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    Re: Why female don't approach.

    Women do approach but under several conditions:

    1. Holiday season is near
    2. If the man already has a girlfriend or confirmed to be a married man

    1. Women approach during holiday season...
  2. Re: This might have been the closest I've ever come to socking a woman across the jaw

    Young women in retail assume any talk from a male customer is flirting. That is partly due to inexperience and also due to sheer volume of being hitting on by men. Unfortunate that created such a...
  3. Re: soy boy 'life coach' misrepresents mgtow

    I will acknowledge women when they do so something right without the help of men. But that will not make me go out and sign a contract with a woman, marry, or live with a woman.

    The thing young,...
  4. Re: ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’...

    The product they sell is good. Problem is what they want to represent is reprehensible. This soft retreat isn't going to last as they will try again soon enough. They are probing to see what they...
  5. Re: Top Pro Golfer Thorbjorn Oleson arrested for sexual assault

    Not looking good for him if there are witnesses.
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    Re: When women fish for validation

    When interacting with most women over 30 you have to really pause before you speak or respond. That is something I have learned over many, many years of experience. A lot of times I will say "I did...
  7. Re: All 33 Couple from the TV show 'Real Housewives' now divorced

    It is more accurate to say 50% of marriages end in divorce. Another 25% are miserable and the other 25% are "okay".

    I read an article recently talking about celebrities that choose to marry are...
  8. Re: #Metoo campus allegation victims are now suing

    Universities are still fun to learn new skills and technology on the horizon but sadly the culture on college campuses has become so polarized the social interactions are simply not there like it...
  9. Re: All 33 Couple from the TV show 'Real Housewives' now divorced

    I always wondered if these were business arrangements between the couples. However, I am reminded that is not the case when you see what these housewives are awarded in divorce court in proportion to...
  10. Re: Horseface Arica Angelo dating coach figures out MGTOW!

    Personally speaking it is not an addiction for me. But like stardusk I can come off as being asexual. But the difference is that while admire the female form and curves that is simply creating a...
  11. Re: An interesting comment on Reddit - Women are NOT emotional

    Good thread so far.

    I would like to add that men are logical when not in the presence of women or serving for others. That is why I tend to emphasize young men focus on personal self development...
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    Re: Culpable vs Responsible

    People can change so even blue pillers agree that you can never pick the right one. Best advice I ever received was if you have doubts now, tomorrow or the future don't do it.

    Some will call...
  13. Re: The Yin and the Yang of It By James Howard Kunstler

    The rage is going to run out of energy because it is built upon the principle that life is better. But once the new generation comes into the fold a lot of this "progress" will be undone. History...
  14. Re: Are many MGTOW just incels who pretend that they choose to be single?I know this

    I do agree that life was simpler before the internet and rise of social media. But that is a double edged sword in that a lot of what we now know was hidden because of the lack of internet and...
  15. Re: Dem 2020 Platform seen in 391 BC Greek Comedy - Women Conspire to Rule Men

    The ancient Greeks considered that a comedy. What we have today is a tragedy unfolding in slow motion in real time. RIP. Jokes on us. :/
  16. Re: Former Tinder Exec claims she was sexually assaulted

    That is very true. Witnesses to the allegation and yet are they part of the investigation?

    I did a quick search and this blast from the past turned up.
  17. Re: When a woman hits the wall on the inside- My red pill realization of the day

    Technology helps hide the effects of the wall. But technology is a doubled edged sword in that it shows women with their husbands and kids in social media feeds while the career women or "single"...
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    Re: A tampon and a hard hat

    With these type of jobs there is not set standard where you see time is up where you punch a clock. It literally changes day to day which is why men tend to adapt to these jobs more easily compared...
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    It is about power and leverage. Women understand THE game very well of how to manipulate for social currency. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to de-escalate in such social situations. But...
  20. Re: Radical Feminist Raves: "We Need To Kill All Men"

    Sadly there will be cucks that will agree with this madness. White knights and cucks are very, very dangerous. Stay safe out there.
  21. Re: Horseface Arica Angelo dating coach figures out MGTOW!

    She appears post wall. I can't take this advice seriously.

    Funny enough younger women don't talk trash this way to me. They are often asking me why I am not married or have kids. That sums up...
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    Re: pathetic behaviour females engage in

    A cunt that judged you by how you look. I have been there...just shrug your shoulders and move on. But I will say sometimes I will amplify to see if the crazy tuna will back off.
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    Re: A tampon and a hard hat

    Other than major road projects the times are reasonable because you are not putting down asphalt or pouring concrete in the middle to late afternoon. It is early to mid morning and early afternoon...
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    Re: Women invading men's space....

    At this point men trying to start a family by not dating a single mom in the western world is very difficult. Thus, that is why other men are very combative to other men and will compete harshly...
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    Re: I Get Confused...

    Growing up in a neighborhood where I stuck out like a sore thumb was my first wake up call to reality of this world. I was a young lad and since then I have been questioning everything about what is...
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