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    Mt. St. Helen's revisited

    I visited St. Helen's a couple of times. Once at Johnston Ridge, and once at Windy Ridge, which is much closer to the mountain near the back of the volcano. They closed the Windy Ridge visitors center when she woke back up. At 38:22 the narrator says "everything is temporary". How true! As I watch the video and look at the barren landscape being reclaimed by nature, it occurred to me that this could be a metaphor for what we go through when a divorce rips apart our lives like a volcanic eruption. The rebuilding creates a new, better life than the one before, but there will always be pieces of it that will remain dead forever.
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    Re: Mt. St. Helen's revisited

    I remember visiting Johnston Ridge. I hiked one loop, the Plains of Abraham--I think that is what it is called. I was amazed at the devastation. This was back in 2000. Even with plant species starting to resettle, it was awe inspiring.

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    Re: Mt. St. Helen's revisited

    Trouble is there's a lot a dying goes on before the rebirth occurs. When that happens, it might suck to be you.

    I know a former hippie treeplanter, who against all odds was on the back side of the mountain the day it blew. They never heard anything, but a big ash cloud was coming their way. They were almost finished when the ash appeared, and couldn't decide if they should finish or bug out. In the end they didn't manage either. They were caught in the ash cloud, but their van kept running and they escaped. For awhile they thought they was dead.

    Ash went all the way from the mountain to the ocean that summer, though not much made it all the way. After it rained, I got wet ash all over my bike on the way home from a trip. That stuff never cleaned up, it was on the bike when I traded it in.
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