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    Study: Women rejected by an Atractive Man more likely to Reject other Men

    This is becoming a trend. MGTOW theorizes it well before science catches up. We've talked about Alpha Widow syndrome. The tendency of carouselers to displace their anger on 80%'ers. So many times. A summary which includes both these is here. From the study:

    It’s the plotline of many a cheesy rom-com: Woman rejected by a good-looking lothario is scooped up by the Average Joe who’s been waiting in the wings all along.But in real life it may be a very different story, according to a study.
    Researchers found that, rather than being grateful for the fall-back option, being rejected by an attractive man actually makes a woman more likely to turn down an unattractive one, and to describe him harshly.

    It is as if distancing herself from the unattractive man helps her retain the idea that she is high status, cushioning the blow of the rejection.
    ‘Participants rejected by the attractive man also derogated the unattractive man even when the unattractive man offered acceptance,’ said the psychologists from the University of Toronto.

    For the study, researchers recruited 126 single women and created dating profiles for them.
    The participants were told that these profiles would be viewed and evaluated by two men that they could potentially meet at the end of the experiment.
    They then read the two men’s profiles (which had actually been written by the researchers); one had a photo of an attractive man attached, while the other was paired with a photo of an unattractive man.

    Afterwards the women were told whether the men were interested in meeting them or whether they had turned them down.

    Writing in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science the researchers said:

    ‘Participants who were rejected by one of the men distanced themselves from and derogated him as indicated by less interest in meeting him and lower ratings of attractiveness, responsiveness, and romantic appeal compared to those in the acceptance and control conditions.

    ‘Of greatest interest, participants who were rejected by the attractive man were also relatively uninterested in meeting the unattractive man and derogated him even when he was accepting.’

    The scientists try to rationalize this somehow as justifiable by the woman. But it what it leaves out is her subsequent response to an 80% man also has to do with her generalizing her ill will towards men in general; displacing her anger. It also is a product of her insecurity as opposed to some well-conceived plan. In fact it is entirely sub-optimal for our modern civilization. Which is why these kinds of behaviors were 'written over' by traditionalism. With regression, women fall back to instinctual behaviors that are maladaptive towards modern times; they could be happy today with a man of equivalent SMV but in the jungle that was a no-no; top 6% or nothing. So again, modern female behavior unmoored by traditionalism is anachronistic but I would give science a few years to figure out what we already have.

    Anyhow, I credit science for doing some catch-up. I look forward to 10 years from now when they've covered most of our other theories on female behavior. But by then, we'll also have fleshed out many more relationship/mate-selection concepts by then.

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    Re: Study: Women rejected by an Atractive Man more likely to Reject other Men

    I do like a nice bit of science.. it makes me wonder if this bias spills over into other parts of female behaviour..any thoughts gentlemen..
    " the mere fact women think it's acceptable to lie their way into a relationship, sums up exactly why they should be avoided".

    "All women,who seduce or betray into marriage by scents, paints, high heeled shoes, padded bossoms incur the penalty of the law enforced against witchcraft, and upon conviction the marriage shall be null and void" act of parliament 1770

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    Re: Study: Women rejected by an Atractive Man more likely to Reject other Men

    Evo psych does a good job divining the more "confusing" aspects of female behavior.

    In this case, it makes sense why a woman would reject lower value men after being rejected herself. For a female the game isnt finding 'a' guy, its finding the BEST guy to ensure highest quality offspring output. If she's been rejected by said guy, accepting a lower value dude puts her kids on a lower tier genetic trait wise then the ones of whatever girls banging him.Same deal in terms of resources - accepting a lower value guy resources wise for companions sake hands the advantage to her competition.

    While the girls don't consciously think this far ahead, in the years to come the kids of every woman alive have to compete with each other for dominance.Settling means her bloodline loses and her competitors win. Chasing the 'alpha male' is justified by the fact that whomsoever mates with him gains long term advantage over those who don't.Like a supplier to a monopoly, you either get the best contract ...or you go out of business.

    Us men view coupling as a mass output situation. If we can get 7 versus a pain in the ass 8, we do it. Marginal difference in sexual experience and offspring output ain't much, and if it is we can make it up on the next roll in the hay. Women operate on the inverse principle; they're all about quality of output . We're machine guns to their sniper rifles.

    In the latter philosophy,you don't take the shot unless the environment is 99.99999999% on lock in your favor. This is another reason all women share an innate sense of scary arrogance ; when the goal is gestating the best seed you can't afford to be modest. Better a low SMV woman should ovverrreach and fail with the chance of accessing superior male resources then to believe herself inferior and lose by not trying, even if she factually is low SMV.

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    Re: Study: Women rejected by an Atractive Man more likely to Reject other Men

    It’s the plot line of many a cheesy romantic comedy: Woman rejected by a good-looking lothario is scooped up by the Average Joe who’s been waiting in the wings all along. But in real life it may be a very different story.
    Just think about every movie you have ever seen....

    16 Candles..
    Ferris Bueller...
    Breakfast Club...
    Must love Dog's....
    About Mary...
    Bad Teacher...
    Easy A...

    Just to name a few movies, but it's all the same. The "hot girl" is swatting away the advances of some orbiter who is pinning away while she dreams about the "jock bad boy" who blows her off which gives her the excuse of justifies her behaving badly.

    The only recent difference is the "improved plot line" which features some bikini model who just happens to be part of some super secret special op's team and can best any man she meets with all know weapons, ultra futuristic tech, and hand to hand combat PLUS she is like totally selfless and noble.

    Mad Max...

    It really is a sad fucking joke to watch movies anymore, but occasionally I don't have a stripper around and am to lazy to call a hooker.

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