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    Re: Why female don't approach.

    I think they find subtle ways to approach, especially at my age. Because they are hunting for the next divorcerape or retirement plan. Most common for me has been a married friend/acquaintance asking...
  2. Re: All 33 Couple from the TV show 'Real Housewives' now divorced

    There is the old joke with a lot of truth in it,
    Why do men die at a younger age than women? Because they want to

    Coach Greg Adams has stats on some of his videos showing a real divorce rate of...
  3. Top Pro Golfer Thorbjorn Oleson arrested for sexual assault

    Flying Home from a PGA Tournament in the USA, he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the plane. He is pleading Not guilty. Details are not available, but I find it hard to believe one of the...
  4. All 33 Couple from the TV show 'Real Housewives' now divorced

    All 33 now divorced
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    When women fish for validation

    Went to the main office to drop off some paperwork to the head acct manager. Within 5 minutes, out of the blue she says she is budgeting for a facelift. I thought she meant the office, so I said it...
  6. re: An interesting comment on Reddit - Women are NOT emotional

    Here is my take

    Both women and men have Emotion, Logic and INSTINCT

    Our gifts of Logic and Emotion are different to suit our traditional roles. In past society, our roles complimented each...
  7. Re: Buddy Fletcher and Ellen Paoís marriage ending with mudslinging and acrimony

    Maybe I am too simplistic, but the answer seems easy for me. He made just one mistake

    He depended on a woman for his livelihood
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    Scorned woman burns NJ manís house down

    ""Taija M. Russell, 29, of Blackwood, N.J. was...
  9. Re: Rode the CC to 33, no takers, bought herself a diamond ring

    Coach Adams had a video taken down by youtube. It was a pretty innocent one, no youtube violations of content. The video dealt with the inability of women who have rode the CC to pair bond. This...
  10. Rode the CC to 33, no takers, bought herself a diamond ringóso-i-bought-myself-a-diamond-ring/ar-AAFI5u9?ocid=spartanntp

    ""My boyfriend and I were nowhere close to getting engaged...
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    Re: A common error in red pill tropes.

    Very good topic gentleman, in a nutshell
    1) 50% will end in divorce, and the man will be divorceraped
    2) A Majority of the other 50% will be miserable, working their arses off as a slave on a...
  12. Re: Horseface Arica Angelo dating coach figures out MGTOW!

    My take...Panic mode of a desperate salesperson trying to make a quota

    It was a sales pitch to get MGTOW men to leave MGTOW and pursue women. It was also a sales pitch to teach women to lie...
  13. Thread: The End of Men

    by FrankS

    Re: The End of Men

    {Raising Hand}

    I hear ya Brother

    After my Ex blindsided me and filed for divorce, she hit with that attitude when she demanded I move out. She meant 'bitch,' but used another word that she...
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    Thats equality for ya, if you would have snapped a photo of her and implied any threat, you would have been arrested. When a woman does it, she gets a free drink or a free chance to make a negative...
  15. Thread: My mom died

    by FrankS

    Re: Guys I really need you right now. My mom is knocking on heaven's door.

    We are all totally with you, keep strong brother. I lost my Dad when I was young, and it was hard as a young man. My Mom is still around but now very frail. I am afraid I will have to...
  16. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    The official definition I found googling of incel is

    a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are...
  17. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    The only incels are forced eunuchs.

    Any man willing to put the time, effort and money into pursuing women can get some. It might be a landwhale, high maintenance gal or psycho(lol 80% of women...
  18. Re: Woman withdraws consent months after the sex act, and wins case

    Gynocentric all the way
    Penn St ruled her initial consent was obtained by flattery
  19. Woman withdraws consent months after the sex act, and wins case

    On January 27, 2018, Jane told John her roommate was out and gave him her dorm room number. John...
  20. Thread: Makeup is.....

    by FrankS

    Re: Makeup is.....

    I googled it, it happened in Israel. A guy got convicted because he said he was a brain surgeon

    The UK conviction was a woman posing as a man to get sex from a woman. 10x had sex with the woman,...
  21. When a woman hits the wall on the inside- My red pill realization of the day

    First a story from yesterday
    I go to Jersey Mikes for a sandwich, and I pull into the parking at the same time as Chad and his squeeze. Chad has a new Infinity, she is wearing a coverup over a...
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    Re: Some more about my journey

    I am still in the learning stage too, but I want to say something very important about this paragraph. Its about how unbelievably cold and calculating women can be. Even during an active seemingly...
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    Re: Isaiah 3:12 [for Christians]

    This has been mentioned before on this forum, that the Bible tells us a society is cursed when GOD allows women to rule. I think the legalization of allowing women to hire doctors to kill their...
  24. Thread: Ex-Members

    by FrankS

    Re: Ex-Members

    I will keep returning here because there is so much more for me to learn, even when I am not posting. It is a hard transition going from a deeply indoctrinated programmed Blue Pill to Red Pill...
  25. Re: Plus sized model goes to beach [dear God, EYE BLEACH! EYE BLEACH!]

    Ouch, I cant unsee that
    I thought by the title, it was the Gillette plus size model. After those two, I will need therapy.

    With so many women looking like that, how can feminists try to shame a...
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