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    The Swine Princess: Part One - Greed and Glutton


    Okay, this is probably come off as a rant, but I've noticed a few things about Eastern/Western cultures.

    While I'm not *precisely* Christian, I've spent much time thinking about The Bible, and it's many stories. I was raised Southern-Fried Baptist, and frequently beaten for my Original Sin; so I'm pretty shell-shocked... I sometimes still go into a panic-attack if I hear gospel music or see bible passages in print. It kinda sucks.. but oh well, life goes on.

    While lots of folks only think of the Ten Commandments, I'm much more interested in the Seven Deadly Sins, because these deal with everyday habits and trends of behaviour rather than criminal offenses. They're basically a warning of what can lead to ruin.

    I ain't going to go into Lust, very much, except to say that it is traditionally considered the *MOST* forgiveable, because the old school folks realized that people are animals, and animals like to fuck. It disgusts me that western culture is so fucking hung-up on this, but since studying MGTOW, I can certainly see the damage that it can cause. But even Lust is but a servant of Gluttony.

    Another thing ya might not know. "Sloth" was never mentioned in the old hebrew texts. The sin mentioned was "Despair".. IE, being so wrapped up in your own self-centered misery that you took no action to change what was wrong in your life. It was considered the *MOST* unforgiveable of the Seven. It was changed to "Sloth" in the middle-ages as a way of shaming people into working themselves to death for their feudal lords. Also, nobody in power wants their subjects walking around with a literal religious mandate to curb abuse.

    So back to the topic at hand. Greed and Gluttony... aka East vs West.

    When you say "Greed" alot of asshats immediately think of Jews; it's just a stereotype that everyone has heard about. But why is it a stereotype? Because there is a certain nugget of truth therein. But what I've noticed, especially working in hotels for decades, is that it is by no means confined to the Jewish people. Many hotels are owned by Indian families, and they are notoriously "cheap".. They refuse to spend money under any circumstances. Have you ever noticed that you don't see that many fat Indians? Because they cook at home, and eat sparingly. They often shower only every few days. In the winter the heat is kept low, and in summer the house is sweltering.. Because food, water and power are all consumables, whose value is fleeting...

    This sort of frugal lifestyle builds capital, and they hang onto it like fucking mad. Just like Jewish folks.

    A friend that I used to smoke out with watched Reality-TV all day, and told me about "The Shahs of Sunset" which is about an extremely wealthy Persian family, and said to me "They are old-school jew".. I asked what he meant, so we just watched it.

    There was an particular moment when one of the men, a millionaire dozens of times over; was stressing out about arrangements for a BBQ party of 30 guests; and had to be reminded by his gay uncle (who is fabulous) that HE HAD MONEY, and could afford to hire people to do this for him. He simply hadn't imagined out-sourcing it.

    This cultural mandate to preserve wealth at ALL COSTS is ubiquitous throughout the middle-east, and it isn't really hard to see why. These people have family lineages stretching back thousands of years into early agricultural pre-history... Given the enormous survival advantages to inheriting land, livestock, and eventually currency; it is only logical that one would place the Family before themselves. And so they do..

    This is why you hear about Honour-Killings, because to these families, dishonourable behaviour is considered tantamount to blasphemy. To place one's own individual self above one's family is mortifying to them, and back during the tribal days, could have doomed the entire clan. Old habits die hard.

    Simply put, these families have persisted long enough to enculture the "long-view" towards life. They know they are but a single link in a vast chain, and consider the chain more valuable than the link. And this world-view is effective, if not always gratifying...

    And then there's Western Civilization, whose Sin is Gluttony.

    I'm not even going to get into obesity (yet) because what interests me more is the staggering amount of conspicous consumption AKA frivolous spending. From cars to weekly fashions to jewelry to make-up to water-waste to everything in-between. Western civilization is predicated on instant-gratification, and ostentious displays of wealth. And, capitalism being what it is, enormous amounts of money are spent to reap even more enormous amounts of money from a culture consumed with vanity and
    "keeping up with the Jones..."

    Every part of this is sheer Gluttony. Utter and complete waste. A house full of worthless trinkets and an over-flowing garbage can. Many people think that it's *only* about food, and that is sheer folly. An living, breathing cult dedicated to continual self-stimulation; either via virtue-signaling, or social-media binging, TV marathons, and yes.. stuffing themselves like a goddamn pigs.

    I don't mean to be rude, but the sight of an absolute miracle of evolution, Nature's greatest superpredator, treating *itself* like livestock just pisses me off to no end.

    I used to live that way, while chasing the American Scream. It nearly killed me, and I had nothing to show for it but self-hatred. Which is the very essence of Despair. Then I ended up starving for 18 months, and starvation has many lessons to teach, if you can listen.

    And now that I've gotten all that said, the rant can begin...

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    The Swine Princess: Part Two - My Ex.

    The Swine Princess: Part Two - My Ex.

    Let the Rant begin.

    Okay, so I mentioned in my intro that I got taken to the cleaners by my oldest childhood friend, who has since become a con-artist. She and her daughter are running a tandem gold-digging racket, and she used the memory of our puppy-love to rope and enslave me.

    I used to call her a bitch, but that's really insulting to dogs, in my opinion. Dogs are basically good people, if you treat them right.. Even the mean ones can usually be brought around with a few butter-milk bisquits and the right body-language.

    These fucking pigs. Oh bloody gods do I despise them. When she first contacted me on FB, it was *just* to talk about old times (yeah, right). She led in easy, gradually poking and prodding compliments here and there, and after a few days it moved to sex. I was kinda stupid at this point... Since I'm just naturally pretty hard on my lovers, I simply tell women ahead of time. It's the only ethical thing to do, given my nature.

    And she jumped on it (pun not-intended, but there it is)...

    She starts talking all about the crazy shit she likes to get up to.. Soon I'm getting homemade porn and stories of the swingers clubs, blah blah blah. While anyone with a lick of Redpill sense would run screaming at this point, I was a full-blown SJW White-Knight, recently divorced and suffering from a severe sex-drought...
    aka The Perfect Target.

    I knew she was trouble on the first date... While she regaled me with stories of her unhappy marraige, that tiny devil on my shoulder said "Run", but that damned angel on my other shoulder said "Save her"... Sheesh.. Because in my heart, I was still seeing that little girl with grass-stains on her knees...

    It started so small.. just pizza-and-movie nights with her and her daughter, followed by hours of BDSM after we went to bed. She blew my fucking mind... took me far beyond my the limits of my most depraved (now, charmingly naive) fantasies. And she was all sweetness and charm the rest of the time.. A perfect little lady who was a complete whore in bed. The American Dream.

    Over time, she and her daughter were both hard-selling me on moving in with them, because rent was so much cheaper in that area, and with all of us working, we could pay off my steadily increasing credit card bills. I was resistant, because we had only been going out for a few months. Eventually, she calls me up wailing because she 'lost' her job, and oh boo-hoo she's going to be homeless, and might have to move far away and never see me again, and blah blah blah.

    Hook, Line and Sinker.

    She completely intended to divorce-rape me, I see that know. As soon as I landed, the only words that came out of her mouth for three weeks were, "Buy A House"... I finally blew up at her and asked the simple question: "What is so important to YOU about ME buying a house?" She dropped it after that, but now the spending started to accelerate.

    Keep in mind.. all this time, she was selling me the White-Picket fence, telling me how glad she was that we "found each other" at this time in life. How everything was so wrong before, but how with just a little more "investment" we could have such a happy life together.

    The particular method she used, which I sure is familiar to many folks here, is hinting. She would hint, mention, allude, reference, insinuate, imply.. On and on until is blindingly OBVIOUS what she wants. She never *explicitly* asked for it, though, which is crucial to the parasite mindset. And so, whenever you finally give in and grant said-wish; It was all completely *your* idea and she had NOTHING to do with it. Self-righteous plausible-deniability was built directly into her paradigm.

    And it truly is a full-blown delusional Paradigm... She had four levels of rationalization with which to deny her actions.

    So on and on it went, more money, more "investment" and "Victory!" was always right around the corner. And the corner after that.. and after that...

    Her daughter was the same exact way. She would video-date guys on the interet, and one time she snagged a pharmacy assistant who started sending thousands of $$$ of gifts and even cash to our door. And one night, when he was feeling depressed and wanted to talk to her; she closed the chat, tossed her phone on the table, rolled her eyes, and glibly huffed to the room, "Well I'm not getting paid to be his therapist!"

    Her mother was in complete agreement. How dare he expect such from her?! And oh yes, how happy she was, to have a Real Man, that wasn't all needy like "That fucker..."

    They were fucking swine. Not dogs, but swine. Because for them, acquisition was everything. As soon as they had something, it lost all value. Her daughter had a thing for exotic pets; chameleons, rats, bearded dragons, jungle-toads... And as soon as she had them.. they became furniture. Cats too.. and dogs. The place turned into a zoo, the floor covered in shit; and neither one of them would so much as lift a finger to clean this hovel that they were making of a rental house.

    I was working two jobs, coming home to utter filth, spend the night cleaning, then *try* to sleep, only to be kept up til 3-4 in the morning listening to inane circular chatter, before the hog-beast demanded rape-sex. Always rape-sex. Always, Always, ALWAYS!!! Anything can become boring after the 400th time in a row... Eventually it was just more labor.

    They ate constantly, but never anything cooked at home. Only fast-food, ever. My mother bought me $200 worth of groceries for Christmas, and most of it went to rot, because these fucking pigs couldn't be bothered to turn on a stove.

    For them, it was only Gluttony. More, more, more, more, MOAR! A neverending stream of consumption and hoarding. Everything had to be done *for* them. Everything. They wouldn't even put their dishes in the sink, much less put them in the washing-machine.

    That woman went fucking ballistic when her daughter had to get a job in order to keep the lights on, because "How could I be so SELFISH!!"

    She, in her utterly co-dependant relationship, had literally promised her daughter that she would never have to take job.. Her own daughter! An absolute exercise in Control.. For no other reason than the Terror of being alone?! #emptynest

    I have loved Womyn my entire life.. I cut my Feminist teeth on 1700 pages of Monica Sjoo. No feminist can match me...

    And she used every atom of it against me... She didn't even know the magnitude of the Mangina that she had snagged...

    To be honest, I somewhat find comfort in this... Because I so internalized the lessons of Selfish Feminism, that I came out the other side, and betrayed my parasites... As a proper Feminist would...

    Who can know... Regardless, due to bargains made, and ruthless Feminist Philosophy, I came through rather intact. I literally married my ex-wife from a point of male hypergamy. I knew she was a Winner, so I tagged along... She was so excruciatingly PISSED when that came out in an argument...

    They despise Men who act like them.

    I'm in a much better place now. I have 5 (distant) girlfriends. One Sexual, Two platonic, and One somewhat in-between. The last is an experiment in revenge and hypergamy.. She ruined my life, and so I will toy with her, and explore her as a Test-Subject... You don't have to like it.

    Anyways, boys.. Like it or not, this is here. Writing it out helps to overcome the Pain of a life wasted...

    I am so grateful, for my Second Wind...

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    Re: The Swine Princess: Part One - Greed and Glutton

    Thanks for sharing your story, it was in interesting read, especially the second part. It will help other men to avoid the mistakes you made and spare them just a bad experience. There are lot of lurkers who are reading the forum I hope some of them will take heed.
    "MGTOW is an extreme measure to an extreme situation"
    Quote Insidious Sid: "Some men are so MGTOW they're not even MGTOW".
    Quote Life is what you make of it "Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy."

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