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    Plowing snow with Steam

    I grew up near a narrow gauge line that ran steam occasionally, so perhaps that is why I have always found steam locomotives fascinating. The contrast of snow and steam in this video was intriguing me. (Maybe it's because I miss snow, as it hasn't snowed where I live for a few years). Let me know if you like this video as I have a few more bookmarked.
    This video is of snow removal on a narrow gauge railroad in Colorado.

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    Re: Plowing snow with Steam

    Here's another video filmed a few days earlier on the same line. The Southern Pacific 18 is on loan to the D&S so the operators can become proficient with an oil burning locomotive. It's a pretty 10 wheeler (4-6-0) which puts on a good show hauling up steep grades in the snow. Don't forget to look for the frozen photographer at the 5:00 mark.

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    Re: Plowing snow with Steam

    You're tugging at my heart strings with these trains. I still remember walking to the end of our street with my dad when I was little and watching the locomotives roll by. It was late 1950's and steam engines were still in use.
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    Re: Plowing snow with Steam

    Since there's some interest, how about a branch line on the East Coast? CNJ 113 is noteworthy for being one of the largest 0-6-0 switchers ever built. It is also unusual in that it was designed to burn hard coal (anthracite). Here it is being run at it's maximum safe speed, thus the highball reference. The diesel locomotive is on back for both rail line regulations and to "help out" the switcher which is hauling a heavy train for that size locomotive.

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