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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    The notion that we're not supposed to feel any emotion at all towards these problems we are constantly faced with is one of the oldest shaming tactics in the book. The idea is to invalidate whatever...
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    Re: It's everywhere

    Guess which gender this "entertainment" caters to. What they find entertaining actually tells you a lot about them.
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    Re: Ambrose Bierce, Red-Pilled Writer

    Ugh! I didn't wanna click on it...but I did. A decision I now regret.

    Seriously though, just think...if you're in your 50's and still dating, that's what's on the market for you in your age range....
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    Re: Ambrose Bierce, Red-Pilled Writer

    So true. Every advantage a woman has in life rests on her ability to extract resources from men. The greatest advantage comes from youth and beauty. Before feminism, that was enough to lock down a...
  5. Re: There's an Instagram page for Miserable men

    The irony is, society would tell us that WE are the miserable ones, and we should aspire towards what these guys have to be happy. Because without a wife or some woman to support and spend your...
  6. Re: Researchers Blame Marriage Rate Decline On A "Lack Of Economically-Attractive Men"

    I have no idea whether I'd be considered "economically attractive" enough for most women, but I do make a six-figure income and am in the 95th percentile of income in the US. So maybe I can offer...
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    Re: I'm in my underwear eating Chinese food

    I'm just sitting in my underwear drinking a beer, waiting on my steak to finish cooking. Just finished another week at work. Also trying to decide what scope and scope mounts to get for the new AR-10...
  8. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    What a bunch of hypocrites. In their 20's they are mostly out whoring around, fucking complete degenerates and scumbags within hours or even minutes, and rejecting the stable men who have good...
  9. Re: Travel Vlogger Reekay outs MGTOW as "Negative" then....

    First of all TVOR, just wanna say it's great to see you got your ride back. Not sure what all you had to go through to get it back, but it looks like you dealt with the bullshit and you're back in...
  10. Re: Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    One last thing I'll add. Anyone who has been paying attention to the REAL economy, out of control government spending, real unemployment rates, the growing deficits, the Fed's unrestrained money...
  11. Re: Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    I see these women all the time in my line of work. They end up on a ton of medications; mostly psychiatric meds, particularly benzo's (which are commonly abused drugs that are pharmacologically...
  12. Re: It's 'Girls do Porn's' fault she got dumped

    Alright guys, here's a little thought experiment for you. Try to remember the last time a female you know made a regrettable decision and actually took full responsibility for it and accepted the...
  13. Re: Men now avoid women at work – another sign we're being punished for #MeToo

    Just like everything else they do. They take a system that was working almost perfectly, fuck it all up, then call on men to fix it for them. They don't even bother to ask nicely. They try to guilt,...
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    Re: 'Even a guy like me can get laid'

    Who cares if you CAN get laid? There's a lot of things I CAN do.

    It comes down to a choice. You can choose to accept all the risks and costs of dating. You can pursue worthless women who have...
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    Re: Gamergate redux

    Society does not give a fuck about men, and will never step in to defend us. It is up to us to protect ourselves, from women AND society, because no one else will do it for us. That means accurately...
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    Re: An important message from Jordan Peterson

    Tradcon guys like Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux who want other guys to get married, but don't advocate for ANY societal change whatsoever to make things more fair for men are a huge part of the...
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    Re: More on Gillette's Woes

    I've been seeing gillette razors on sale everywhere, even at the checkout line in grocery stores. I just smile to myself, and mentally give them a "fuck you" as I am checking out. I will never give...
  18. Re: Boyfriend charged in death of 22-year-old transgender woman found in Houston parking lot

    Good god. You know I realize it is 2019, almost 2020, and this whole transgender thing is certainly nothing new...but it still amazes me that this is a real thing. I see these people (they get their...
  19. Re: This might have been the closest I've ever come to socking a woman across the jaw

    Basically the way a transfer works is you have the pharmacy you are transferring to call the pharmacy you are transferring from, and they can either transfer your prescriptions verbally over the...
  20. Re: This might have been the closest I've ever come to socking a woman across the jaw

    Unbelievable. I wish I could say I'm surprised...but hell, this probably could have happened at MY pharmacy. Or any pharmacy, for that matter. Anywhere you have a female-heavy environment, shit like...
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    Re: Why female don't approach.

    Women don't approach because they are weak, and cowardly. Simple as that. The most they will do is try to make themselves available to the men they like, and hope they will approach. That's it,...
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    Re: soy boy 'life coach' misrepresents mgtow

    Frankly, women today are worth less than dirt. It doesn't matter how they try to rationalize or disguise their behavior. It's become so obvious that the world doesn't even need MGTOW to point it out....
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    Re: How dirty is that clam?

    Yeah, that's not even half as bad as some of the shit I see. I see some women who are basically on lifetime antivirals, and even then they still have to take higher doses and get other prescriptions...
  24. Re: ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’...

    Yeah, they can go fuck themselves. I'm never buying another Procter and Gamble product again.
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    Re: When women fish for validation

    It never ceases to amaze me the kind of personal baggage women like to drop at work. That's part of what makes it so hard to avoid situations where something you say could be conceived as sexual...
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