
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    A wonderful story

    Here's a wonderful story about father vs mother style child-rearing:

    tl;dr: Kid gets...
  19. Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    I'm tired, and a little drunk.

    Today at work. I mentioned to a co-worker that I barely know that I never got married, had kids, all that. His response? "Wow, you have saved so much, not spending...
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    Re: Brave woman sits in a control room.

    Meh - it's more like they found one Aussie to drag into the article, so they did that.
  21. Re: Women, career and wall, in a hypothetical perfect society

    This is a bit garbled. The actual question in question seems to be asking about career in general, but then you qualify it and say we are only talking about education, by which you presumably mean...
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    Re: Abortion IS Healthcare (Miley Cyrus)

    So Miley's immediate, first dialectical recourse is "Raaaaape!". It's the female "Godwin's Law".
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    Re: Free Speech [Porkncheese]

    Seems that P&C is a martyr to his God-given right to engage in racist shit-stirring on other people's fora. Don't let's tell him that Indians and Pakistanis direly need to know about MGTOW and...
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    Re: Ultrasound before abortion

    Well, if you want to go full libertarian, you can take the view that a woman's ownership of her own body means that she is not obliged to share it with some other person growing inside her.

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    Re: Ultrasound before abortion

    Oh, my opinion is that from a religious (christian) point of view, a father holds power of life and death over their offspring, so abortion is absolutely no problem at all. (check out the book of...
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