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Thread: Negging Works

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    Negging Works

    Let's begin with the idea and proof of negging- that is subtly putting a woman down and demonstrating higher value.

    Science shows the neg works,

    Walster (1965) investigated the influence of momentary self-esteem on receptivity to the romantic advances of a stranger. The researcher arranged for a group of female participants to interact with a male research assistant who flirted with them. The female participants were then given positive or negative personality test feedback. After their self-esteem was increased or decreased in that way, they were asked to rate their liking for the male research assistant.

    The results of the study indicated that women who had their self-esteem temporarily lowered found the male research assistant significantly more attractive than the women with temporary high-self esteem. Walster (1965) theorized that this effect occurred for two reasons. First, individuals who feel “imperfect” themselves may demand less in a partner. Second, a person usually has an increased need for acceptance and affection when their self-esteem is low. Overall then, when an individual is made to feel “low”, they find potential romantic partners more attractive.


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    Re: Negging Works

    Interesting. So perhaps a viable strategy for those who are still interested in such, would be to have the wingman neg?

    Of course, for all I know, this is already part of the game manual...
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