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    E Trade Commercial targeting Women

    E Trade is a major investment banking company, a company that no doubt spent a large sum studying women before making this commercial. Watch the ad, E...
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    Re: MGTOW Music Challenge

    I feel music was instumental in my blue pill conditioning

    Prior to working in a supermarket, when I can chose what music I listened to, I dont think I was that blue pilled, or as a teen I wasnt...
  3. Re: Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer

    Unfortunately, the gynocentric legal system can still rule against him. She can be gold digging, bjs in public bathrooms for him, hotels, but she just have to offer evidence of one ecounter that was...
  4. Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer

    Yep, she says she was violated three times last year, still continued to work for him? but didnt file suit until now? Gee, poor thing was too distraught to file charges before week 1 of the 2019 NFL...
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    Re: Ambrose Bierce, Red-Pilled Writer

    I am thinking that's not a woman. It has a 'cami seduction' video on its main page, look at those hands and feet. That's not a woman. If it is a woman, its no wonder no one will go anywhere near her.
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    Re: I'm in my underwear eating Chinese food

    Cheers Tangent
    Played 18 holes of golf, came home watched the Colorado Nebraska game, now watching Penn State Buffalo, and deciding between ordering a Calzone or a Turkey Sub to be delivered

  7. Re: Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    Eat catfood and evangelize extreme feminism to younger women, claiming it was men that forced them to such depths of despair
  8. Re: Travel Vlogger Reekay outs MGTOW as "Negative" then....

    MGTAT youtube channel livestream with superchats(money for questions on getting SE Asian women) whatever

    I have been to SE Asia 4 times in the past two years, month each time, and I pretty...
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    Was she really kidnapped?

    Here is the first story from yesterday. Short article saying a woman was kidnapped from a truck stop, held against her will, and she someohow escapes after a month of abuse. Guy is arrested, held on...
  10. Re: Would you stay with a wife that has gotten old, fat and bitter?

    Thank you for getting the message to young men, I am trying too

    I was so blue pilled, I dated after getting divorceraped. I was thinking my Ex was the exception, but she was the rule. Women can be...
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    Re: The Feminist Prosperity Gospel

    Yes, done for many years, but this way taking wealth gets a divine seal of approval, as long the woman shares the loot with the ministry
    This pastor (btw-females pastors are prohibited in the Bible)...
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    The Feminist Prosperity Gospel

    In Christianity we all know, there are charlatans that promise miracles for those that donate to their ministries. But get this..

    Marilynn Hickey ministries has a TV program where they just pimped...
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    Re: soy boy 'life coach' misrepresents mgtow

    This soyboy is such a spineless wimp! I dont think he will ever get to be released from the plantation. If you get divorceraped, at least you get out. Whatever woman marries him, will have...
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    Re: My transition into becoming a shitlord

    For the Feminist Game of Life you have to put in a divorcerape payday space, and a false allegation space, cars with extra room for emotional baggage, an abortion clinic, with every other space...
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    Re: Why female don't approach.

    I think they find subtle ways to approach, especially at my age. Because they are hunting for the next divorcerape or retirement plan. Most common for me has been a married friend/acquaintance asking...
  16. Re: All 33 Couple from the TV show 'Real Housewives' now divorced

    There is the old joke with a lot of truth in it,
    Why do men die at a younger age than women? Because they want to

    Coach Greg Adams has stats on some of his videos showing a real divorce rate of...
  17. Top Pro Golfer Thorbjorn Oleson arrested for sexual assault

    Flying Home from a PGA Tournament in the USA, he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the plane. He is pleading Not guilty. Details are not available, but I find it hard to believe one of the...
  18. All 33 Couple from the TV show 'Real Housewives' now divorced

    All 33 now divorced
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    When women fish for validation

    Went to the main office to drop off some paperwork to the head acct manager. Within 5 minutes, out of the blue she says she is budgeting for a facelift. I thought she meant the office, so I said it...
  20. re: An interesting comment on Reddit - Women are NOT emotional

    Here is my take

    Both women and men have Emotion, Logic and INSTINCT

    Our gifts of Logic and Emotion are different to suit our traditional roles. In past society, our roles complimented each...
  21. Re: Buddy Fletcher and Ellen Paoís marriage ending with mudslinging and acrimony

    Maybe I am too simplistic, but the answer seems easy for me. He made just one mistake

    He depended on a woman for his livelihood
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    Scorned woman burns NJ manís house down

    ""Taija M. Russell, 29, of Blackwood, N.J. was...
  23. Re: Rode the CC to 33, no takers, bought herself a diamond ring

    Coach Adams had a video taken down by youtube. It was a pretty innocent one, no youtube violations of content. The video dealt with the inability of women who have rode the CC to pair bond. This...
  24. Rode the CC to 33, no takers, bought herself a diamond ringóso-i-bought-myself-a-diamond-ring/ar-AAFI5u9?ocid=spartanntp

    ""My boyfriend and I were nowhere close to getting engaged...
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    Re: A common error in red pill tropes.

    Very good topic gentleman, in a nutshell
    1) 50% will end in divorce, and the man will be divorceraped
    2) A Majority of the other 50% will be miserable, working their arses off as a slave on a...
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