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Thread: Oh the Irony

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    Oh the Irony

    I think that this would be the place to share this.

    Two days ago I found out that the women that pulled the action that caused me to commit to MGTOW in a full way?

    The guy that she dumped me for? He had been screwing her best friend the whole time they were together! Not only that but when she left that guy the one she went to next turned out to a full-blown drug addict that was into 'alternative' lifestyles.

    Oh, the Irony sometimes things just happen for a reason and for the better. Had she not done what she did in 2016 I would likely still be on the fence about my blog and youtube channel. I got so angry when this happened that I channeled it here instead of being destructive.

    Not surprisingly a feeling of smugness and gloating has come to me also. Kinda sucks for her but reaped what she sew, so to speak!

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    Re: Oh the Irony

    Good for you, bad for her I'd say.

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    Re: Oh the Irony

    Thing is: this is just standard chick drama. Not unusual or notable in any way. It's normal, for them, to act with so little honour. Its normal to prefer to fuck fuckboys. They play with people's lives, because in a world with safe and reliable contraception there are simply no repercussions for this sort of behaviour.

    That is: in a world with safe and reliable contraception and a cohort of men willng to wife up and support a thot. But that's changing.

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