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    Kick the Cucks in their pig wallets

    I really don't fucking appreciate it when people go off on MGTOW. You can read the subtext, because it's larger than the text itself: They didn't do any research at all. They're just going off the chain with whoever their preferred God is.

    This morning, I saw one of my favorite YouTubers, Critical Condition, going off about MGTOW. About 280 characters later, I find out she's taken her Jordan B Peterson as gospel, and she the proselytizing acolyte. She just wants to denigrate MGTOW with the often-used but flat wrong "MGTOW === Feminism". So just as I did with Styxhexenhammer before her, I unfollowed and unsubscribed. Even as I type this, I keep going in and taking the bait.

    Gentlemen, we know that the one thing we can prove and reproduce is that all women have the potential for hypergamy. But when bitches go off the chain like this, I need you to take a deep breath, understand AWALT, and walk away. Every fucking time I disregard it, I die a little more inside. But eh, at least she revealed herself to be nothing more than a misandrist.

    That said, we need to make a unified education campaign on the "Red Pill Rage" that everyone seems to get from the majority of the MGTOW community. Cunts don't understand that it's actually a healthy male process that must happen for healing to eventually occur, and shaming men for it causes greater problems.

    Go your own way, gentlemen. As far away as possible.
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    Re: Kick the Cucks in their pig wallets

    They just need a new enemy to bash, and men who aren't weak and grovelling for approval are the biggest target. Whatever red pill camp they may fall into, but especially MGTOW because we only answer to ourselves. The lady doth protest too much.

    It's all about common sense and calling it as we see it. Take a look at the married guys you know. Does it look like they're having fun? Does it look like they're fulfilled? Or does it look like they're locked in a 24/7 shitshow of stress where their wives can never be content for 2 seconds? Hmm maybe it looks that way because that's how it really is. Imagine that. Every woman I've ever talked to in my entire life views cheating as no big deal. Hmm maybe there's a pattern going on here. Whenever they cheat, it always "just happened".

    Take a look at the ones who didn't get divorced. Notice how they can't wait to GTFO of their houses? They're like dogs who haven't been walked in weeks. Maybe there's a reason for that behavior. Ever notice that the hardest working ones always have the angriest wives? Maybe there's a reason for that.

    When it comes to dating, if it looks like it sucks, well maybe it really does suck, and it's not just about increasing "compromise and communication" like the marriage counseling / divorce / cheating / wealth transfer industry says.
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    Re: Kick the Cucks in their pig wallets

    The problem is that it is terribly difficult to defend MGTOW and its principles from a camouflaged position.

    With there being no official leadership, no headquarters and no spokesMEN, people are free to describe MGTOW however they want, without recourse. Every so often, they collar a half-wit, who claims to represent MGTOW, but who obviously doesn't. The result is that each time a MGTOW 'representative' is interviewed, he makes the movement look anywhere from slightly stupid to completely ridiculous.

    It does sometimes make me wonder if it would be better to have one spokesperson. A highly intelligent, media savvy individual who can explain the fundamental basics, dispel all the myths and steer people safely in this direction - without getting themselves into petty squabbles with the MSM or Feminazi's.

    People will discover MGTOW and the truths of MGTOW on their own. I reckon that there are thousands of men who feel the way we do, but don't realise that there is somewhere to go. If they see unchallenged ridicule of the movement within the media, it doesn't help their journey one bit.

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    Re: Kick the Cucks in their pig wallets

    Its a funny old game and there were debates quite some time ago, but MGTOW was deemed enigmatic by design and so the empty chair was nominated the only valid spokesman and any who assumed the chair was evidently not an MGTOW due the O.

    It let any critics project whatever they want to project onto it and scapegoat it to their hearts content.

    Its a good idea.

    The more they scream at the empty chair the more other people seek out the reason for it and so on.
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