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    Payless Shoes is my hero

    Gotta love it. Does my heart good.

    On network news tonight, they showed a story of how low-cost shoe brand Payless decided to mock the pretentious fashion industry and, by extension, American brand culture at large (er, women) by hyping their 20-dollar shoes as 600-dollar shoes made by Palessi, a fake brand name they made up, in a fake high-end store that they set up, and filmed the snobby fashionistas and the so-called "influencers" as they gushed over the quality of these expensive shoes, etc. And bought them.

    Payless even created a fake website in anticipation that anyone might Google the Palessi brand:

    Then, Payless told them the truth and filmed their reactions.

    The CEO of the advertising agency who was hired to do this pointed out, "The right cultural codes can completely transform the perceived value of just about anything."

    What a creative way to say people will pay for presentation and how it makes you feel about yourself. That dovetails with women's desires, doesn't it?

    Payless sold discount shoes at luxury prices — and it worked
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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    Wow, they convinced people to pay $600 for $20 shoes! (Per the video. It's less than a minute so it will take no time to watch.).

    Goes to show what a con pricing can be, at times, in many areas.

    Buy smart or go home feeling like a SUCKER... In this information age, it's easier to do than say the '70s or even '80s!

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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    And here's the reason why I've to date never bought anything made by Apple...

    Don't. Pay. For. Brand. Names.
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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    Quote Originally Posted by AeternusDoleo View Post
    And here's the reason why I've to date never bought anything made by Apple...

    Don't. Pay. For. Brand. Names.
    Small caveat here, there is something to be said about brands in certain industries, e.g. gaming or supplements. The former in terms of quality games (cf. Rockstar (excluding online mode), CDPR, Larian), the latter in terms of actually containing what the label says, quality ingredients, fair prices etc.
    That said, this is more about determining whether something is "legit" so to say and obviously doesn't necessarily include premium prices as Apple does.

    Let's put it this way: brainless brand loyalty certainly won't pay off. And good brands can always turn bad (new manufacturing plant, worse ingredients etc.).
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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    Payless should have kept this up. They could maintained the fake "Palessi" brand for a while, skim the profits, and use them to shore up the company and subsidize the Payless brand so it could take an even larger market share. Or...they could have kept the "Palessi" brand going in indefinitely, making it a "boutique" brand with just a few, very exclusive stores in places where people have more money than sense.
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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    What do we MGTOWs know about women? They want
    - Protection
    - Provi$ion
    - Status
    - Entertainment and Vagina tingles.

    Shoes and other "fashion" items are all about "status"
    Choose your own mid-life crisis. Mine will not be a sports car, the red head in accounting, or sports betting.

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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    Maybe Al Bundy had it right...the shoes business is the path to prosperity.

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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    sounds like a nice bit of vengeance......
    seems every shoe store I go to.... plenty of selection for women and kids... but the men's section.... so small it may as well not be there...
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    Re: Payless Shoes is my hero

    Lot to be said how gullible people can be if feed the right msg. In this crap education system here in the states, no one is learns to question anything just take the hype and spit it back out upon request.

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